Should The Sasquatch Community Have Commandments of Proof?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

When I decided to this begin this endeavor and write about the Sasquatch enigma, I always do my best to give information based on the most accurate details I have available. I have no hidden sources or hidden agenda when I write my stories. I believe that when you place your name on a subject like Sasquatch you have to be very careful in what story you give to the Sasquatch community as being concise and factual. We must keep in mind that there’s a fine line between what some say is credible and fake. People will decide whether the information they are reading is factual or not in the first paragraph once they begin digesting it.

I have never stated that I am a professional writer or have a BA in journalism, but I believe that in this community we must start to weed out what is relevant and good information from what I call the “Write And Bait Tactic.” What that means is this: I give you some information from whatever source, whether someone else’s or mine. Let’s say I give you just a teaser to hook you in and then I string you along after I have you hooked. I build up your interest and make promises that this evidence will be the greatest thing you have ever seen.

After achieving the first part of the “Write And Bait Tactic,” I keep you waiting and then I write little hints once in a while to keep your attention and create a dramatic climax to the greatest thing you will ever see! Wait! Here it comes… and then total disappointment.

Many times the Sasquatch community has been promised the greatest evidence, the most amazing picture, that’s a Squatch, here’s a Squatch, and every where’s a Squatch! Squatch! Yet, to no avail, we are still left hungry for more, searching through every nook and cranny to try and find some factual and relevant information. Now, there are some great projects researching and expeditions going on to give us the truth. It’s fair to say that they are doing this very professionally and have real scientists collaborating with these projects. Just like the Ketchum paper promises to bring the most amazing revelations of the existence on Sasquatch, which I believe will put an end to all these debates and discontent with many in the Sasquatch community. At least I hope, and I do say that cautiously.

I know and believe the Sasquatch community is an intelligent one and 99% percent of the time, the community knows what’s real or not. But I believe that we must say, enough with ambiguous photos, videos and blobsquatches. We as a community must set commandments for honest, relevant information and media. Now I do understand that everyone has the right to have certain things private and other things need to have copyrights and cannot be disclose because of confidentiality agreements and what not. We all have been told that there are professional standards to be followed when publishing a scientific paper and I respect that. But, if you’re a public figure or a person involved in any medium, whether it be radio, video, blogs or news, there should be certain things we should be able to share with the community that always put their trust in our information.

These are my ideas of what those commandments should look like. If you want to add more feel free to do so, on your own:

1) If you have or do not have a written agreement or because of you moral and integral convictions, you believe something should not be disclosed or shared, then never share with us no matter what happens.

2) If privileged to evidence that can prove the existence or the possible existence of Sasquatch, have it tested and viewed and retested by credible sources to make sure that when you release this proof to the community, you can back up your findings.

3) When stating you have pictures of Sasquatch, make sure the photo is clear and visible and is the full frame of the photo and not a cropping of the original. Try to see if the photo has a stamp date. Many photos have Meta-data within them that can tell you when it was taken and what camera was used and have it analyze before sharing it with the community first. Also, if you have a series of photos, show us a few of the photos and not just one.

4) When stating you have video proof make sure it’s a clear video of what your capturing and if possible use proper stabilizing equipment to record the best video.

5) Do not make promises you cannot keep or use the “Write And Bait Tactic” on us. Just say you will let us know the exact date and time or just put the information out, but have it analyze before sharing it with the community first so we can make our own conclusions from the proof .

6) Everyone has the right to question your photo or other evidence if you voluntarily decide to put it out in the community, which includes the authenticity and source of the evidence.

7) Never say something is actually proof until it is confirmed by professionals in the research and scientific field of Sasquatch. There are plenty of professional that will give you a hand or talk to before you release something that could be considered significant.

8) Don’t take criticism personally just because someone thinks you’re wrong and don’t get upset if they’re questioning you. Remember, you’re the one who put out the information voluntarily.

9) If you believe something is significant and you have nothing to gain from it, just share it. Don’t come back later and say that you cannot and then put legal mumbo jumbo and excuses on why you cannot release anything else. Why even share it in the first place?

10) The most important one of all, have it tested and viewed and retested by credible sources before you share it with the Community.

As the weeks and month pass by, we the believers and skeptic alike are waiting for evidence of the existence of Sasquatch to be shared with the community. We will try to do this patiently but at the same we are cautious because many times we have been left wanting and waiting for more.

Damian Bravo


  1. I was under the impression that you had anything and everything that has to do with sasquatch on here.
    If you raise the bar on your level of info. it may become limited and less entertaining, but more respectable, and interesting.
    Maybe it will weed out all those people that post rediculous comments! Great idea!!!

    1. I too believe that you present a good idea here, the details need to be refined but the concept is sound.
      I would also like to suggest that persons who feel strongly about the search for Sasquatch begin to "self censor" not only their own public remarks, but also the remarks of the "big" personalities that have stepped out to represent the Sasquatch community to the public at large. Keeping in mind that the public at large not only includes lay persons, but also Scientists, Doctors, Attorneys and Academics of every type. These are people who by training rely on clarity of communication to exchange ideas. These are the people we need to become interested in the search for Sasquatch but if as a community, we do nothing to reign in or distance ourselves from people like Moneymaker. I watched the Finding Bigfoot show (my wife's favorite) and got quite a hoot out of his comment concerning Sasquatch not eating cows. I believe it's a fine idea that someone, anyone, thinks Sasquatch doesn't eat cattle due to some sort of understanding about whose food is whose. If you wish to make a statement like that and not appear to be an idiot, one should prefice your remarks by stating that you do not know the facts but you theorise, such and such. You could even say, "if I were to guess....."
      For years the Chiropractic profession was held hostage by D.C.'s with "big" personalities making grandiose claims and making statements that were personal beliefs, but were phrased as statements of fact. When statements are made like that, some people will be fooled and accept the statement as fact; this is not good for obvious reasons. When the person trained in critical thinking hears or reads such statements he/she will immediately be aware that it is not a statement of fact, only opinion.
      In this latest case that I refer to, if it was presented as opinion, would show this person to be damaged in some fashion. As a group of people who believe that Sasquach is indeed a real physical creature that we wish to further understand, we need the mainstream of science to accept our evidence as credible. If this were to happen, the large universities and research organizations would jump into the search with their big monies and trained observers, and within a short period of time will document Sasquatch and begin protection and study. If some of you read this and say that's not what we want, we don't want these science types bothering the beasty then you should stop looking for it. If Sasquatch is proven to exist, it will be studied. If the object of all of these web sites is to develop a broad based group of persons who are serious about studing/finding Sasquatch and sharing information, then we really need to weed out those persons putting up pictures like the one just released, or those making stupid statements about why a Sasquach does not eat cows - Give me a break, That statement can be torn apart in several different ways and shown to be less than thoughtful throughout. Damian has shown a good idea that deserves consideration.
      Perhaps the leaders of this community should gather and set out a set of guidelines for the quality of evidence and public statements.

    2. oops ... forgot what I was saying .... so much for clarity of thought..
      I would like to finish by saying, if we do not weed out the people making stupid statements, presenting unrecognizable photos as evidence then we continue the main stream opinion that we are a bunch of banana eating zelots - idiots, who see bigfoots around every blade of grass.
      The very people we need to impress are the one's greatly put off by this type of behavior.

    3. Well said! I love the info. on communication skills.
      It really makes a difference.


  3. Weeks and months? The absurd stuff people try to pull for decades is what makes bigfootery entertaining. No rules keep the attention whore parade going.

  4. Replies
    1. Agreed, keep up the good work Damian. I doubt you will EVER get certain a certain blogger to ever hold himself to this standard, but as long as you don't lower your own standards then you are doing it right. Thanks for the real news man. John

  5. No more Blobsquatches? You have offended me, sir!

    1. I think is not directed towards you , Mr. BlobSquatch, we know you mean well :).

    2. Lol. Glad u got my joke!

  6. I have a suggestion let's just ignore all of this bigfoot nonsense and just wait until they come out with significant evidence.

  7. but what would moneywanker, biscardi and the others do if they coldn't post their nonsense?

  8. I've never felt led on or duped by the content of this blog, even though i haven't been reading it for very long. seems to me your good at giving realistic expectations, was i pumped for the new photo? hell yea just as pumped as i get every time they cut to commercial break on Destination Truth. yes i know Josh Gates isn't going to fall off that cliff and die but what IS going to happen? same in bigfootery, i knew it was not going to be the best photo of a wood booger ever (even the preliminary story said it was a photograph of the back so no surprises there) but what is it? who's hoax? these events are almost just as fun to watch. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say nobodies life or quality of life is in serious jeopardy if Bigfoot is not found (except maybe Moneymaker) so why get so serious when there's another flop? 5 min. wasted o darn, get over it and don't waste any more time thinking about it simple as that. but i digress, the idea for commandments is a good one but in the end this is cyberspace, there are no rules out here and people are going to post what there going to post. maybe introducing a rating system where the closer a piece of evidence is to being kosher the more stars it gets would help. this way we can tell right off the bat what is realistically a squatch and what is obviously a hoax, and everything in between, o this is a crappy one star blobsquatch so lets not expect much or omg that video has 4 stars this could be something real. keep up the good work regardless, this blog is always a good read.

  9. 11th commandment. Once a hoaxer always and forever a hoaxer. No rehabilitating and worming your way back in. O.k. blobsquatch add your part from the 10 commandments. I really like Damians approach. J.D.

    1. I agree with your 11th commandment wholeheartedly.
      The fact that known hoaxers are still taken seriously by some people astounds me. There are always new people discovering the subject of Bigfoot, so it takes time for them to sift through the weeds to get to the garden.
      Hoaxers who intentionally try to mislead people need to be shunned from the community permanently.


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