Watch this: Gopro attached to a fish released after catch

Check out this amazing underwater video -- from a fish! Some fisherman decided to attach a GoPro Hero 2 camera on a 110lb, 60 inch halibut and managed to capture one of coolest underwater footage ever.



  1. I had no idea the evidence for halibut was so compelling

  2. These are the types of video ideas that will prove the existence of many never before seen animals and behaviours. The difference between camera traps and go-pro or bullet cams, is a camera trap is stationary equipment, but "go-pro" and "bullet or lipstick" cameras, can be attached to prey animals, or animals that are in rugged terrain and environments, humans can't handle. The "Falcon Project" is a good idea, but it isn't going to work. Half the time we can't even find hikers that get lost.

    1. After reading "The Search For the Giant Squid" by Richard Ellis a few years ago, I tried to think of ways one might be photographed and came up with this: Attach a camera to a sperm whale, hope it films a squid it is about to eat and recover the camera. Of course, there are myriad problems involved with recovering the camera and having it turn on when the squid is in view....
      For the latter I think a pressure switch might work: assuming the whale only dives deep to get a squid; for recovery maybe a tracking device and a mechanism that releases the camera after film runs out...

      I will use a kickstarter campaign for funding. So send me all your money...

  3. We need MK Davis to stabilize this footage


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