Only 3 Days Left For KickStarter Movie About Bigfoot, Aliens, and UFOs!

We're a little late to the party on this one, but check out this KickStarter project for a new film called DARKNICER. It will be a movie about a skeptic, who eventually turns into a believer. According to Dallas Morgon, the writer/director, "Imagine a move that puts you in the shoes of one of these skeptics."

On a quiet morning, Nathan, the Sheriff of Thorndale, TX, discovers three dead bodies on his property. This is the first of several disturbing events that leads him, his disobedient daughter and his estranged brother-in-law to believe there is some sort of creature living on their ranch.

In an effort to protect themselves, and discover what the creature really is, they enlist the help of a surveillance expert and a conspirologist (one who studies conspiracies) to hunt and kill the monster.

As their journey progresses, they are forced to deal with old wounds and overcome personal obstacles in order to unite and survive.

Watch this video clip and head over to their KickStarter page to learn more. The project only has 3 days left to reach their goal.


  1. Dallas Gilbert would of piqued my interest.

  2. Three topics that have the same basis in reality, have psychotically devoted fans and will most assuredly never be discovered in the real world.

  3. Open your third eye - you'll see them.

  4. Open my third eye and I'll shit all over the place !

  5. Sure, its all fun and games until somebody pokes their third eye out.


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