Get FB/FB's "You Are Sasquatch" For Free On The Kindle

For Amazon Prime members only, you can now download Facebook Find Bigfoot's "You Are Sasquatch" for free on your Kindle. Their theory is that Sasquatch is smarter than humans-- That's it, and that's all you need to know. For those without a Kindle, you can read the first chapter for free by clicking on this link.

The book was published June 14, 2012 and they're currently working to push their book to rank to #18 in Amazon's Science section.

The discovery of Sasquatch as a living, breathing member — along with us — of the primate family tree is emerging as the most profound revelation of the early 21st Century.

But equally astonishing is the new theory set forth in You Are Sasquatch — that not only do we share the Earth with a fellow upright-walking, language-speaking creature, but that this species is none other than the still-surviving representatives of our own earliest ancestors!

This dizzying conclusion is derived through a clear presentation of evolutionary steps,logical links, and pictorial/video demonstrations.

Just as the many breeds of modern-day dogs are diminished descendants of their common ancestor, the gray wolf, so do the races of mankind represent a domesticated version of our mighty progenitor.

In many ways, Sasquatch is our superior, for we have lost most of our original character, our sheer, animal wit and wisdom, our genius for strategic survival, our awesome physical prowess.

So Sasquatch stands before us today as the living embodiment of our former greatness. We can learn much from this teacher, but only if we wake up, wise up, and recognize our place in the History of Life.


  1. Free? FREE? Didn't this book cost like a million dollars to make, or some sh1t? Oh yeah, they're selling like hotcakes. They've sold so many and made so much money that they can now afford to give it away. Heh Ha haaaaaa!

    1. They are already very wealthy men who own very successful corporations. Unfortunately, I know them personally. They don't need or want money from this. If they take money it would be recorded on their taxes and they would not be able to maintain their anonymity.

  2. Jon Foss is not exactly anonymous ... He was outed by MM on TCC

    1. Jon Foss Swim Centers ... Aquatic Ape Theory ...

      I wonder if there is a connection there?

  3. In the comments section here, you mean...?

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