The Further Adventures of Captain Jack Bindernagel [Fiction]

This story was submitted to us by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. It's a continuation of a previous story titled, "The Adventures of Jack Bindernagel". It's based on events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary. In other words: It's just a story!

The lightening slowly illuminated the massive heads of a wild boar, elk and Grizzly Bear. In a brief second it was dark again and then another clap of thunder then lightning once again illuminating the heads of the three massive beasts.

This was no forest in the Pacific Northwest, but rather the study of the one and only Captain Jack Bindernagel. The massive heads were mounts, all next to each other on the far wall. Captain Jack sat in the darkness, a glass of bourbon sat next to him untouched, as he pondered the days events.

The North American Wildlife Summit had been the week before. There the top scientists in the country met in secret with the Army Corp of Engineers where they decided it was time they get proof of the elusive Sasquatch. Earlier in the day they traveled to the Estate of Captain Jack Bindernagel to ask that he lead the expedition.

Jack immediately turned down the offer. He thought of how the last trip had ended so badly. Young James Fay had never been the same and now Jack employed him to do odd jobs around the estate as he slowly recovered. They asked Jack to think it over and he had agreed, his spirit as an adventurer supplanting the cold hard logic he tried to employ the last year.

Jack sat in the dark pondering if it could be done and heard a loud bang. He immediately grabbed his service revolver off the table next to him and turned around in his swivel chair. There stood James Fay. Jack immediately put down the gun and said “What James, are you afraid of the thunder” He said “No” and Jack gasped, this was the first time he said anything other than “Bobo”, since that fateful trip. James then said “Captain Jack, its time we went back to the hunt”.

Jack sat silent and finally reached for the phone. He dialed the number they had left and said “Captain Jack is ready for the hunt”. He went on to say what they would need, “a high powered rifle for each of his men, military grade, so as to ensure a single shot would bring down one of the charging beasts. Night vision goggles reserved for special-forces, 5 pounds of dynamite, (Jack had no real reason why but he thought it may come in handy), 15 pounds of the finest cured bacon, and the best non-stick Teflon skillet that money could by to cook it”.

Jack then immediately summoned his man-servant Gargamel, and told him to ready their personal provisions, his bowie knife, ammunition for his side arm, enough tobacco for two weeks and a cask of Bourbon from his personal stock, so his flask would always be ready at times when nerves may be frayed.

The next morning Jack, Gargamel and Bobo Fay as he was now called, set out to meet the rest of the crew. The crew consisted of a young man named MK Davis, a young student named Jeff Meldrum and two members of the army corp of engineers, a tall man named Jim Lebus and a young female named Melissa Hovey.

Captain Jack addressed the team and made it clear he would be in charge and be making all the major decisions. He would decide who went out and who stayed at camp and most important what Bobo would be making for dinner each night.

The group then all got into a jeep. With MK behind the wheel Melissa Hovey began to speak. Almost immediately Jack reached for his flask and took a hearty swig. Bobo then took it and then Gargamel. This amazed Jack as he had never seen him take a drink in 30 years. As Hovey continued speaking Captain Jack yelled “stop, at this rate we will run out of bourbon by tomorrow, turn this jeep around Hovey is not coming’. The others cheered and slapped hands with each taking turns saying great decision Captain Jack”.

As they left Hovey by the side of the road Captain Jack gave the orders to follow the road to an old logging road. They would drive as deep as they could toward an old cabin deep in forest. Captain Jack decided that while the cabin may be in ruins it offered more protection then the tents used on his last expedition.

The group drove deep along the logging road, stopping to clear the road on more than one occasion. During one such stop young Meldrum noticed tracks on the side of the road. “Captain Jack” he cried “we have tracks”. Captain Jack pulled his revolver and yelled to Gargamel to have a rifle ready, he slowly looked around ready for a rock to be hurled from any direction. As he neared Meldrum he became amazed, not only were there large 16 inch tracks, there were small six inch tracks. Captain Jack yelled “Quickly MK bring the plaster these are the smallest Bigfoot tracks I have ever seen, we will never find any smaller than this”. Soon the plaster was drying while Captain Jack began to roll a cigarette.

MK Davis then said “tell us about the last expedition Captain Jack” Captain Jack responded, “We learned a great deal, the creatures will use rocks as weapons so be on your guard man, and they love bacon”.

When the casts were recovered the men set on but after two miles they were forced to abandon the jeep and move forward on foot.

They were quiet except for Meldrum who would not stop talking about the tracks”. Finally Captain Jack had enough and said “My revolver is not only in case we run into and angry Sasquatch”. This quieted down Meldrum and he spoke little the rest of the trip.

Soon the men reached the cabin with Captain Jack surveying it. The roof was caved in on one side but looked sturdy on the other. “Gargamel set up our supplies inside, Meldrum, gather wood for a large fire, Bobo will give you his revolver, and don’t go to far” “Bobo hold off on starting to cook the bacon until we have camp set”. MK Davis said “Captain Jack what do you want me to do?” Captain Jack replied “Just relax, you are jumping at every sound it appears you have quite the imagination, and are prone to seeing things that are not there”.

Soon a fire was roaring with enough bacon cooking to feed an army. Captain Jack sat stern, he and Gargamel had their rifles ready while Bobo sat with a revolver on his lap.

Jim and MK asked if they were just going to wait and right then a loud howl chilled then to the bone. Captain Jack stood up looked at Gargamel and said “this time things will be different”.

Captain Jack said “all right into the cabin, Gargamel and I will wait outside for them to approach”.

Jack then put down his rifle and cocked his revolver. Gargamel did the same “They will come too fast for the rifle, aim for the red eyes”. Soon a rock was thrown barely missing Captain Jack, he turned and fired 3 shots in the direction from which it came”. Another rock and then another “Jack yelled Gargamel everyone inside”. Rocks began to pelt the cabin” Captain Jack was filled with anger and screamed “not again”. He reloaded his revolver and yelled to Gargamel “your pistol I am going to return fire”. With a gun in each hand Jack burst into the open area firing two pistols at the direction of the rocks” He yelled “Captain Jack runs from nothing” as he fired. Soon they all hear a loud scream, and then more rocks, his pistols empty Jack retreated to the safety of the cabin. Captain Jack cried “Reload all of you they will come for the bacon and we will have our chance”.

Soon a large rock burst through the cabin roof, striking MK Davis square in the head. Captain Jack, a medic during the Spanish American War, immediately went to assess his wounds. “He is out cold and his skull may be fractured, we need to get him out of hear at first light” “Damn Sasquatch, again they have escaped Captain Jack Bindernagel”.

At first light they set out for the jeep carrying a now delirious MK Davis. As they hiked for safety he would occasionally say things like “I saw, it and it was white as snow”. Jack turned to Gargamel and Bobo and said “he may have permanent brain damage from being hit in the head with that rock”.

When they reached the jeep Captain Jack took the wheel and sped them back to civilization. Upon dropping MK Davis off at the hospital Captain Jack took a long swig of bourbon. Something white then caught his eye and it was the six inch Sasquatch track cast. He turned to the rest and said “the mission was not a total failure, this track is the smallest ever found and I will not live to see the day they find a smaller one”.


  1. Well Done!!! Definite chuckle all the way.

  2. Applause Applause! A real mouse scroller. Hovey dumped, go figure. I can't wait for next chapter!

  3. Fan freaking tastic ...... We need more of Capt Jack!!!! I hope this is part of many more to come

  4. For those of you who liked this- the next installment has Captain Jack coming face to face with the vicious Chupacabra.

  5. Whoever is writing these needs to continue it and publish it in a book.

    1. I am glad you like them but its not that easy to publish a book- can you help? I am serious I can fill a book but its getting it published that is the hard part. You dont really get paid for your first book, it is that hard to get one published- as I have friends who written books.

      We both live in Connecticut so if you have any advice or know anyone I would appreciate the help.

    2. Times have changed! It's all about ebooks now! You still should have an editor and proof-reader review and help fine-tune your work, but that's the way to go.

      Some very popular books had their start as self-published and promoted ebooks. That got the attention of the hardcover publishers, and Hollywood. There are inspiring success stories out there about this -- that's the way for you to start. Good luck!

  6. It's bad enough that I can't tell anyone I believe in Bigfoot because of the scorn and ridicule that will be unleashed upon me by my friends family and coworkers.
    You people have to make a big joke out of Bigfoot and make it even worse. If people would take the subject just a little more seriously, then maybe we could gain some credibility and get to the bottom of this mystery.

    One foggy morning, when I was 15 years old, I was out hunting squirrels and sitting in a tree stand. I heard some rustling in the distance and about 300 yards away in a meadow, I saw a hairy animal rise up from the tall grass. It was quite a far distance, but judging from the apparent height of the grass, this creature that was standing on two legs had to have been at least 10 feet tall. It cocked it's head to the side and snorted, as if to be smelling my presence. It then turned away from me and ran into the woods. In three steps, it covered 50 yards and disappeared into the treeline. I then heard three very loud knocks and a huge growl that sounded like a cross between a Zebra and a goldfinch. It rattled me to the core.
    From that day, I swore that I would not rest until these beasts were proven to be real.
    So go ahead and have your fun but understand that you are just keeping these elusive creatures from being discovered and recognized as the awesome superhumans that they are. You may cause setbacks, but the truth will prevail.

    1. Awww boo hoo. What are you worried about then Dennie downer if in the end the truth will prevail anyway?

    2. It's more a parody of some of the personalities involved in the media circus surrounding sasquatch than making fun of the sasquatch itself. Grow up and learn to laugh a little.

    3. Your writing style leads me to believe that you and the "Captain Jack" stories are synonymous.

    4. 50 yards in three steps. What was it again? Brontosaurus?

  7. Dude 50 yds in 3 steps? Come On man that's why nobody takes this seriously. Each step would have to be 50 ft in length which means it had to step 5x its height to get to the point your speaking.

    Don't hate this person and their creative writing especially when you make up this shit.

    1. I know man, that is just crazy. 30 yards in 3 steps MAYbe, but 50? C'mon.
      One time, I saw one pull a tree out of the ground and use it to catapult across a river, true story. I'm an outdoorsman and avid hunter and this was no Crocodile.

  8. Lol alright man. I once saw one wrangle up 100 Geese tie them together and fly over a mountain. Was pretty bad ass. I think its ship broke down


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