Fear Sells Like Hot Cakes!

Editor’s Note: Dr. Matthew A. Johnson is one of the most credible people in the Bigfoot world. In July 1, 2000, Dr. Johnson had a "Class A" Bigfoot encounter with his family while hiking near the Oregon Caves. After his life changing sighting, he went to the public and described one of the most intense encounters ever. You can join him on Facebook at Team Squatchin USA.

Fear sells!!! It's a great marketing strategy!!!

Fear sells medical products (i.e., You need this pill or surgery or you won't be happy and healthy).

Fear sells phones (i.e., Buy our plan so your cell phone calls don't drop).

Fear sells cars (i.e., Our car withstands the crash tests. If you love your family, you will buy our car).

Fear sells Animal Control (i.e., All Pit Bulls are dangerous and need to be put down).

Fear sells alcohol (i.e., You won't have any fun and/or these sexy women at your side if you don't drink our particular brand of alcohol).

Fear sells Flat Screen TV's (i.e., Don't be caught without our Large Flat Screen TV on Super Bowl Sunday. Hurry up! Get down here and buy one before they all sell out!).

Fear sells political candidates (i.e., The Republicans want to throw your grandmother over the cliff! The Democrats want to turn the USA into Communist China).

Fear sells gun control legislative acts (i.e., Ban all guns or all your kids will be shot to pieces).

Fear sells Global Warming legislation (i.e., Stop manufacturing and using all of these products and cars because we are turning our planet into an oven).

Fear sells Peer Pressure to kids (i.e., Drink and smoke pot or you won't be a cool kid like the rest of us).

Fear sells Obedience to kids (i.e., Behave or you'll get a spanking! Don't leave the village or Bigfoot will get you!)

Oh..... speaking of Bigfoot.....


It's amazing to me how so many people want to buy into the possibility that Bigfoot is some nasty, mean spirited, demonic Ape-Man who is willing to abduct, assault, rape, kill, and/or eat any human that dares to wander into the forest.

Really??? What about all of us who have spent 10 to 50 years out in the woods, Researching and/or Habituating with the Squatches and have NEVER been abducted, assulted, raped, killed, or eaten? What about this very important and relevant data?

I'm aware of one individual who insinuates that the Bigfoot are abducting dozens of people in the woods, yet this person won't take a public position and categorically state, "I personally believe that the Bigfoot are responsible for all of these abductions."

I'm aware of another individual who's been out in the woods for 40+ years with Bigfoot and has NEVER been harmed. Yet, in spite of the reality that they've never been harmed in 40+ years, this person is promoting the idea that Bigfoot might be a deceptive sentient-being waiting to harm us in the end. What did I miss here??? You've been out in the woods for 40+ years with the Bigfoot without ever being harmed but now your telling others that Bigfoot might harm them?

Really??? Seriously???

According to the BFRO data base, Pierce County WA (where we live) is the #1 county in the USA regarding reported Bigfoot sightings. We have Squatches in the greenbelt behind our home (i.e., Evidenced by several people, casted tracks, and audio recordings). EVERY DAY, people walk in those woods. They bike in those woods. They go 4-wheeling in those woods. The High School Cross Country Team runs in those woods. Cynthia Kreitzberg and I conduct "Night Sits" in those woods.

Guess what? There's been absolutely no one who's been abducted, assaulted, killed, or eaten by the Bigfoot family dwelling in the greenbelt behind our home. NONE! NADA! ZILCH! ZERO!

I recently posted an article on "Bigfoot Paranoia" in over 20 Bigfoot FB groups. NOT ONE PERSON reported knowing any family or friends who had been abducted, assaulted, killed, or eaten by a Bigfoot. None of them reported that they had been abducted or assaulted by a Bigfoot. Yet, all of this very important and relevant data is ignored by the BIGFOOT ALARMISTS because Fear sells. Always has and always will.

What do we do about it? Simply remind everyone about the TRUTH of the matter. The Bigfoot/Forest People are intelligent, docile, and private beings. They fear humanity for a very valid reason. We tend to shoot up and blow up anything we don't understand. We remind people about how much time Researchers and Habituators spend in the woods without ever being harmed. We remind people that if the Bigfoot scream, pound their chest, stomp on the ground, or chase you out of the woods, they still never harmed you. Did they? Nope! They were simply using intimidation tactics to get you to leave their home because you were trespassing. If they allow you to visit in their home, it's because they're curious about you and/or they trust you.

The bottom line is "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself...... and spiders. Always fear spiders!"

Big Hairy Hugs!!!

Dr Matthew A Johnson
(Owner of the "Team Squatchin USA" Facebook Group)


  1. Replies
    1. Bigfoot is, and always will be, total bullshit.

    2. Cool.Thanks for letting us know.Go change your Depends please BIB,you stink.

    3. First.. The correct way!!!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a tight competition these days, here I was thinking he would post a west coast noon post but I was wrong, damn.

  3. here we go again with this liberal shit. what you want rights for these bigfoots. are people hurting their feelings. do they want and are being denied welfare or your kool aide drinking obama care that will sink the united Mexican soon to be states. a lot more to worry about than bigfoots feelings or yours for that matter

  4. For once I agree with this freakshow: no one has ever been harmed by a bigfoot....

  5. Note to Editor; Johnson is a fraud and charlatan and is misrepresenting himself with false credentials. Law enforcement has been notified.

  6. I'm so glad that sellout Michael Merchant doesn't get much time here on BE anymore. He's the absolute worst kind of "researcher" (LMFAO!). For years he mocked it, abused it, demoralized other footers. Then, one day, he figures out that he needs more money to live on. What does Michael do? Well, he now pretends that he believes in Bigfoot simply because he figured out that if you're a "bleeber" you make MORE money posting videos on YouTube than a skeptic. You know, he has joined the ranks of all time greats like; T-Fats, TGBF, etc etc who have tons of videos with absolutely NOTHING in any of them. But hey, "integrity" and "honesty" mean NOTHING to some people.

    Now Phil on the other hand keeps it "real", you know speaks his mind on the topic, let's his true feelings come out on the subject, calls a spade a spade a blobsquatch a blobsquatch, a person a person.

    Phil continues to stick to his guns because.......well apparently, (and this is the cold hard truth) he doesn't need the extra hand out from AdSense.

  7. Editor’s Note: Dr. Matthew A. Johnson is one of the most fashionable people in the Bigfoot world. In July 1, 2000, Dr. Johnson went 100% sleeveless while hiking with his family near the Oregon Caves. After his life changing attire choice, he went to the public and described one of the most intense sunburn experiences ever. You can join him on Facebook at Team Sleeveless USA.

    1. No sleeves. No pecs.

      This is what Johnson has contributed to Bigfooting.

      Do Americans still use the term 'Johnson' as an alternative word for their pee-pee? Figures.


    2. That was pretty funny!

  8. What is up with all the pictures of bigfoots abusing kids?

  9. your a fool Johnson. You liberal ass!!! Sasquatch do abduct people. The Indians had stories of them raiding their villages and taking women and children. So put that in your pipe and smoke it you leftist fairy!


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