This Afghan Girl With 12 Fingers Is Incredibly Mature For Her Age

On his way home, this videographer finds a little Afghan girl gathering leek next to a potato plot. What's fascinating about this little girl is her maturity and how comfortable she is with a knife. Here's the transcript:

I was on the way home when I chanced upon a gem of a little Afghan girl.‎
She was gathering leek next to a potato plot.‎

What's your name?‎

I'm in the first grade and I go to school.‎

What are you doing now?‎
Huh? Now, I'm cutting leek.‎

Are you cooking it? ‎
Cook it? Can't be cooked.‎
It's to be eaten ( fresh )‎

What else do you like?‎
I like red radishes.‎

Nothing else‎

We have a garden too..‎
Where? Tekar..very good.‎

Whats in the garden?‎
Garden.. Apples‎

What else? Pears‎

Are fruits and vegetables good for health?‎

We've planted tree saplings and have apricots too..‎
in the garden...very good!‎

How much will you collect this evening?‎

How much leek will you collect?‎
I'll collect a little‎

Show it to me.‎
See, I've collected this much
Will take it home.‎

What else is happening here?‎

Peaceful? No worries?‎

Will you go to Tekar now?‎
I won't go back to Tekar.‎

After some time, when autumn comes and the first snow falls, I'll go.‎

My mum is at a summer residence.‎

I came here to be with Ahmad and a newborn of my sister.‎

Is your mother at a summer residence?‎
Yes, Ive also got a father.‎

My fathers name is Abdul Ahmad.‎
My mothers name is Chaini.‎

How many brothers do you have?‎
Brothers? None‎

My mother gave birth to boys and they died.‎

No. By the Koran, they died.‎
No...died, died, died!‎
Born and died!‎

How many sisters do you have?‎
Sisters..Sabzina,Shirin,Zerghuna, Basida..‎

There was Bakhtai & another with an extra finger which got caught under a door‎

Study hard in first grade school, ok?‎

I'm in the first grade!‎
Very good. Study hard ok? Ok.‎

What do you want to be in the future?‎
Hah? ‎

What do you want to be in the future?‎
Eha teacher.‎

I want to be a teacher.‎

Our teacher is a good teacher.‎
I should go. Yes.‎

Oh, my knife has fallen.‎

I'll put it back.‎
My knife can't be tied‎

God protect you! ‎
God protect you!‎


  1. Bigfoot got with the Tooth Fairy last night! Santa mustve been pissed!

    oh Nessie, you have the best parties.

  2. Maybe you two should put in for a couple more fingers...

  3. I put on my mesh undies and cowboy boots for this?

  4. 12 finger girl is the most credible voice ... oh f-it

    1. finger girl is the most credible voice in the bigfoot community..I still think its funny...

  5. It's a slow bigfoot evidence day/week/year/millenium/eon/coon's age.

    1. How long does a Raccoon live?

    2. off to a great start with the Yeti print in '51 and looked like it was getting in gear back in 58, but that turned out to be a freaking Wallace hoax ...Did I miss anything?

  6. What happened to the "a little birdie told me" guy?

    1. I think the little birdy told him to f*ck off and die

  7. Replies
    1. Got 6 breaths a minute, and DNA evidence pointing to an unknown female primate with red hair? Didn't think so!

    2. Footpump, hoaxed video and real DNA... Next?


  8. Did not the Biblical Goliath also have 6 fingers on each hand, like the girl? And stood between 7 and 9 feet tall, like the sasquatch? And exclusively dressed in pink hot pants and a black tube top, like Joe Fitzgerald?

    1. You're gonna burn for that one. Yet you wear mesh. I've read about you. You're the Anti-first.

  9. ..Cute kid..I'm glad I'm helping her countries economy when I buy heroin...


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