Watch: Does Sasquatch Eat Clams?

In this video, author D.L.Soucy investigates a possible sasquatch clam feast:

I came across these freshwater mollusks along a river bank this week, less than two miles from a similar pile of shells I found two springs ago. Is this a Bigfoot feast? Can't say for sure since I didn't see the mollusks being consumed.

However, in spite of there being some nearby animal prints, Deer, raccoon, muskrat and otter, I don't believe these were eaten by them. we can obviously rule out the deer, but the other animals were all capable, and do eat mollusks. However, there were no animal prints within the area the shells were scattered in. There were, however, several large human-like bare footprints amidst the shells.

Measurements of the prints yield sizes of 14" to 16" long, with one possible 9"print as well, but it had been filled with water and was hard to tell for certain. The other prints were deep and well defined. I barely left a mark on the bank next to one of the larger prints.

So, do Bigfoot/Sasquatch eat clams? There are lots of stories that say so, but not one bit of definitive proof. You can come to your own conclusion, but it looks to me that some barefoot being had themselves a clam fest.


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    1. Sorry I had to delete my post my wife said my molestering of bigfeets was too graphic

    2. Thank you for the first brother I'd like to take a minute to just tell everybody


      Thank you for your time

    3. Nothing to see here. Raccoons love clams and often leave piles of shells in areas they frequently eat them. Why is everything unusual attributed to Sasquatch?

      This reminds me of a friend who found a set of chopsticks under a tree in the High Sierras. He assumed they were from a Sasquatch because there wasn't a Sushi joint within dozens of miles. I started to believe him until he told me his theory that Sasquatch was the resultant of Asian immigrants breeding with feral apes (thus the chopsticks).

      To this day he refuses to return to the Sierras or to eat at Benihana.

  2. Good one Verge ...thank you....Howard Stern. ...

  3. A post about eating clams, wheres the your mom guy?


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