It's Official: Art Bell Will Air Live From 10 p.m. To 1 a.m. ET. on Sirius Radio In September

It looks like Art Bell is finally ready to return to the airwaves once again -- this time he's staying for good instead of just dropping by to say hi like he did back in 2010. The AP is reporting that September 16th is the date he's scheduled to return and his new show titled "Art Bell's Dark Matter" will only be aired on Sirius XM Radio. Scott Green, Sirius XM president and chief content officer says Bell's show on Sirius will be "uncensored, unrestricted, uncluttered and utterly unique" and he's confident that the great Art Bell will be a hit:

"There's probably more interest in the genre now than when I did it," Bell said. "When I did it, I was damned near alone."

Bell was on some 500 radio stations nationwide and "quit when he was at the top of his game," said Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers, a magazine that covers the radio industry.

Harrison said Bell's subject matter has roots in old-time radio, and he predicted it will become popular once again in the coming years.

"He'll be looked at as one of the veteran, old masters," Harrison said. "He's the real deal when it comes to marching to the beat of a different drummer."

There's also a potential rivalry with George Noory, who replaced Bell on the syndicated show. Bell isn't a fan, saying he considers Noory "not edgy enough." Noory's program is on later at night, so the two will not compete directly live.

No contract terms were divulged.

Bell said he's intrigued to learn the differences between satellite and terrestrial radio.

"It seems to me they are the next step in technology," he said. "I've always been a technological junkie. The mix of what they're giving me, the freedom that they're giving me, is priceless."

[via Mercury News]


  1. Art Bell has ALWAYS been jealous of George Noory, Ian, and Mr.Knapp! No one told you to retire, Art!

    1. Art is strange. I do wonder about what happened with his first wife and son. Just sounds sketchy.

  2. Will Art Bell replay the asinine hillbilly bigfoot shooting story?

  3. This ass hat will never retire.


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