Other Bigfoot Related News [7/31/2013]

Can't get enough Bigfoot news updates? Here are some other awesome Bigfoot news and stories from several sources.

New Video Shows 'Bigfoot' in Hills of British Columbia

New Video Shows 'Bigfoot' in Hills of British Columbia

Yahoo News:


  1. This is fake, its an app they want you to get to put monster and such ..

  2. http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/07/30/large-hairy-biped-bigfoot-like-creature-captured-on-video-in-mission-b-c/

    this shows why its a hoax..

  3. In other news, BFs have prehensile penis's to aid in climbing trees. More to come.

  4. (clive squashy)

    I heard this footage shot in British Columbia was on or near Dermal Ridge.


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