Wild Man Seen Eating Raw Grouse (1893)

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Bigfoot Chicks, Melissa Adair. As serious researchers, the Bigfoot Chicks are commited to seeking the truth regarding the Bigfoot mystery. You can visit their blog at bigfootchicks.blogspot.com.

The following article offers an amazing description of an alleged Bigfoot's hunting abilities as well as it's ability to move quickly through rocky mountain terrain. Also interesting to note again, that this creature is wearing clothes and is not extremely tall. Could it be a juvenile? There was an attempt to catch it, but it was able to escape due to it's extraordinary ability to move through rock no horse would have been able to maneuver.

See article below.

IDAHO HAS A WILD MAN. New York Times, pg.17 Feb. 19,1893

HE WEARS BURS IN HIS HAIR AND EATS GROUSE RAW. BOISE CITY, Idaho, Feb. 18.—The wild man has again made his appearance. Many of the people living in Long Valley, in Boise County, about seventy miles from this city, have reported having seen him in the timber of the surrounding mountains upon several occasions. A sheep herder, while tending his flock, saw a man wandering along the ridges of the mountain who would disappear as soon as he saw that he was observed. The herder hid in a tree, and was rewarded by a sight of the uncanny being. He was a man about five and a half feet in height with dark drown hair reaching almost to his knees, matted and interwoven with burs. His beard was long and similarly adorned. He wore what was at one time a pair of gray duck overalls, but it was tattered and torn. In his hand he carried a short heavy stick. As he was passing along a grouse flew up, and quick as a flash, the wild man throw his stick, and with such unerring aim that the bird was killed. It was then eaten raw. The herder hastened to his camp, saddled his horse, and pursued the wild man, and when he had overtaken him. endeavored to secure him by means of a lariat, but failed. The strange being ran with the speed of a mountain goat over rocks where no horse could follow. Since that time, more than a month ago, he has not been seen or heard from. Several insane persons have escaped from the asylum at Blackfoot as well as from the penitentiary at this place. A number or them have never been beard from, and it is probable that the wild man is one of them.


  1. LOL How did you get Bigfoot out of this story? I could think perhaps Neanderthal except that the hair in the description was on his head and beard and not his body (I do believe that Neanderthals are what we call "Marked Hominids" today and sightings are generically labeled as Bigfoot sightings). But this guy was waring tattered overalls, not hides.

    I think the articles explanation of an escaped convict or mental patient is more likely :)

  2. Reposting stories about mentally ill mountain men over and over again is why the chicks always get so many comments.Just a little hint girls Bigfoot does not wear cloths.

  3. Definitely not a bigfoot, just a man that has grown up in the wilderness, maybe abandoned or orphaned by parents at early age, and is very adept in this terrain.


  4. Wow, you BF chicks sure are good at regurgitating old sightings and encounters. Where is YOUR material? We all can and have read these stories on the net. Please get some original material from witnesses YOU have interviewed, no more old crap that clearly shows you "chicks" don't know a Bigfoot from your derriere.

  5. I had that same thought Anon: 6:13 GOOD GOSH, with all the activity you think they might load up in a car and actually go afield instead of looking on the internet for old stuff. Come On Man....

  6. All the thing these Bigfoot chicks post can be found by a 7 year old who can access Google, what a scam. Next they'll be asking for money to fund an expedition to known Bigfoot research sites to upload the reports we've all seen. I'm calling Bigfoot bs on you ladies, sorry. Do your OWN work and recreate your OWN accounts. Smh

  7. as soon as i read overalls i went to the block. bogus glad i saved some quality time. just say no!!!

  8. Actually these accounts of Wild Men are not unusual.
    Alaskan Natives during WWII captured a wild man who
    turned out to AWOL from a Military Base. Maybe Elmendorf
    if I recall correctly. He had lived on his own for about
    4 years, and quite insane. This gives credence to Mike Rugg's speculations that some Bigfoot sitings are
    Feral Humans.

  9. Shaun evidence has a little asian hard on for Melisa Adair. He must be hard up to give them any time on this blog. Nasty!

    1. you are a racist and not at all funny grow up.

  10. Get real. What a load of monkey poop

  11. Bigfoot Chicks are a joke. Anyone can dig up old newspaper articles of crazy people. What they do isn't research, They're a joke.

  12. I don't get this, how is this a Bigfoot report? Its an interesting story. Oh wait shes a blonde, that explains everything.


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