Top 5 Incredible Photos From Mulder's World [10/27/2013]

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Here are some fascinating photographs from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:

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  1. Replies
    1. Did you people know, harry bandini is gay! And he just love big large black men!

    2. S.O.S. Harry.Hate that Mike is gone.Miss his humor in the mornings while drinking my coffee.Been out in the woods lately?
      My eldest son is graduating from the air force in a couple of weeks.Been to the land up in Kilgore and seen a lot of buck rubs and scrapes. Got a few pics of either a 12 or 13 pointer running by my feeder.Opening weekend is the first weekend of November.Have you got a place to hunt in Florida?

    3. Don't be so upset you can't touch this you little anon fruitcake trust me if I was flaming I'd get anything I wanted it's no small wonder I got your mom and dad swinging bitch

      Anyways down to business no sir I don't down here my wife's brothers take me up in SC my wife's an air Bourne army out of Bragg as are her brothers I think it was more of a hazing till I showed those southern boys how to use a gun actually my first was givin to me by a police officer I'd shoot with when my dad would take me on sun a rare 10 mm I still have I can group in 1" at 50 yds with my wife's 9 glock it has a combat trigger

    4. Congrats to your son as well sir no small achievement there I got a few cousins in there one is up there in rank somewhere out by Denver

    5. Thanks Harry.Love the 10mm.I carry a .44 mag Desert Eagle and a Henry Big Boy .44 mag.The Henry is a sweet shooting rifle but when I'm hunting in S.Texas the .308 can reach out down those long senderos.Hope you slay this year Harry.Take care.

      Ps.My favorite shooting rifle is a 8mm Mauser the wife bought me back in the early 80's.Cut the stock down to shorten the overall length.It came with about 1500 tracer rounds from WW II.It's a pretty great show shooting the tracers through the trees at night.

    6. My wife has a 9 glock G.I. She is still in the dod as an archeologist she has a ww2 Luger and an enfield my spelling may be off that she found on digs at the wolfs lair if you'd ever like to see pics sir just email me I'd be glad to share I got pics of her digs all over Germany and Poland very interesting stuff but you have a good day sir if I find myself in tx ill look you up my wife finished her phd at A&M so it's possible her friends in Austin still

    7. Sorry she taught at univ of texas at Huston had to ask her lol shows what I know I'm just a lowly electrician with a few credits towards a physics degree

    8. Damn.She taught at UT of Houston.Cool.Absolutely, y'all come Texas and we'll get together and throw back some brewskis.Don't do the other stuff.Can't if you know what I mean.Back in high school did some of that wacky tobackey.Great talking to you Harry.I'll go to Mike Bs. YouTube and get the address from him if that's ok.

  2. where the picture of the guy with the arms growing out of his shoulders?


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