More Photos From London, Oregon Of The "most significant footprint find in the last 40 years" [Bigfoot Tracks]

Part of the London, Ore. trackway at sunrise

Thom Powell (Author of Shady Neighbors), Cliff Barackman (co-host Finding Bigfoot), and Guy Edward ( has been doing a great job keeping us updated on the recent London, Oregon trackways discovery. Over 120 sequential sasquatch prints were found alongside a reservoir near Weyerhauser-London Road south of Eugene. Cliff Barackman says this could be the most significant findings of Bigfoot tracks to date.

Guy Edwards recently posted some photos on his website View the slide below:

Beth Heikkenin (l.), Toby Johnson, and Guy Edwards casting tracks at night in a rainstorm

Lifting out the last cast the next morning.

The only two casts that have been cleaned so far are these two that were broken in transport and are being repaired.

Photo of the original track taken by Max Roy

At sunrise, Toby Johnson compares his stride to the track casts

The result a long night's work


  1. I'm glad news is trickling in about this. Cliff said it would a few days ago and he is good to his word. Do not know how much more help Cliff will be as they start filming season three today.

    Finally we have something significant that is happening now.


    1. This in my opinion is just another case of bigfootery oneupmanship.

      "I have a DNA report coming out"
      "I have a photo as significant as P/G film"
      "I have a set of 122 BF tracks"

      PPl please open your eyes to the modern snake oil salesman's pitch.

    2. boy, it sure didn't take long for the trolls to come out.

    3. a good dog can track a scent weeks later. i d second that approach. any dermal ridges? is Meldrum involved? his presence might give the thing some plausibility.

  2. This appears to be the most signifcant thing I have seen since venturing into this subject about two months ago. I look forward to more on this.

    1. First off I find this as interesting as the rest of you, but just because the title of the article usese the words "most significant" doesn't make it so. Great, they got some more tracks. So why not get a reputable tracker and follow said tracks? How about you collect the only kind of evidence that will ever be deemed real and collect a specimen. If you had a dog follow the trail and it ended at a roadside or a parking lot then you have a definitive answer. If the scent trail dies off in the middle of nowhere then you have a stronger case for the trail being real. And if you find the big guy then you just made the "most significant" biological discovery of the century. I like Cliffs work, but it seems more and more that there is no money in actually finding Bigfoot. John

    2. John, the title says "most significant footprint find".
      I understand your point of view, but 122 tracks does qualify as significant.

    3. I am the Anon at 3:05, and I agree with you John. I did not realize I used the same description as the heading did. A full search of the area would be nice, but possibly not feasible. Thanks to SasquaiNation for understanding my drift. It does not prove anything, but is still cool in its own right.

    4. Yeah John, there's now way a person could leave 14" prints in soft mud!..And as far as using dogs to follow the spoor. Everybody knows that hounds can't track BF!...LOL

    5. I don't get you skeptics. I would have to say that by the time they got there the scent trail would have been long gone. No tracking dog could find the bigfoots after several days. The BFs are probably 100 miles from there by that time. So there was no point. Scent trails don't last days. I feel it is significant in that it's the best recorded long distance track. There was a skeptic a couple of months ago named lord baron bear claw that posted on this site and claimed there has never been a long distance track way ever found. Boy was he just proven wrong!

      Think of it this way. Notice on the photo of Toby Johnson trying to stretch out to match the step stride? See how he can't match it?

      Lets assume for a sec that this is a hoax that someone left out in the middle of nowhere in some forest for someone to find. Why would someone do that, not knowing if anyone would find it?

      Again lets assume that it's a hoax. Lets assume that you wanted to go out and create a hoax like this. How would you create a giant FLEXIBLE footprint that would strap to your shoes. They would have to be flexible so that it looks like real articulated feet left the tracks? Again lets assume that you somehow created flexible hoaxing feet that are not simple sculpted boards of wood. How would you create the HUGE foot strides??? How??? If the strides were within human stride lengths I would say that it's a hoax, but a stride shown as long as the above photo??? That's not possible! Ok, maybe someone attached flexible feet to a set of stilts and walked through the mud that long distance, and didn't once fall down and leave evidence of their foul play?

      If you can produce a video of yourself successfully creating a long set of hoax tracks in mud using flexible fake feet attached to stilts to recreate such huge foot strides then I will accept the skeptics claims that bigfoot is a hoax.

      Chad, a believer in the unknown.

    6. Chad, I never said it was a hoax. I'm saying it really has very little "significance" as a piece of evidence. I'm no skeptic, I just think that for a piece of evidence to be considered significant it should actually be evidence that proves existence. I believe and have had my own experiences, but if I were the initial person who found these tracks I certainly wouldn't take the time to get someone to make casts of all of them. I would probably just piss myself a little, suck it up and immediately call a tracker. Please read a persons whole post before you make assumptions. No need for the defensive. I don't doubt the tracks could be real. But I also think it is a bit wishful to not even consider that they could have been hoaxed. It might not be completely relevant, but I am 6' 4" and my foot is a size 14. It could be done I think by someone being just four inches taller than me I think. Once again, I don't doubt the possibility that the tracks are real, I just think when you deal in absolutes, like "this footprint is absolute proof of the existence of Sasquatch", then you might be pulling at straws. We, as the members of this community, often forget that it is not others of the Bigfooting world we need to prove existence to. If conservation of the species is the goal then it is the other 99% of the world, who don't believe, that your goal should be convincing. As a believer, it is a very cool find. Significant? Not really, or our government would have been drafting new protective legislation after the Bluff Creak incident. To me significant will be a body, because no one will pass legislation on what is widely regarded as a mythical creature by the majority of our world population, without a specimen. I think the DNA project is a step in the right direction, but even that could still blow up in a million different directions. What if other scientists won't support the findings simply for fear of gaining a bad reputation? Sorry, got off topic, but hopefully I made you think. If you head blindly in one direction in the dark, eventually you're going to hit a wall. John

    7. John, you seem like an intelligent chap. Do you think that the Govt. (or maybe just wildlife agencies, at first) is completely unwilling to grant protection based on an "if, then" statement? I keep bringing this up, but the county I live in has been given a lawful protected status based on the language, "Whereas-if such a creature does exist, it is inadequately protected by law and in immediate danger of harm or death". It's only a minor precedent, but exists nonetheless.
      I have been working on making an irrefutable case that it is either illegal or irresponsable to harm or harass a Sasquatch, based on existing rules/laws and interpretations. I don't think the "end all proof" will have to come first. There is a lot of applicable legislation and precedent already in place... Even without an exact taxonomical description. I just had to make myself stop looking at blurry pictures. LOL!
      I'd be interested in your two cents. (maybe Shawn can get the two anon's together)
      David from the PAC/NW

    8. David, thats very interesting. What county and state are you referring to? Does this legislation apply directly to Bigfoot, or are they just speaking in a broad sense about as of yet undiscovered species?
      I probably need to clarify that I am not the type of person who wants to see a Sasquatch in the zoo or mounted on some wall. But I do believe that if the DNA project comes out with the results we are all hoping for that before any Federal legislation is drafted the government will want to run their own study. They may even ask for more samples. They may send in their own people to try to track a specimen down. All that being said, if protection of the species means turning away lobbyists whose business interests rely on the destruction of these habitats, we may just see this study dismissed outright. With so much inside trading going on within our own congress such legislation might be against their own interest as well. Might be the best reason you could have for voting a straight Democratic ticket. Lol.
      My point is I believe in protecting the species, I just think we are going about it wrong. We can assume because of the range of sightings over this country that there are at least a thousand individuals. I know that's a huge leap in logic but I personally believe there could be as many as five-thousand, spread out as overlapping families revolving around an alpha. Once again I do realize I am making huge assumptions here based on sighting reports. My point is that taking one individual so that possibly thousands can be saved and protected seems only logical. No bloodlust intended.
      David, I would love to read a write up of the case you have been building for the illegality and irresponsibility of harming or harassing one of these animals. Maybe you could get Shawn to post it, it would be of interest to me. But we have heard often of regional laws on these creatures and my thoughts are that even in a place that had one of these laws, a person probably would not be arrested as long as they were not in the act of doing something else illegal. A perfect example is Smeja's story, if true. I don't think there is a court in the world who would convict a man for shooting a creature he could not explain while he was feeling threatened, if that is what happened. Who knows. I just come from the viewpoint that I may know there is something in those deep woods across this country but they will never be protected until their existence is proven by governmental standard, not my own. I hope I don't sound dickish to you because I am not trying to send any feelings of ill will in my words. I just think its good to look at a subject you are passionate about from an opposing viewpoint if you really want to achieve your goal. Especially with this subject where the opposing viewpoint is the majority. John

    9. No offense taken, John. I actually appreciate that type of feedback. I need to understand as many points of view as I can. It's Whatcom County, WA Resolution No. 92-047 "Declaring Whatcom County a Sasquatch Protection and Refuge Area". I keep searching for the findings that lead to this resolution... No luck on the Interwebz. The document is easy to find with the Res #. Has something to do with the Mt. Baker National Forest, but that's about all I know.
      David from the PAC/NW

    10. That is really cool! I had no idea one of these actually existed. Always thought it was just some kind of rumor. Now it's just getting the rest of the country to sign on and informing them it is on the books. I realize the last statement is a bit crazy, but maybe the DNA project could in effect do just that. That's really cool that even one county has this on the books David. John

    11. The reason for such an explosion in bigfoot reports over the past several years is primarly due to the advancements in our ability to communicate. (Mainly via internet.) Prior to the year 2000, most people did not have internet in their homes nor were they connected to the World Wide Web.

      People are catching on about this species, and with more information comes wider acceptance. A prime example of this is many of the posters on this site stating that 120 sasquatch tracks isn't a huge find. How many other large lines of tracks have we found in America? (That is documented) I'm sure that there are not enough to classify this find as "average." This supports my theory, we are all spoiled with technology and the means of communicating with everyone. We no longer read the paper to learn. We go to sites like this.

    12. If it proves existence then it's significant. This is just interesting. Just my opinion.

  3. Very exciting. I'm glad that Cliff was in on it. There are only a handful in the BF community I would trust with such a find.

  4. Fabulous find! This is exciting. I agree, Cliff is one of the few 'big names' that I trust.

  5. I agree with everyone above. This is a significant find and I'm glad there are trustworthy names involved in this!

  6. I appreciate the effort to document this trackway. But unless there's hair or scat to go along with them, these tracks are useless, and do nothing to help prove the existence of the SAS!

    1. Disagree. When I walk along a beach I usually don't stop and take a dump or yank clumps of hair out and throw them down.

      If I leave my footprints, this means I was there and an educated anatomist can match the tracks to my shoes through wear marks, pressure points, etc. to prove it was me walking and leaving the tracks.

      If these tracks have scarring, dermal ridging, pressure point flexation, etc .then it is a very significant find and probably not a hoax. The scarring, flexation, dermal ridging, etc. is very, very hard to hoax. (Regardless of what people who have no clue about evidence collection may say.)


  7. Great some real news, finally lets move on to things that are more important.

  8. Cliff has a write up on his site North American for those seeking more info. now. A documentary will be made. Several other Bigfooters are also investigating.


  9. There is also a good write up of the entire events from discovery to casting and a zaping experience at


  10. I am gald they immediately put forth this find. With what is going on lately it is refreshen to not feed us the bigfoot kool-aid in relation to this find. I have never doubted the4 bigfeet existance. My problem has always been the kooks involved, but Cliff on face-value seems more honest than 99% of the rest of them (I like that chick on FB as well).

  11. This is awesome. Indeed significant. No way in hell could anyone fake this. Exciting times in the world of Bigfoot this is.......

  12. Fasano should pop in anytime now, declaring them a hoax perpetrated out of jealousy to his guys finding the tracks in florida.
    Then tomorrow he will come back and say that Biscardi told him the prints were real and he will apologize and say that there will be no more of this behaviour from him...

  13. What I find amusing is that a creature with hips wider than a sumo wrestler would make inline tracks... Also, I would like an explanation why this would be an evolutionary advantage.... it's a fake, and a funny one

    1. Am I missing something when I see someone like Shaq. Oneal running down the basketball court. A few years back Shaq was well over 400lbs. He didn't waddle or clumsily trot along. What about NFL O and D lineman who are well in access of 360lbs and wearing gear?

      I would assume that a creature such as a sasquatch would be a little more nimble footed than any of the before mentioned.

      I base this hypothethesis on the environment they live in. "Adapt and overcome."


  14. cliff is just another moneywanker follower and fanatic anything he says i take with a ton of salt not just a grain. the problem with cliff is that everything he can't explain is bigfoot related watch the show and see how many times he agrees with moneywanker, i don't believe he has ever disagreed with him on any aspect of the hunt.

  15. Funny people still have so much trust in their Government. LOL It's precisely because of this they can get away with anything they want, including undoubtedly knowing of this species already. Had Bigfoot been an ape, they'd not be sitting quietly by waiting for a wild beast to potentially harm people, we'd all know the facts in the textbooks already if so. So, they must not only know the species exists but also know it's a species that will not harm us, thus basically ignoring and accepting their own citizens being ridiculed when witnessing a Bigfoot. Knowing this, they simply put on the disinterested face or fitting mask if you will, since the only other thing the species could be is something human or near-human. And therein lies the answer both Government and science alike aren't on the level, but prefer the status quo. Call that a conspiracy theory if you want, but keep in mind America's one of the most religious countries in the Western world, so in other words the nation already believes in fairtytales as long as it's just that. Think about it for a second, they believe in the make-believe already and it's official even ! Him, God, you know. But at the same time not acknowledging fields like this subject, now you tell me who the hypocrites are.

  16. I actually watch finding of the best comedy shows on TV......

    Witness: I went down to the dock and there was a Bigfoot flying a kite...

    BFRO member: Well it's a well documented fact that Bigfoots fly kites....

  17. Wow anonymous, You saw a TV show and now know Cliff intimately. Everyone knows that everything on TV is they way it is.

    Here's a news flash. The performers on the show don't edit the the show. The producers push their own agenda...that is selling more episodes. What you see and hear the stars say is frequently taken out of context and used to support the show not necessarily the views of the talent.

    It's easy to sit at your pc and throw virtual feces but what do you really know? Know first hand...from your own experience.

    The find is significant as a track find only. It's only significant because it was documented as well as it was, by as many as a dozen bigfooter, who do not appear on TV, or write books etc. and have no agenda other than their 'zealous' interest in bigfoot.

    So Trolls keep on bashing. It only proves your ignorance of the subject.

  18. I will stand by my first account of the tracks of 160 + Not all tracks are made in the mud some are in vegetation such as the tall grass that is around the shoreline I am not an expert Bigfoot researcher but I do know that all the information was not gathered
    No 1 seems to ask the right questions Nor did they seem to be interested in ones that they cannot show and tell I feel that he is safe if this is the way they do the research . he does not need to be put in a zoo. I know he's real

  19. Bigfoot is all over Oregon,
    My wife and I had a near encounter and have footage of footprints.If we had funding we would search every day

    video footage

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