Watch this: Venomous Snake on Windshield Turn on Wipers!

What would you do in this situation: A venomous snake pops out from out of nowhere and tries to craw up your windshield. Do you turn on the wipers? That's exactly what these two Aussies did. "Driving down a 3 lane road at 70 km/hr when this little fella pops his head up and says G'Day. Excuse the swearing. I got a little excited," the uploader wrote on YouTube.


  1. I'll see your logic

    And I'll raise you nazca lines

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  2. First! Possum squatch may be lactose intolerant.

  3. "There's only 1 animal that eats those apples"

    Yea a fucking black bear you moron. Another pwning from sykes.

  4. I feel the sasquatch birthing station needs to be discussed more

  5. Hello Joe,you might have already seen this but in case you haven't here's an interesting read xx

  6. Beware windshield vipers.


  7. ^^ Nicely Done!

    You are the most credible voice in windshield vipers.

  8. Ooooooooo look at the pretty snake!
    Or since they are on the lower hemisphere is it ooooooooO look at the pretty snake.

  9. im guessing you are all fucking geeks. you 'thin' that your patter is witty and edgy!

    you are fucking retarded tools who realise your mgic monkey, you dream exists to brightemn up your lonely geek filled lifes. sorry theres no 8ft gints ambling about national parks. I know its shit but you've all found each other. now you can continue with your in jokes ,not discussing anything related to the film



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