Listen to BFRO's Ron Boles On MNBRT Radio Tonight At 6PM [Radio Shows]

Tonight, Abe will be interviewing Ron Boles. Ron is a contributor and an administrator for the BFRO's Facebook page.

Read the show's description below:

Ron Boles to the show.  Ron is a BFRO Investigator for the Ozarks.

He attended Ark.2007 Exp. Texas 2008 Exp. Oklahoma 2008 Tenn.2009,011,and 012 Okl. 09
(spring) Colo.09 Exp. Organizer for Missouri 2008 ,09&10. Okla. 09 (Fall).

He had his first experience in June 1988. . He is a student of nature and conservation. A contributor and Administrator for BFRO Facebook page. He has studied the history and behavior of Bigfoot. Taking the experiences of his peers and applying that as well as common sense to his research. Tonight we have a audio clip & a YouTube link that Ron is going to share with us.
The show starts tonight at 6PM PST. Click here to listen.


  1. Im sorry. but after watching FB I just cannot in any way support the BFRO organization. I do not know your leader, but some of the stuff on his show has just made us believe he is not a person I would ever want to support. He may be a nice guy but comes across as arrogant and a know-it-all. Just our take from what we have seen on that show. Yes, we both are done watching FB as well. Tired of the constant fighting (why they dislike that female I will never understand) between those involved as well.

    1. BFRO = fraud,scam,etc...
      19 or so Expeditions coming up, with an average participation of 20 people paying an average of $400. Do the math. Then look at what they provide on these "expeditions".

  2. Can't trust a man posing himself as "The Great White Hunter" in a professional press release photo. Shaky, shaky. shaky.

  3. Proffesional? My wife took it with a dig. camera we bought at Wal-Mart. LOL!!!
    Ron Boles

    1. Our group is from Missouri and I would bet that we have more active sites then most people in Mo. We just dont share it with everyone !

  4. You sucked my dick too hard last night.


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