How Wally Hersom, The Most Powerful Man In Bigfoot Made His Money

Wallace N. Hersom, or Wally Hersom is the man behind the scenes. He has funded the BFRO and is credited with getting the organization off the ground. According to reports, Hersom pays the salary of Matt Moneymaker, the BFRO’s director. Hersom has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars outfitting the BFRO with expensive thermal imaging cameras, video recorders, and night-vision devices.

He has sent dozens of trail cameras to the Olympic Project, a wildlife surveillance program organized by founder Derek Randles. Their purpose is to place cameras along "predatory travel routes" throughout the Olympic Mountains in order to capture Bigfoots in their natural habitat.

Hersom also funds the Bigfoot DNA Project headed by Dr. Melba Ketchum. It's not clear how long he has been funding Dr. Ketchum's project or whether the funding has stopped completely.

We would like to thank Wally Hersom for doing this short biography for us. It's a little technical in nature, but we hope you enjoy it anyway:

Wallace N. Hersom was born January 6th 1935 in Compton California. He was raised on a small family farm in Compton which was purchased by his grandfather in 1903. Mr. Hersom graduated from Compton high school in 1952. He attended California state university at Long Beach and graduated in 1957 with a major in music. His principle instrument was the clarinet.

He was drafted into the US army in 1958. He was stationed at the Presidio in San Francisco and performed in the sixth army band where he was promoted to the position of concert master.

Mr. Hersom was discharged from the army in 1960. He enrolled back in school part time to continue his education to obtain a teachers credential. He also obtained a job at Ford Aeronutronics in Newport Beach, California. Mr. Hersom worked in one of the research labs. This was his first exposure to the fascinating field of electronics. He decided to change his career path and learn more about electronics. He took all the electronic courses he could at the local junior college. After working for Ford Aeronutronics, then Packard bell computer and then Wanlass electric (a small power supply company), Mr. Hersom and three of his friends decided to start a power supply company called Power Devices in 1969. Through mismanagement and underfunding this company failed after about a year.

During that year with Power Devices Mr. Hersom was able to work on an idea he had for a "off line switching power supply". He built a working prototype of a 5V 50 amp. power supply. The salient features of this design was that it was about 1/5th the size and 1/5th the weight of any conventional power supply on the market at that time. It also had an overall efficiency of 85% where conventional designs were only about 40% efficient.

The design concept was to eliminate the large 60 Hertz transformer that was used in conventional designs. This new design concept eliminated the 60 Hz transformer by producing a DC voltage directly from the line voltage by rectification and filtering.

This DC voltage could then be "chopped" at a high frequency to drive a high frequency transformer and provide isolation from the AC line. The voltage was changed to a low voltage, for example 5 volts DC. This was a common voltage that was used to power most of the electronics in computers in those days. A frequency of 20 kHz was used as the conversion frequency as this is above human hearing.

Through a chance meeting Mr. Hersom met Dr. Lawrence Y Lee, a medical doctor. When Mr. Hersom explained his idea of a new power supply concept to Dr. Lee he became very interested in it. Dr. Lee and Mr. Hersom formed a new company together called LH Research.

With Dr Lee's backing Mr. Hersom was able to work by himself on the design concept over the next year to try and make it into a viable product for manufacturing.

A larger organization was put together for manufacturing. Mr. Hersom at the time had no interest in management and became Vice President of engineering. The product was very well accepted and was getting designed into many OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). Other power supply companies were also coming out with their versions of this "off line switching power supply"-- LH Research was well known as the leader in this field.

By 1983, LH Research reached a level of over 40 million dollars in annual sales. Dr. Lee had taken over as president of the company and wanted to expand the product line and make the lower power units aimed at the now growing PC market. Mr. Hersom knew that this would be a high volume market but also knew it would be a "cut throat" market as the imports were already getting established with some good low power designs.

Mr. Hersom resigned from LH Research in 1983 and formed a new company called HC Power. Mr. Hersom hooked up with his long time friend and very talented engineer Frank W. Colver. Mr. Hersom was president and CEO and Mr. Colver was VP of engineering. The plan was to make power supplies of 500 watts and higher. The new start from scratch design was a 1000 watt 5 volt 200 amp. design. There were new design concepts and components used that made this the most state-of-the-art high power switching power supply on the market.

This design was very well accepted by engineers and was designed into a lot of "start up" companies that were called mini super computers. These companies were backed by a lot of venture capital money. The basis of these new mini super computers was to parallel thousands of PC computers in one system. These computers were the size of a desk to the size of two or three refrigerators side by side. One thing that these computers needed was a lot of 5 volt power!

By the year 1989, virtually all of these companies went out of business. What happened was the rapid development of the personal computer technology. "Moores law" had become well established (and still is) with Intel being the leader. The personal computer got so powerful and cheap that there was no place for these "mini super computers".

HC Power changed its marketing efforts and became more involved in industry (power for lasers) and medical. The cell phone industry was starting to grow so HC targeted the power requirements for the cell sites. HC power units were designed into many cell sites for Motorola and many others including Nextel. These designs had to be changed to meet these new requirements. Basically the power supplies became 48 volt battery chargers. The concept is that if AC power were lost, the cell site would run on battery power until AC power is restored-- Just like your laptop does now.

In 1995, HC Power decided to go after the telephone central station market and the Internet infrastructure. The telephone companies are hard to change. They have been using the same old power technology for the last 50 years. The Internet infrastructure companies were not so conservative and wanted to go with the switching type of power.

It is amazing how much power is used for the internet. It is estimated that 5% of our power consumption is used to drive the internet infrastructure. Most of the power is used to drive the lasers that push all the data through the fiber optics. Lasers are typically only about 5% efficient. Every 50 miles or so this power has to be boosted again because of loses.

HC Power developed a power plant that would produce 10,000 amps at 48 volts. This power plant was made up from 5000 watt modules that could be all operated in parallel. These modules could be "hot swapped". A technology developed by HC Power. If there was a failure, the module could be removed and replaced without affecting the power plant. This power plant was to never go down. The status of the power plant would be sent to a central monitoring station.

These power plants were used in locations called “pops” (This stands for "point of presence"). This is a place where all the fiber comes in and the data is processed, stored etc. A typical POPs would be a building of about 50,000 square feet and packed with electronics. This would require up to six 10,000 amp power plants. Each power plant would charge a 48 volt battery bank made up of 24 2 volt 4000 amp/hr lead acid cells. POPs were installed in every major city in the country.

HC Power rode the wave of the tech bubble. HC Power was sold to Power One, Inc (PWER on NASDAQ) on February 29, 2000. Mr. Hersom became president of the telecom power division of Power One. Mr. Hersom retired from his position with Power One in January of 2001.

In December 2007, The Baltimore Sun wrote the following piece on how Mr. Hersom got into Bigfooting:

Hunters of Sasquatch undaunted by failure


December 16, 2007


Wally Hersom is an intuitive man, with an instinct for when opportunity might knock.

It's not knocking now.

The soft-spoken, white-maned Hersom is standing in the dark on a remote mountaintop in Northern California listening to the eerily quiet rustling of leaves.

"It's too quiet," he says. "It doesn't feel right."

Below him in the pitch-black hollows of this remote forest area, groups of men and a few women sit crouched, pointing $9,000 thermal imaging cameras at the darkness.

Every so often, one of them emits a blood-curdling shriek.

They are searching for a monster.

Hersom, 72, is the reason why. Over the past year, the part-time resident of San Juan Capistrano, Calif., (Hersom's primary home is in Henderson, Nev.) has pumped tens of thousands of dollars into the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, an Orange County-based group of Sasquatch-hunters.

Hersom pays the salary of Matt Moneymaker, the BFRO's director. He has outfitted the group with 10 thermal imaging cameras, as well as video recorders and night-vision devices. Total cost: more than $100,000.

In the process, Hersom hopes to change the popular conception of Bigfoot believers from wooly-eyed weirdos to heroic hominoid hunters.

Hersom, like the more than 2 dozen people who have joined him on this expedition to the El Dorado National Forest, believes that Bigfoot is a yet-undiscovered species of immensely strong, craftily intelligent and highly elusive great ape.

"I think the timing's right," Hersom says. "In the next 12 months, this thing is going to break wide open."

Hersom is the former owner of HC Power, an Irvine, Calif.-based company that manufactured power conversion equipment for cell phone towers and industrial facilities. The company flourished, Moneymaker says, in large part because Hersom foresaw the importance of gadgets like cell phones and computers and created technologies to serve them.

"He's an engineering genius, and ... he's got this almost spooky sense of when it's the right time to do something," Moneymaker says.

That sense convinced Hersom to sell his company in 2000, before the dot-com bust. He reaped $110 million and decided to indulge a lifelong fascination: Bigfoot.

"My broker - when I told him what I was doing he couldn't stop laughing," Hersom says. "He thought I was crazy. But I think we have a unique opportunity because nobody believes us. Once [it's] proven that Bigfoot is out there, ... I think this is going to be the biggest discovery of the century."

Hersom stumbled on Moneymaker's BFRO Web site, one of many such sites that track and list Bigfoot sightings around the country. He went on an expedition in Wisconsin.

Nothing happened.

Hersom tried again on a second expedition. This time he says he heard howls in the night and had rocks thrown at him - typical Bigfoot behavior, according to Moneymaker.

"I heard three distinct steps near my tent," Hersom recalls. "I thought 'Oh, my God, here it is.'"

The experience sold him. He joined the BFRO and went on four more expeditions. He collected photographs and plaster casts of 15-inch-long Bigfoot tracks, which he displays in his stately San Juan Capistrano hilltop-home. He bought cameras and other equipment in hopes of generating photographic proof for the naysayers - and lucrative film footage for himself.

Moneymaker and Hersom speculate that Bigfoot has a nocturnal animal's acute night vision. The key to "discovering" Bigfoot, if such a creature exists, is to mimic that ability.

"The only way we're going to [prove] it is if we can film in the dark," Moneymaker says. Hersom has enabled the BFRO "to bring some technology to bear that has been out of reach of Bigfoot researchers."

On the mountain, Hersom stands silently while Moneymaker and his group of volunteers put the equipment to use. Through the camera's glowing scope, the darkness transforms into a silvery landscape. But there is no Bigfoot to be seen.

Moneymaker tips his head and emits a piercing scream. Over the radio, the scattered group of BFRO members is instructed to do the same and to knock baseball bats against trees. The screams and knocks are meant to mimic the alleged noises of a "real" Bigfoot. The hope, Moneymaker says, is to trick the creatures into coming within filming range.

Does Hersom ever feel ... er ... a bit ridiculous?

"I'm just going to play it by ear," Hersom says. "I'm going to go as long as it feels right for me."

Hersom says he has only heard Bigfoot, but many within the group report more intimate encounters. They describe a giant apelike creature that walks on two feet and appears to have its own language (called "Samurai" for its sing-song resemblance to un-dubbed ninja warrior movies).

Bigfoot also is, some say, capable of projecting a paralyzing telepathic feeling of fear that stuns humans and animals alike. Moneymaker uses the term "infrasound" and calls the experience being "zapped."

Why then, would anyone pursue an encounter?

Moneymaker describes the discovery of Bigfoot as a "historical prize." But for many members of this (mostly male) group of enthusiasts, the quest is the lure.

"Part of me really like the mystery of it - the not knowing, the seeking," says Robert Leiterman, who works as a park ranger in Humboldt County, Calif.

Leiterman is one of a half-dozen past and current Orange County residents who have joined Hersom and Moneymaker on this expedition to Northern California.

Among the group: two employees from an architectural design company, an advertising executive and the director of security for a hotel.

"I just have to know the truth," says Kathy Lammens, 43.

Lammens is on the expedition with friend and office-mate, Brooke Sharon, 54. Like many members of the BFRO, they are captivated by their obsession and capable of laughing at it.

"I am one of these people who have an open mind," Sharon says. "I love the idea of Bigfoot, of UFOs, of Nessie. Why not? Who's to say it's not true?"

Does it bother BFRO members that nothing will come of this night spent in the cold mountains of California - or the next two nights to follow?

"I'm a little bit discouraged that we didn't hear anything," Hersom says. "They're not everywhere all the time."

Good timing is Hersom's stock in trade. But even he acknowledges that "there's some luck involved."

"Some people say: Bigfoot will find us, we can't find Bigfoot," Hersom says.


  1. If I was a millionaire I would spend hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) on BF research as well. It would be my top priority. I don't care what anyone would say.

    1. Yes but lets face it the most "powerful man" in Bigfoot right now is Dr B Sykes from Oxford. Millionaires can contribute their research but this guy will basically make or break the Bigfoot movement at the end of the year.

      I say that not to insult believers, but because IF he receives all these samples of supposed Sasquatch/Yeti/Alma hair, and none of the results are conclusive or worse they are identified as a known, common and most of the media will close-the-case on it being a possibility. After that, all the evidence and Veterinary reports in the world wont help.......and Smeja wont sell many books either.

    2. I just wish i had a dollar for every letter in that post damnnnnn.

    3. Agree with Timmy. Believers better hope some Oxford samples are the real deal. If not everything but Moneymakers bullshit show will disappear.

      Moneymaker is bilking this old man for everything. Matt is only lying when he's awake btw

    4. Matt has zero credibility with anything science or biology related. Their show overlooks the most basic scientific principles and instead cashes in on drama, hearsay and assumptions, all spun together as official "fact" and thrown out there. I know its a paycheck and media experience, but I honestly cant believe Ranae Holland, as a scientist, is even associated with that hokey show.....then again, she and I basically say the same things and she has never been impressed with Money and Bobo's fantasy-land call techniques or "stealth" woods excursions (LOL hide the camera guy and equipment sas may see us)

    5. Monkeyfaker is a joke. That show is a joke. Bigfoot is a joke. Get a life you losers!

    6. How many episodes did you watch basement dweller?

    7. Actually none,cause your moms head was bobbing up and down and couldn't see the tv.

    8. It's cool to be going after bigfoot, but I can't help but think how many people's lives could be improved, even saved, if that money were put to more practical humanitarian use.

    9. Anon 3:41,

      Spoken like a true socialist.

    10. sad but now days the bobbing up and down shit is probly true

    11. It is, she told me 09:31 would be on-line for hours so she could service me and the TV wasn't even switched on. Damn I was pis*ed even more when she took her teeth out.

    12. So Wally's money should go to more "practical humanitarian use" ... like giving money to poor people ... the ones who will always be poor.

      Sure, give those people some money and assistance to make it easier for them to have more children who will always be poor and need charitable assistance.

      Those who are poor and starving in America should get NO assistance whatsoever, to make sure they have no more children who are equally unable to find a place in this society.

      Poor people from outside America are able to come here and find a role in society and earn a living. They can get by just fine without charitable assistance. So the Americans who were born here and cannot find a way to earn a living in this country ... they should not procreate, which is the first thing they will do if given support.

  2. Replies
    1. He may be, but it still amazes me he would fund anybody without testing them first.

      I wouldn't give anybody a cent unless they...well that's another story...But he appears, yeah I trust you heres some funds...I do find it hard to beleive he's that stupid.

      Unless it's a Tax write-off.

  3. Wally's frome Compton!? A true OG!

    1. Skywalker OG. kinda weak, low harvest weight too

    2. Not many farms left in Compton. Well legal farms at least. Nowadays you cannot go from Compton to Lbc without switching colors

  4. I would do exactly what he is doing if I was rich! It would be a dream! Thanks

    1. No you wouldn't.

      Here's what you would do (based on winning the funds only) You would look after your family (maybe) a few holidays, a nicer home blah blah blah. THE LAST THING ON YOUR MIND WOULD BE BIGFOOT.

      If you have lived with your money and earned it, then still NOT....If I have to explain that, then you would never understand.

      When was the last time you give your neighbourhood a free lunch?

    2. 5:52,

      Did your mother have any children that lived?

    3. 5:52, are we angry and jealous? You can't explain anything except that you have no idea what it is to have personal independent wealth LOL.

    4. 06:39

      Tough just a guess.


      Nope, just posting common sense, I'm more than finacialy happy are you?

    5. 7:14,

      Well then you're a hypocrite if you're financially "happy". That SHOULD NOT be the case. You should only have enough to get by on: food; clothing; shelter.

      This Internet you're using is a luxury, a choice you made to use your money for. Ya know, just like Wally chose to spend his on cameras and other electronics. I bet you really DON'T know though, that's apparent.

      Its also obvious that your mad that someone else has positioned himself better monetarily. Get over it. You should've worked harder or studied harder. You didn't and that's why you're here complaining right now.

      Get over it, hypocrite.

  5. Have you performed any maintenance on it in the last 6 months.
    salt lake security systems

  6. A very nice article and one that is long overdue. I wish he would make the rounds on the Bigfoot conferences so he could receive the accolades he so richly deserves, however he seems to be satisfied staying in the background and providing much needed funding this endeavor has so sorely lacked.

    In the years to come and this specie comes to be recognized, I hope his name is held high as a true pioneer in the field of bigfootology.

    Hats off to you Wally.


  7. Isn't money great, you get to control so much.

    1. Certain times it is for sure, when in the right hands. Unfortunately a majority of it is in the wrong hands. Wally is the right kind of hands.

    2. Yeah, he could be saving real human lives with that money but instead he's paying Moneymaker to go tromp around the woods and recover no evidence. I'm real proud of him. I think bigfoot is out there, but damn, are society's priorities out of whack.

    3. 3:43,

      No, people have freedoms to do what ever they please with their money. If you cared so much about "society" you'd donate everything you have to others minus just the basic necessities needed to survive.

      Until you do that, you're a hypocritical buffoon. You don't need a nice house to live in and you don't need a car. There are busses you could take, taxis etc etc. Give your car away now to society. You don't need t.v. the internet or any other luxury. Just the bare essentials: food; water and shelter.

      How do you live with yourself knowing you haven't given everything away that you don't need to survive? You're a hypocrite. Furthermore, how the f*ck do you know Hersom doesn't give to others? You don't! So shut your hypocritical mouth until you have given away everything but the bare essentials to survive.

    4. BS ever heard of greed?

    5. I sure have and you are one greedy little person. People just like you who sit there with your comfortable house, car, t.v., Internet, phones, washer and dryers, refrigerators and bank accounts while others out there have nothing! You don't need that stuff to survive, just the basics. How can you live knowing you have all of that stuff and others don't! How can you be soluch a hypocrite by not practicing what you preach???

      This Internet you're paying for is NOT NEEDED! You ARE WASTING MONEY that other people could be putting to good use! Its disgusting.

      It sounds to me like you're mad that someone else has made more money than you. That's all.

      Back on topic though. You don't NEED all of the luxuries I mentioned above to survive. Practice what you preach and give them away NOW! Hypocrite.

    6. Anon 3:43,

      No, those are your priorities, NOT society's. Take your Libtard views and shove them right up your clueless ass. You're just mad that someone else has positioned themselves in life better than you have for yourself monetarily.

      You are the epitome of a hypocrite. Sitting here spending money to use the Internet which is NOT a bare necessity to survive . I bet you live in a comfortable house, have a car (or two), telephones, t.v's. (probably HD too), washer and dryer etc etc and all of which are not needed to survive. You're sitting there wasting money on these luxuries while other people are starving and have no place to live . Give all of the luxuries away or STFU you hypocrite.

  8. More men like this are needed in the world of Bigfoot. It seems like a common thing that most BF researches are not independently wealthy. Just think what ten men like this collaborating throughout North America funding BF research groups could do. Think of the potential results, Bigfoot might actually get found. Good on ya Wally, keep it up, I know I will as it is my life goal to find BF myself and help others to do the same. I just want the mystery solved!

    1. Selfish use of money, but oh well. I'm sure all the poor and starving, and families who need medical care and can't afford it will be glad when bigfoot is found. If it is found, that is.

    2. ^Wrong blog fella! Sally Struthers has the blog you want.

    3. Anon 3:44, I will use my money as I damn well please. You are of the utmost ignorant of humans by assuming that I only give to Bigfoot researchers. Your Liberal humanistic views are not welcome. What do you do for society? You just whine and complain about what leaders should be doing (in your mind) when you are just a peon yourself and don't have the balls to stand up and lead anything except your selfish views.

  9. I have never heard of wally before but was glad to hear of him today.

    1. It should be law that anybody who gets interested in this field at least reads for 5 years on-line and off and researches and 'NEVER' says anything until then.......

  10. Replies
    1. No, please. We need health care more than we need to prove bigfoot.

    2. 3:45 Get the hell out of here you as*hat troll.

  11. Wally was instrumental in getting the "Finding Bigfoot" series going on Animal Planet.

    Back in 2009 the talent scout for Discovery Inc. (which owns Animal Planet) interviewed a dozen BFRO investigators at Wally's house in Orange County, California. Wally had them flown in from around the country and put them up in a hotel nearby before the meeting.

    There was a party going on at Wally's house by the time Discovery's talent scout (Todd Miller) arrived. Derek Randles was bar-tending. The group of carousing bigfooters barely paid attention to Miller when he walked in. Miller wasn't told in advance how many people would be at the meeting, so he thought most of them were there just to hang out at Wally's house.

    Todd Miller had been traveling the U.S. for months previously, to meet with potential cast members for the series. He had already interviewed nearly every active bigfoot field researcher he could find. After interviewing the BFRO group at Wally's house he knew had the core of his cast.

    Wally did many other things, before and after the meeting, to make sure the Finding Bigfoot series would come together. All those involved know the series would not have happened without his very generous help and encouragement.

  12. if I was funding this shit I would demand answers

    fuking ketchump brigade

  13. Hersom pays the salary of Matt Moneymaker

    I thought this was past tense or is it still current?

    1. He paid Moneymaker up until the point that Animal Planet started paying him. That was his promise and he kept it, even though it took two years longer than expected.

    2. So is Lindsays (sp?) comments true that MM snorted most of this salary up his nose and WH hates him now, or is that BS?

      A verifiable source would be nice, but that just ain't going to happen.

      If it is true, I'd put a hit no MM....heck, it's only $50,000 if you know where to go :))

    3. There are no verifiable sources because it is not true. A guy made that up and encouraged Lindsay to spread that around because he wanted Wally to fund him instead of Moneymaker.

    4. Which guy? and again a source...I'm guessing the crap I read about Green or is that Greene as he get pissy if you spell his name wrong?

    5. I don't think anyone wants to beat that horse again.

  14. I have heard of Wally before but I didn't know that much about him until today. Thanks for the detailed article Shawn, I really like seeing stuff like this.
    I hope Matt appreciates how lucky he is to have someone like Wally funding him in the past.
    I wish I had those kinds of resources. If I did, I would be searching full time. Unfortunately this will likely continue to be a part time thing for me...unless I win the lottery.
    Mr. Hersom sounds like a stand up guy.

  15. Wally is the father we have all wanted

    1. Yeah - loaded, and willing to give you money even when you don't produce anything.

    2. So, all like the father we have all wanted? Duh!!!!!!!

  16. I would bang him for bigfoot funding! LOL
    Jeff Teagle

    1. I did and he give me a can of pepsi- go figure!

    2. You know what makes me laugh my ass off.I know for afact all you silly people believe in bigfoot that post here.This is a good blog you all know where this is heading, but i agree we need the skeptic bleevers to.

    3. I don't I just like the laugh.

    4. hairy man is real. I dont think they like our system.

  17. I was thinking about this awhile back, would I fund somebody?


    Why? Could they do what I can't, can they hunt, can they hike, can they do this that etc., and every time I came up with NOPE. Apart from they may have OR I give them the time to do it.

    So, it is a tough question. How do you find somebody you trust to do what you can anyway and trust them still to bring in the goods to you if they find anything? There is a way, but I'm still pondering doing it.

    1. I would provide TeamTazer with an extraordinary amount of money!

    2. Anon 7:59, I can do what they do, the thing is, I have a lot of other things and interests going on in my life other than Bigfoot. Trust of course is everything. It's like Bigfoot, I believe but have never personally seen one, call it blind faith. I honestly let my heart and spirit lead me, and I have gotten results from Diehard guys that do nothing but Bigfoot. Of course you have to be iron clad legally, but there are ways of gaining trust with researchers and thus gaining results through that trust. I hope you can help someone else find Bigfoot even though you apparently research on your own. For me, when it comes down to it, it's about the creature Bigfoot, not fame, money, or what ever. Simple, solve the mystery once and for all, I have to know! I will go to my grave helping others solve it as well.

  18. I am in a desperate push to find a CRYPTO Speaker for my Paranormal Conference this weekend. 1st Annual Mid-Continent Paranormal Conference in Kansas City this weekend 8/3 & 8/4. I have not been able to find one that is able and i don't want cryptozoology to be unrepresented. Do you know anyone that may be interested? Can you put the word out. My email is my phone is 913-945-0097. Thanks. Hope to here from you.

    Jason Kupzyk for all the details!

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