Listen To M.K. Davis on "Inspired by Bigfoot", Tonight at 7PM Central

Tonight at 7PM Central time, M.K. Davis will be featured on the "Inspired by Bigfoot" radio show. Host Bill Lee and Davis will be talking about the Patterson-Gimlin film. M.K. Davis is considered one of the world's foremost experts in the analysis of the film.

Each week, Bill writes, records, and produces a show called "The Bigfoot Stories". Bill tells us that "The Bigfoot Stories" is about "fictional encounters that's unlike anything any other show has".

"Inspired by Bigfoot" comes on every Tuesday evening at 7PM Central.


  1. Will it be broadcast from here, or someplace else? Help me locate it please. Thank you..

    1. I just updated this article with the correct link:

      you can check the link at 7PM Central to listen.

  2. Thanks, Shawn, and Susi, for your interest and publicity. We have a pretty neat show and want to welcome new listeners to the club.

    Bill Lee


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