Q&A With Dr. Ketchum: Her Thoughts On The Sasquatch Community, Taking On The DNA Research, And How the Scientific Community May React To Her Findings [Bigfoot DNA]

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at www.sasquatchlives.com.

A couple of things have shaken the Sasquatch community recently; the release of the new Sasquatch photo and the tragic death of fellow Sasquatch researcher Manuel Solorio, who died of a heart attack while on a solo expedition. Some of you might have missed the news about Solorio because of the new photo frenzy and its debate. Like certain news always does, it became more important than others.

Recently, I had the opportunity to informally ask Dr. Melba Ketchum some questions and I feel honored and privileged that she answered them. Dr. Ketchum is not only a gracious human being but a very classy lady; she told me I could post her answers before I even asked her if I could do so. This goes to show what a truly genuine person she is and how much she loves the community that has embraced her.

Dr. Ketchum stated that when she launches her web site it will have a special address for media inquiries, which will make sorting messages much easier.

Below are Dr. Ketchum’s answers to my questions:

Damian Bravo: Hello Dr. Ketchum. I wanted to see if I could ask you some questions, if it’s ok, for an article I want to write about you. My questions are not related to the study but more on how the community has embraced you since becoming part of the DNA study and if you have any regrets becoming a ray of truth for so many that believe in the existence of Sasquatch.

Melba Ketchum:
Hi Damian,

The Sasquatch "community" has been, for the most part, very supportive of the study and have also accepted me into their "community". There are so many good people that are truly excited about the study and this gives me tremendous encouragement. Regrettably, there are also a few individuals that have acted out horribly, including some of the "powers that be", and they have actually attacked me repeatedly. Though they are a minority, I could not believe the viciousness with which they fabricated and circulated lies and rumors, especially the personal attacks. That was unexpected. I have learned to consider the sources though and laugh it off, calling myself the tabloid queen of all things Sasquatch. You have to keep your faith and a sense of humor with all of this or it will steal your happiness and that is something I refuse to give up. The flip side is that I wouldn't trade anything for the wonderful, kind and generous people that have crossed my path because of this project. For those individuals, I am truly thankful. I am also extremely grateful for the fervent supporters of the project that I haven't had the privilege of meeting. Without these two groups encouraging me, I don't know if I would have continued with the study, what with all of the negativity and chaos involved. I am so happy that the majority of the people in the Sasquatch world fall into these groups. In the long run, the good outweighs the bad and I am happy at this point to be doing this. I also love the fact that the study will vindicate the thousands that have had sightings and have been ridiculed. Hopefully, the study will also bring about legal protection for the species. I sometimes feel that I didn't choose this, it somehow chose me.

Damian Bravo: When you were first asked to do this study, did you feel any hesitations and did you decide to think about it first because of the stigma of believing in Sasquatch?

Melba Ketchum:
I didn't feel any hesitation to start this project at the time. I have insatiable curiosity and love a good mystery so it sounded like something I would enjoy investigating. I really didn't believe that they existed and thought I would just disprove it and go along my merry way. I was totally oblivious to what was headed my way with this. It also never occurred to me how difficult "proof" would be and how long it would take. We had tested "alleged" Sasquatch samples since 1995 for species ID, but they had only tested as common animals until early 2009. Even then, I didn't trust my results as there wasn't enough DNA to continue with those samples. So, I just wasn't expecting this nor did I think about the implications since I didn't believe in them.

Damian Bravo: On another note, do you feel that if the results come out and prove Sasquatch does exist that the community of scientists and biologists will come together and truly study this amazing possible Hominoid as Dr. Meldrum calls them?

Melba Ketchum:
As far as the scientific community, that remains to be seen although I do expect a shift away from private study to more universities getting involved. It has been very difficult to study them as it is. I don't look for that to be any easier in the future. I think legal regulation of study methods will also be implemented for them and at least I certainly hope so. The project will prove their existence and will provide some insight into them also. Believe me, I am as anxious as everyone else and it is driving me crazy not to be able to shout the results from the rooftops. However, I have to do this absolutely in a scientifically accepted fashion or it will all be for nothing. It is too important as a scientific discovery not to do this correctly. I hope people are starting to understand this and I think that they are. Each day though is one day closer to what I am sure is going to be the most exciting roller coaster ride ever.

Hope this helps


Dr. Ketchum is truly a nice person to talk to. You can feel how passionate she is about the DNA research and how much she loves the community. In her words you can also get a sense of how connected she feels towards the people that support her. She was even willing to take time from her busy schedule to answer these questions and let me share it with everyone. Once again, I thank Dr. Ketchum and Sally Ramey for this opportunity to share her feelings and thoughts since initially becoming involved with the DNA research.

Damian Bravo


  1. Are the DNA test results being spoken of from the Josh Gates Destination Truth Yeti hair? Or is this paper of hers about other hair samples other than the DT sample?

  2. Her study includes hair, blood and tissue samples from around the country. It was assumed the Josh Gates sample was part of that but yesterday she stated on FB that she has no Yeti samples in the study.

    1. I figure they will be in another paper. They've been tested all right, and the results are close to the Bigfoots.

    2. @Robert Lindsay..If the Josh Gates DT Yeti sample has been tested, why has Josh Gates/Ketchum NOT posted the results of those tests or done a media press release? I am sure that Josh Gates would love to get that info out to the world about HIS discovered Yeti Hair being that of an Unknown Primate.

    3. Josh is probably tied down with an NDA, as all submitters are.

  3. Simple, but very informative. ; )> I hold the highest Respects for all Scientist's that have stepped beyond the "normal" boundaries of Science with this endeavor. hugs & handshakes

    1. I TOTALLY agree!! Let us support our courageous scientific brethren!! They are the role models for others who dare to step out of the stranglehold that mainstream science and academia have on so many.

  4. Great posts today Damien! Glad you are still getting the real news up. Great score on this Ketchum correspondence. Nice to see it is actual quotes from those involved. Appreciate your dedication to the subject. John

  5. Dear Melba, thanks for those answers. Some of us understand you can't say everything right now, unfortunately too many naysayers out there don't know the procedures, but don't let them get to you or disrupt the study's goal. It's way too important for a bunch of impatient losers to destroy it, can't let them win. This you know too of course, and so you persevere because it's quite literally bigger than anything discovered yet as far as primates are concerned. Looking forward to the final results and outcome. Many people already know the species is real and this means it's always been a matter of when not if, I feel confident the rest of the population will also know this eventually.

    1. You don't know the procedures. there is not a single, quality, peer reviewed journal that requires the submitting scientist to not discuss the contents of their paper. In fact scientists take their data to symposiums and lectures and discuss their data with their peers. Then they submit reports to the college they work for so as to show what they've been up to for the fiscal year. There are no non disclosure agreements! There is no secrecy... This is all a ruse. LOL, this is why real science won't touch this with a ten foot pole, all of the hucksters, charlatans and con artists in the bigfoot world.

    2. Are u a believer? If not, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

    3. You can be a bigfoot fan and not believer. Kind of like being a Spider-man fan or a wrestling fan.

    4. Didn't that just say it all! Toooo fun-knee!!!!

  6. Just once I would like to read an article on the good doctor with questions not submitted by a person involved/associated with the bigfeet. What are the chances of the good doctor ever agreeing to such an interview? Not good, and for this reason her credibility at this time must be highly suspect. I for one would wish the interviewer would pin her down on exactly what "control" she has to verify existance of booger DNA. I would also like to know why she did not personally inspect the site where the "steak" was cut. I wonder what I could learn by filing a freedom of information request with the organization the good doctor works for. Would be worthless request but fun to see what they put up. I do not know her, but she is not acting like a normal scientist would in my judgement. Hopefully, all my skepticism is for not, but I am just not so sure about her involvement other than the reported scientific analysis.

    1. As with ALL peer-reviewed studies, she is under an embargo and is not allowed to speak of such details until it is officially lifted. Have patience, sir, the time is near. :)

    2. You act like this whole thing is Melba and she
      BSing everyone up and down the ladder.
      Their are so many prominent people involved in this study that to say what you totally shows
      how naive and poorly educated you are.
      A little advice for you, If you do not
      research something, stay quite,then people might think your fuckin' idiot, then to open your mouth, and let it known to all that you truly are a fuckin' idiot

    3. I agree that most of her findings are unfounded and full of holes, greed & glory are two of the driving forces behind this. Her company has the worst rating "F" and a lot of complaints as well, not a good sign.

    4. She would not go into detailed defense until pub comes out. She is a vet who got started in this through her inovative work with DNA from hair, so I understand. She has her own lab in East Texas. She has done forensic work and I find her rock solid vis a vis her ethics. That's my opinion. S. Webb Sentell PhD MP

  7. If you watch Season 3 episode 9 (entitled 'The Bhutan Yeti')of Destination truth you can see the good Doctor in the last segment running tests and getting curious results from his Yeti hair sample. I'd like to think (as a huge DT and Josh Gates fan) that this is the event that trained her inquisitive scientific eye on the Bigfoot mystery, whether the sample ended up being used in her new study or not.

  8. I really appreciated her answers. She is obviously a sharp lady and also a very real human being. I always suspected the next step is to bring in universities to legitimize research and also the gathering of evidence. I would be thrilled to see that happen.

  9. More hokum from Ketchum. There is little or no substance in her response. This is all getting tedious and boring.

    1. Atleats she is not feeding bolony like the lady with the photo, also di you not ready the article she stated and even gave a hint, man are we reading the same thing, and quote "The project will prove their existence and will provide some insight into them also."

      The Doc just cannot say everything, She has stated this a million times. But she is giving us a preview of what will come out will prove there existence.

      You got to give her credit for that, not to many seem to do this.

    2. The DNA will only prove the possible existence of a primate that there is no current match for in the DNA database. It will not prove their existence. For that to happen, you need 1) A live sample, 2) A body, 3) A large portion of a body. DNA evidence is absence of any one of the three is only the start.

      Also, just because the paper may be published, it still will have to stand up to scrutiny by the scientific community. Publication does not validate her results. All publication will do is present her theory, and the peer review will confirm that she used a true scientific method to achieve those results.

    3. Doesn't the peer review occur _before_ the paper is published?

    4. yes the review is done before publishing only wish original poster was informed instead of just spouting out what he feels is needed for this paper to be published

    5. Reread the post. Publication will occur following peer review, it's just a function of the sentence structure that they don't follow in that particular statement. The point of the message is that existence will not be proven on DNA evidence solely. You have to have a body, a large portion of a body, or a live specimen.

  10. This is a quote from Robert Lindsay in a January 29th article from this website in regard to Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA Study and Josh Gates Destination Truth Yeti hair sample.

    "We have not been able to verify this rumor, but we have heard from several people that the Ketchum study also includes purported Yeti hair gathered by Josh Gates, apparently in Bhutan. We just heard it from someone very close to the study, so we think it is good.

    The Yeti hair tested as no known animal, not human, unknown primate. Not only that, but the Yeti sample was actually close to the nearly 100 Bigfoot samples. So not only do Yetis exist, but they are closely related to Bigfoots. Some of us have always thought that Yetis were real, but lately, there has been a lot of skeptical research pouring cold water on the theory. The Wikipedia article on the subject says Yetis do not exist, and they are mythical."

    So according to the FB post that no Yeti hairs were included, it looks like Robert Lindsay's report got it wrong, that in fact this study has NOTHING to do with The Destination truth Yeti hair

    1. Thought I heard the Yeti sample tested as goat?

    2. It originally test as an "Unknown DNA sequence" That is why I excited when ROBERT LINDSAY wrote that the Ketchum study included the DT Yeti hair that was further tested to reveal that the hair was no known animal, not human, unknown primate.

      So obviously ROBERT LINDSAY's rumor turned out to be not true at all.

      So that now brings me to wonder to ask if any further testing was ever done of the Yeti hair?

    3. Nope, my rumor is true all right. Ketchum is speaking in half truths. She is right in a sense, but wrong in another. The Yeti sample was tested and this was the result: no known animal, not human, unknown primate. Not only that, but it's close to Bigfoot. Now whether or not it will be in the study is another matter.

      She's speaking in half truths and not exactly being forthright, but that's been the case forever with this slippery fish of a woman.

    4. Most of what I wrote is right, but it might not be in the study. She's not being forthright, that's what you guys don't get.

  11. Anon, 01:20. Oh? You know something about the DNA samples in the Ketchum lab? If not, you're just one of those naysayers that basically know squat about what's going on, thus acting on personal philosophy. I guess some people just don't like to be proven wrong, as they're about to be now. DNA comes from somewhere, so if this DNA study shows it's a primate and unknown but human and unknown, then you have proof of the Sasquatch. There's always a beginning to every discovery, here it's the DNA which by the way is a body essentially. It may not be the big huge critter carcus on a slab disbeliving doubters crave to see, almost religiously like a circus freak show, but here's the thing; if there's genuine DNA that DNA has a host somewhere, so it actually is proof of Sasquatch. A body turning up sometime somehow somewhere therefore is inevitable, the proof in form of tissue will already be there, so left moaning will be the new laughing stock lunatic fringe.

    1. OK, since you are apparently the keeper of all things DNA, name one species in zoological taxonomy that has been proven to exist on the basis of DNA only.

    2. I should add, just because you have DNA from a primate doesn't mean that it is exclusively Sasquatch. All it means is that it is NOT DNA from a species recorded in the database. That is the ONLY conclusion that can be drawn, period. You have an unknown North American Primate. Sasquatch, maybe. Mutant Howler Monkey, maybe. Chimpanzee Hybrid, maybe. Reptilian Human Hybrid, maybe. One data point is not a trend.

  12. I wonder what Melba thinks of Melissa's Bigfoot photo.

  13. Nice job Damian, You seen to come up with some very interesting news all the time. Dr. Ketchum really did not say much, at least nothing we have not already heard, but I'm sure she said as much as she can.
    She must feel like a child on Christmas Eve, only the Eve goes on for months. I'm not sure how the scientific community will accept all this, but I have a feeling it will vindicate what most of us have known for a long time. Here's hoping it happens soon.


    1. Well said, Alpha, and your comment helped me realize what it must be like for Melba living with this knowledge but can't talk about it, nor defend her science or tell us her results.
      One again, None of this would have happened without the boots on the ground researchers who collected and brought in the evidence. I sincerely hope that their contribution will be acknowledged.

  14. "Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer" in three meaningless email questions determines Dr. Ketchumn is "not only a gracious human being, but a very classy lady." She suggested Damien her answers here, showing "what a truly genuine person she is."

    Damian also writes, "Just to inform everyone else, Dr. Ketchum will not be taking any other questions at this time."

    Which he swallows, as smooth as the syrupy answers, to continue his tribute.

    I hope other researchers and scientists aren't so easily star struck. I doubt they could be really.

    1. You two anonymous must be Melba Ketchum haters, Do you guys even know that few can even get a interview with her, it says alot about Mr. Bravo' character, that she woudl be willing to answer his questions.I do not even know the guy, but i have seen his other post. Not once has he said anything negative about other people he has written about.

      Now if he only said that about Melba ketchum then it would be bias and look like he is star struck. Maybe idiots like you two are the reason she is hesitant to talk to anyone. Is easy to view thinsg from the outside.

      Everyone is a critic, but do you wake up everyday and do things that might change the world of science. I do not think so!

    2. Anon, from which "meaningless" article did you draw your conclusion? Was it a direct written or verbal conversation? Possibly an inflammatory one? Maybe a personal history? Or are you simply jumping to negative conclusions out of impatience or fear of her results? If you had actually read any of her recent correspondence, you would not likely have made those statements and have seen corroboration of Damien's statements. I can see no basis for your bias/angst. Both Dr. K and Sally responded to my questions through their PR site very thoughtfully and respectfully.
      David from the PAC/NW

    3. Try this for another view.

      Can Bigfoot Believers spell Moody Scholar?


      Anon at 4:27 only pointed out that the article reads like a fan letter.

      It's why Dr. Ketchum, as one mad Anon above said, "rarely grants
      interviews," except to guys like Bigfoot believer Damian.

      Which does not say a lot, "about his character," as the Anon thinks, but only his adoring opinions.

      Bigfooters are said to jump to conclusions, overblown statements, or ribald accusations.

      The first poster pointed that out, and the Bigfooter responses poured on confirmation.

    4. @Another Believer - Bravo!! I thoroughly agree with you!!

  15. She will have the techno document full of jargon released to the journal, but will she release an easily understandable version for us non scientists can read about and understand what she published?
    That would be so cool!

    1. I would hope that she would do this, as I doubt there are many geneticist on this forum or any others. Cool Indeed!


    2. Dr. Ketchum responded to that very question on her professional Facebook account.
      She said that there is an easily understood synopsis at the end of the paper explaining what the molecular biology results means in simpler terms for us non-scientists.
      I'm really looking forward to reading the synopsis because I know *nothing* about molecular biology..

  16. I think the real questions should start with the primer set that should be a real hoot.

    Honestly I can not wait for that argument and the soft tail answers.

  17. 1. "You are welcome to post pre-submission versions or the original submitted version of the manuscript on a personal blog, a collaborative wiki or a preprint server at any time (but not subsequent pre-accept versions that evolve due to the editorial process)."---Nature, pre-publicity policy.

    2. "embargo" is imposed ON THE PRESS. Not on the authors.

    But don't let these facts bother you. Just continue to believe blindly what you are being fed.

  18. Thanks for another good article Damian. Although Dr. Ketchum didn't give any new information, it was nice to read a post that wasn't based on second hand rumors or guesses.
    You were able to interact directly with her, and I appreciate you going to the source.
    It's also good to see Dr. Ketchum communicating more with the public.

    1. SasquaiNation, Thank you always the voice of reason and objectivity. I appreciate your comments.

    2. I also appreciate SasuaiNtions comments along with yours Blondie. Where did you get the name Blondie. It always reminds me of "The Good the Bad, and the Ugly). Maybe because I am such a huge Clint Eastwood fan.


  19. Ketchum is a fraud. Note the period at the end of that sentence. Not saying the evidence she has receieved is fraudulent, but Ketchum's work is. If anyone has evidence to send somewhere, I beg you - find somewhere other than Ketchum.

    1. That's right Dr. ketchum has just spent the better part of three years on trying to unravel the most prolific find of the 21st century and what have you done with your life?. I also have done far less, but fault I can not find. Thank God this woman (when no man had the balls to to go forth) has a bigger set than you and I seem to have.


    2. You are just wrong with your statement. Dr. Ketchum is not a fraud.
      Why do you think that?
      I've have been privileged to be a member of her FB community. She is a Ph.D degree scientist.
      Her work is legitimate and soon she will be famous due to this research that documents the BF species.

    3. She does not have a PhD. She has a DVM. This may not sound like an important difference, but it is. While scientists spend their entire graduate careers learning how to conduct research, vets spend their graduate studies learning about animal health. Do you consider physicians research scientists? Work in genetic diagnostics for domestic animals doesn't make you a scientist either. You don't think the lab tech at your county forensic lab is a scientist, do you? A quick search of her publication history reveals very little experience in proper science.

      I'm sure some of you are going to view this as a mean ad hominem attack. That's not my point at all. I'm trying to get across the idea that the technical ability to generate preliminary data (this is mostly access to equipment; most bench work differs little from following a cookbook) is quite different from the ability to properly plan and execute a study like this. More importantly, it's miles away from the skills required to properly analyze and interpret the data (it would take a lot more than just blasting against Genbank to get published). By not talking about the methods at all (which could go a long way to addressing concerns), these people are only opening themselves up to this kind of criticism. I wouldn't question Dr. Ketchum's competence if she has a solid publication record in related fields (or any scientific fields for that matter), but a few buried spots on a handful of multi-author horse genetics papers isn't too convincing. Also, trust me on this: even though it's not supposed to work this way, the first thing any editor or reviewer seeing this paper will do is say "who the heck are these people?"

    4. Sasquatchery....

      Dr. Melba Ketchum is not a fraud...she is a stubborn Moody Scholar, Texas Aggie DVM, and court recognized expert witness.

      Sally Ramey is not a fraud, she and I worked on Bio-Tech and Non-Profit Foundation projects in the past.

      Myself and others are proud to have assisted Melba Ketchum, Sally Ramey, David Paulides et al in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.

      We continue to assist, enable, facilitate and network with bona fide, respectful observational NO KILL researchers and habituators...much to the chagrin of the PRO-KILL thuggery.

      BTW...to my anonymous detractors...According to Mike McClain, the owner of the Alabama BF Forum, I remain a member in good standing and was never banned.

      live and let live...

      Steve Summar

    5. Regarding Sally Ramey...

      Sally never lived on the Carter farm, when Janice was gravely ill and destitute, Sally intervened when no one else would or could.

      She took Janice and her daughter under her wing providing food, shelter, medical attention and financial aid.

      Sally walks the walk...folks.

      live and let live...

      Steve Summar

  20. Word, Dog. Also, I find that it's skeptics always too quick to jump to conclusions. After all it's bigfooters that already know the beings exist, it's the skeptics that are off the course here and always have been. Scientists put up the facade of an explorer who'd love the idea of another big primate discovery, yet like Lloyd Pye says, they clearly prefer the status quo.

  21. Same prattle we've been hearing for quite some time now.

    I WANT to believe in Dr. Ketchum and her study, but the longer this goes on, the more it seems like more smoke and mirrors.

    Please prove me wrong.

    1. I would have to agree with you. This whole thing is a media circus. However, I would hope that everything is on the up and up, but she has been dishonest on how the peer review process works and also dishonest on the disclosure process.

      I noticed that she has been using the name of Josh Gates and Destination Truth to shamelessly promote her work. Others like Robert Lindsay has been doing the same thing. She posted the 1 comment on this blog which is a question about Josh Gates and Destination Truth Yeti hair to her FB page with out answering the question not commenting on it.

      In the end is what you will have is her releasing a paper on her own website that you will have to buy.

  22. Go to Ketchums FB page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Melba-Ketchum/359075637446173

    This is the question she has sitting there:

    Are the DNA test results being spoken of from the Josh Gates Destination Truth Yeti hair? Or is this paper of hers about other hair samples other than the DT sample?

    Why do this, all she had to do was to put just a link to this article. Answer: More shameless publicity. The very least Ketchum could do is answer that question one way or the other once and for all. Why wont she do it. Answer: she wants people to believe that this is the Josh Gates study when in fact that is not the case.

    Other researcher and scientists who have been through the peer review process have commented on how it works and have stated that Ketchum is flat out being deceptive with regard to the "Gag Order" and the process does NOT work the way she has she has described.

    This has been going on for months now and I am now starting to believe that there is something very wrong here.

    1. Can someone post links to some of Dr Ketchum's other scientific research? I'd like to see some evidence of a legitimate history on her before I determine if I think she's legit. I've seen other "causes" usurped by those only interested in furthering their own careers, not truly caring about the cause. Things like Bigfoot tend to attract a lot of self-serving attention-seekers.

  23. I don't get these guys. Hello. She knows. Okay? She knows Sasquatches exist. Think about that again, the woman actually knows through her study. So what are you complaining about. Shut up already. Then ask if you think she'll just sit on that knowledge and scientific fact forever, of course she won't. But the point you're not listening to, is you don't know how it works that all the wheels set in motion to present the discovery the best possible way. The correct scientific way. A few years ago everybody thought it'd take 30 years still to prove the existence, now it could actually be very near and suddenly there's no patience anymore. You decide, a few years of study finishing up now opposed to continuing not knowing for decades.

  24. Quote: "The DNA will only prove the possible existence of a primate that there is no current match for in the DNA database. It will not prove their existence. For that to happen, you need 1) A live sample, 2) A body, 3) A large portion of a body. DNA evidence is absence of any one of the three is only the start.

    Also, just because the paper may be published, it still will have to stand up to scrutiny by the scientific community. Publication does not validate her results. All publication will do is present her theory, and the peer review will confirm that she used a true scientific method to achieve those results."

    So, do we have to suspect the existence of Denisova Hominin? Because there are no "bodies or large portions of bodies" found.

  25. I admit; my point of view may be wrong. But some people say dna proof isn't enough. This is so ridiculous in my opinion.

  26. Exactly, it sends people to Death Row even without a body so in a sense DNA is a body, technically speaking it's even the whole body. If the DNA stands up so to speak, then the host of where that DNA came from is out there i.e. existing. And once we've established that fact, the rest eventually will surface some day. The proven existence of that humanlike species we call Sasquatch it will be already now. And if there's even more different ones than this one species, it'll be just one of those proven real, but bottom line is DNA shall definitely 100% clear it as real. Or not. But Ketchum says it will and already has, so that I trust. Plus, I'm guessing peers have agreed and verified it by now.

  27. This entire thing reeks of fraud. Mark my words, she will produce "evidence" as bogus as Biscadis Georgia bigfoot.

  28. Her story is about as dumb as the Hovey Hoax photo.

  29. What I just love about internet is that we will all be able to come back here one day and look at these comments. Unfortunately, those who claim that "Her story is dumb" and that DNA of an Unknown North American Primate is not proof of existance of an Unknown North American Primate, are all anonymous. Maybe that's because they are not truly sure this is a fraud. They are just scared. Scare turns into hate. Hate can't help being communicated. And that communication can's help being irrational. And here it is.
    By the way, it's actually not a "story" at all. If your mind works in stories, that's fine, even helpful if reality is too complicated or sucks for you most of the time.
    As for the Unknown North American Primate, they call that Sasquatch or Bigfoot last time I checked.

    Oh, I'm anonymous, too. Sorry about that. But, you see, I did't call anybody a liar.

  30. It's not like she's someone with nothing to loose, or is trying to slide it through the cracks ofthe MSM with her own theory,samples,etc... It's not just Dr. K ,their is other professionals that are in the thick of it who also pushed their chips in. It's not behavior you see from people with the credentials she has. Think of the ramifications of her hoaxing this, she did DNA work for the police, that either helped put guilty people in jail or keep innocent people out of jail. Think of the can of worms that would be opened over cases she was involved in.
    One thing that bothers me about this is the lack of professional courtesy by some on and outside the forum that have professional back grounds themselves, you would think they would at least give her some time and a chance to follow through before tearing her down.

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