There Will Be No "New" Finding Bigfoot Episode Tonight, But Here's A Spoof You Might Enjoy

When we said there won't be any new episode of Finding Bigfoot tonight, we're not being accurate. According to the Animal Planet TV schedule, there will be a "The Best of Finding Bigfoot" special premiering tonight.

If that's not enough for you, Autumn Forest wrote a hilarious Finding Bigfoot spoof. Here's a snippet from her blog:

This is another in my series poking loving fun at the paranormal-reality shows. This time, the focus is my favorite show, “Finding Bigfoot” and most especially the team leader, Matt Moneymaker who, well, gives me a lot of material to work with and his nemesis, Ranae (the skeptic).

In the dark forest, Matt and Ranae are teamed on a hillside, sitting it out for the night.

Ranae: (comes to a stop) Look, it's a dead deer.

Matt: Don't move! There's a squatch around here. (searching around them in the dark forest) This kill is new. Squatches kill deer for food.

Ranae: But, Matt, this deer hasn't been touched.

Matt: (snarls) It would have eaten it, but we scared him away.

Ranae: This thing has rigor mortis. It died long ago. It doesn't have any cuts or bleeding. It might have fallen off that rock ledge up there and broken its neck.

Matt: I'm telling you, it's part of a master plan by the squatch. (points a finger in the air) He kills a deer and leaves it here as a snack for later on. It's like we're standing in a pantry for the squatch. (coyote howls and he startles and steps back).

Ranae: (sighs) Coyote.

Matt: No! Shh! (listens) That's a squatch! Don't let him fool you. He sounds like a coyote to confuse the humans.

Ranae: Why would a squatch do that? How would his own kind know it's him?

Matt: (chuckles knowingly) See, that is exactly what he wants you to assume. He has his own language in Coyote talk.

Click here to read the rest.


  1. Autumn love the little slut, but sad thing is that may totally happen on the show eventually.
    Bigfoots Broski

    1. Not actually a slut--yet another lonely weekend like many before. It is a given that Matt will at some point reach a moment of paranoia in which he believes Bobo is BF in disguise and that is why he offers to stand in as BF all the time.

  2. Lol so funny. My phone type corrected it I meant skit not slut lol holly crap that's funny.
    Bigfoots Broski

    1. Broski, I was so concerned when I read your first comment because that isn't like you at all. I'm so glad it was the phone.

  3. Lol that was great, genuinely had me cracking up. I could picture Ranae's frustration and Matt's facial expressions even. If Matt would maybe just tone it down a bit maybe he wouldn't be so easy to parody.

    1. Thanks Weezy. He writes these comedy series with the way his mind works.

    2. Like it too Autum you sexy minx, very funny, had me laughing, but the bad part is with MM this is actualy possible :)

      Oh just to let everyone know on this blog, the Photo Blahhh, which is me, was created by what i call the Hovey Incident.

      I will fight for truth, justice and the love of AutumForest :)

  4. Autumn, It's 5:15 here EST and I always read the info I missed the night before.

    I have told Shaun before I really enjoy yours and his blogging during the show. I enjoyed your skit above and look for it to happen soon,LOL

    You are so quick on your comebacks I love it.
    Thank you for bringing a smile to me this early in the am. Please keep on with that sharp wit.

    1. Aw Blondie, you are why I do this - for folks with a sense of humor about the BF community. A lot of it is very serious, but the characters in the community are up for grabs in the comedy realm.

  5. Bigfoot Trivia:

    Bigfoot can and will howl similar to a coyote, but not exactly like a coyote. For instance, if it is answering back from your broadcast howl that it has heard before, a Bigfoot will know exactly when your howl ends and commence his return howl within 1 second of your finish. A coyote will wait for at least 5 seconds before starting up.

    You can go to Stan Courtney's website and listen to his Colorado howl that he thinks is a Bigfoot. That howl is a coyote, but the branch breaking that he recorded with it, is the Bigfoot.


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