Language of Sasquatch: The Douglas Dialect

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Damian Bravo, a Sasquatch believer. You can join Damian's group Sasquatch Lives? on Facebook and the group's official page at

Many encounters from North American Indian stories and legends, have told of the possibility that Sasquatch has a language. Some even believe that 'Crypto' linguist are somehow qualified to recognize or decipher supposed utterances between Hominoids like Sasquatch and Humans. To others, the High Sierra recordings are the most important scientific evidence of vocal speech capability that is available to date. This was even researched in the 1976 documentary, “The Mysterious Monster” which the scientist at the time analyzed the recordings and determined them to be authentic vocalizations of and an unknown source. They believed whatever was on the recording had advanced breath control while communicating to another in the same recording.

Other reports of two or more Sasquatch appearing to communicate have been documented in other parts of the world; a man named Alexander Katayev experienced an event in 1974. While camping in the wilderness of Russia he came across and observed two large hairy Sasquatch like creatures, a male and female eating. The creatures seemed to be speaking in a dialect that sounded as if a person who is hearing impaired was speaking. The amazing part about his story is that the female seemed to respond with laughter, in reaction to what the male was saying and used some type of hand movements to communicate also.

In another strange account reported to me by a man named Dennis Wilkes which I wrote about in one of my articles called “A Man’s Encounter with A Juvenile Bigfoot Asking for Fish” which was posted here on Bigfoot Evidence.

He reported this story:

“In the early 90’ a new campground opened, I remember I had so many happy days when I would go there if I had the time. One Saturday I got there real early. You could hear the campers getting up and around fixing bacon and eggs, The smells of the first of the day and you could hear people talking, just enjoying being out. People were talking about how the new campgrounds were so nice and how great it was to be there. Well I was there for the strangest thing that could happen that day, two Sasquatch came walking around this cove on the lake, when they got to the middle of the parking area, near the boat ramp, They stop and turn to each other and the bigger one that was close to 7 feet tall, begins to gesture and it looked like it was talking to the little one”.
“It was a language with sounds and hand movements, the bigger one would point to the little one and then it would gesture and point down. I could see the bigger one wave its hands flat fingers in a fan. It was apparent to me that the little one, was the one to check out the area and that’s exactly what he did. He walked to the boat launch, tried the hand rails by pulling and jerking on them and then walked on top of the peer. The peer moved under his feet, he looked at it like he was testing it out and began to jump on it. Nearby, stood a mother and her two kids, the little one walk over to them and began to talk or try to talk to the woman. She looked at him and I could see in her face that she knew something was not right. She looked at her kids and I heard her say, “come on it’s time to go. The amazing part, she looked at him and politely said, have a nice day sir, and walked around him and left him on the peer. Then the little Sasquatch walked back to the parking lot and towards me”.
“Now this is cool part, he stops behind me and begins to try to talk to, I could tell this was a young Sasquatch, he had black hair all over his body like fur, but his face was human like and it had thin facial hairs, he looked like a young boy with facial hair, but its skin was a pale gray color. As he was trying to talk to me I was looking him over and he started to back up and turn away I looked at him and I said “NO FISH”. After I said this, the little one just stood there, and just then I felt a pull on my reel and caught a fish. As I started to pull the fish in and take it off the hook, the little one gets closer to me and begins to try talking again. I have no idea what he is saying; it was like quick mumbles and chatters, and because of this i got distracted, by mistake I dropped the fish in the water. All of a sudden it became upset,” Oh hell, I then understood what he was trying to say… it wanted the fish!”

It’s interesting to see that a possible Hominoid that could be a reflection of our own origins, has possibly develop its own manner of communication and maybe even have the capacity to interact and learn a dialect the North American Indians called the “Douglas Dialect”. As related by a native British Columbian named Ken Kristian, he made reference to an area called Port Douglas located at the north end of Harrison lake BC and the Salish Indians that lived there at the time.

The Douglas first Nation as they are known and another group called the Chechalis also populated this region. This connection to the possibility of Sasquatch having the capacity to speak could also be related to the numerous sightings that have been reported over several decades in this area. This can give us the possibility that these are not just rumors but actually come from stories passed down through generations. Even though the two distinct groups the Douglas and the Checalis spoke different dialects many expert believe the two languages are very similar to each other due to the geographical location of both groups.

In other stories of North American Indians the creatures even traded with the Indians. There are related stories that one person from the tribe would meet with them to trade many different types of goods. Sasquatch has always been spoken of by some researchers as a being of high intelligence, capable of doing amazing things and to so many, this may be the reasons why the creature is so elusive in a habitat that can give it a greater advantage then any human could possibly imagine.

In a more recent story from 2004, told by a woman that became friends with a Sasquatch family in a Salmon River Ranch in Idaho when she was a small child, she tells that they communicated with one another and remembers them as friends.

Many strange events and sightings have been occurring since the Patterson-Gimlin film. In the past four decades many video and even television programs have shown or depicted and encounter with a creature that could possibly be Sasquatch. The hypothesis on its capabilities and its intelligence may one day be discovered and studied, but until they are considered and proven to exist we can only guess their actual intelligence.

It would be amazing or even scary to imagine that one day; we could communicate with a species different then our own. We cannot foresee such events to occur, but with so many recorded encounters and the stories of North American Indian folklore and legends its possible abilities to communicate cannot be ignored. These stories could one day give us insight to this Hominoids existence from the early stages of men populating North America.


  1. the fish story is why this subject will never be taken seriously. why even bother posting such nonsense? where are all the other witnesses to back this guy up? nothing but a true fish story. while i do believe they communicate with each other in their own language they certainly wouldn't be seen doing this .

  2. Yeah it does sound fishy (excuse the pun). But it was a good story :)

    Maybe someday this won't sound so far-fetched?

  3. Okay I missed the part that this story came out of Russia. If this is an Alma story instead of a Sasquatch story then it does not sound so far fetched after all.

    Alma's are thought to be Neandrathal's and we know that Neanderthals were at least smart enough to do cave paintings. We also know that they left the same footprints that Sasquatch make.

    I am not aying that this story sounds "True" but now it seems less far-fetched.

  4. Hmm.. i wonder if bigfeet and indian dudes got it on

  5. I want to slap myself for reading it all. :-(

  6. No mention of Albert Ostman or Seraphine Long this time?

  7. I remember reading something like this: "What is wrong with you white people?" This quote is from A Native American who spoke about the existence of the Sasquatch.

  8. Good job Damian, I think some are missing the point, your trying to convey, the possible abilty for a speices like this if it exist, havinng some type of abiltity to communicate, people forget that languages started very simple in the early creation of humans. Nice to see something to think about.

    If many believe Bigfoot exist and is a very smart creature, why would it not have a type of language to communicate, anything is possible, even primates make certain sounds and gestures that mean somethin, Even if its primitive, its still a type of language if you really think about it.

    1. The problem is this though. Without any evidence for the existence of Bigfoot, any type of behavior description, taxonomy and/or language is just fantasy. There are no Bigfoot experts. There are no Bigfoot language experts. They can't even take a decent photo of the dadburn thing, yet they can supposedly decipher their language? Doesn't this all sound like con artist malarky?

  9. I wonder if they do woodknocking sex, like phone sex.

  10. The trolls on the site have become almost intolerable,and i don'tmean differring opinions.
    I agree reliance on this one unknown switness story is too tenuous to jump to English speaking Sass. Would it help if Loren Colman had put this account in a book?
    This is why witness accounts are disbelieved, there is nothing but the veracity of the witness. Once removed from the witness it is hearsay.
    Too bad, gentle story, but improbable in comparison to literally thousands of other encounters.

  11. maybe there is something to it.remember in justins story the bigfoot came out waving its arms slowly walking towards justin and his friend.then of course justin shot him(dirt bag). the squash coulda been trying to say I'm not gonna hurt you please don't shoot I have children.which is a shame I feel sorry for the sasquatch being shot at.I have a feeling these creatures are way smarter than were given them credit for.

  12. Or they could be a demonic creature related to the nephillim, in which case they should all be shot. There is no greater source of written history and giants are often mentioned, usualley all bad.


    We have know idea, friendly or mean, good or evil.
    we simply have no idea what we are dealing with.

    I have a feeling there way more evil than we realize, look at all the fighting and arguing they cause all over the net.

    They SEEM to have an OTHER-WORLDLY ability to evade us, DON'T THEY!!!

    1. Please tell me you are kidding Leon? Cuz, man, that was some crazy sounding shit there. And that's saying something for a bigfoot blog!!

    2. Leon, they can't be any more evil than humans are. Personally, I think they have individual personalities - most seem to be nice guys, some are cranky. And if BF hunters keep harassing them, they are bound to get crankier.

    3. Reports are some are aggressive & some Not.
      Sometimes one must use a firearm to protect themselves. Some have heard
      Gibberish talk - I believe that they do have a language- of their own . I am Amazed they do not Know how to Start A
      Fire 🔥 I’ve never heard of anyone witnessing this. Most have seen them Eat food Raw …

  13. I am amazed at how close-minded and utterly dismissive so many of you are. If you do some research you will discover that there are numerous accounts of the hairy folk speaking some kind of language. You certainly don't have to "believe", but at least have an open mind.

    1. Many encounters have told of them speaking in an unknown language from Albert Ostman to Ron Morehead and Alan Berry. The best expert of course is R. Scott Nelson (who has been discussed in length) who is convinced of a communicative language of phenomes, but is not decipherable at this time. I would imagine it might change from region to region as is the case in First Nations languages on this continent. In any case it has been observed enough times that it has become somewhat accepted.


  14. No, you are confusing an "open mind" with "agreeing with your position" I could just as easily counter that you are closed minded about my position.... It's a logical fallacy.

    The truth is, there is no empirical evidence to back up anything in regards to Bigfoot. there's plenty of promises, but how many have turned out to as promised? None, that's how many.

    I love the idea of Bigfoot being real, yet, I as I am a firm believer in critical thinking I can say that there is,as yet, no credible evidence pointing to Bigfoot as being real. Thus, any Bigfoot language talk is merely conjecture and speculation. Generally by hucksters who want your money.

    1. Okay this is what drives me nuts about you skeptics. "The truth is, there is no empirical evidence to back up anything in regards to Bigfoot." listen close YOU CAN NOT FAKE TRACKS. Not to a trained tracker.

      Yes you can go make your self a fake cut-out of some sort. But it will not fool a tracker. Even if you were to take a real Bigfoot plaster casting and use it as a stamp in the dirt, the tale tale signs will be there that it is a faked footprint.

      There is more to a footprint than a shape. You are dealing with where wight is distributed, where the foot articulates and where the solid and fatty area's are. I mean dermal ridges aside... Making the shape alone is impossible.

      In fact you can't even make a fake foot that would that would do all the things a real foot could do. If you could, you would not be running around blowing your time on a hoax. In stead you would be making millions of dollars in the robotics-tech or medical fields. Why would you waste your time?

      Now you have the dermal ridges themselves.. basically fingerprints. This is not "empirical evidence"?

      A woman cries "Rape" and identifies a man. Weather he is innocent or guilty an investigation gets started and he must clear his name. Someone witnesses a murder and now the murderer is a suspect and an investigation gets started. No witness but murderers fingerprints are found. Investigation gets started and he is a suspect. A guys phone is tapped and he is heard confessing to a crime. It may not be admissible in court depending on the country but the ball gets rolling. Oh and this kicker that will certainly condemn of clear someone of a crime.. DNA.

      Sasquatch has all of the above. even if the DNA cannot be identified that alone should tell mainstream science that something is out there even if it isn't Bigfoot.

      My theory is that at the top of the chain you have not believers, but "Knower's" Maybe the government, maybe mainstream science. They are using skeptics as tools who are laughing at believers or anyone open-minded enough to consider the possibility.

      The day Sasquatch gets proven as solid fact, is the day a whole new can of worms is opened.

    2. There have been many foot cast made , and of course sightings. And Abduction’s - also some have talked of our Governments involvement .
      Military squad going in and killing rouge Bigfoot’s that are yes Aggressive
      Wiped them out !!!!

  15. I love how people come on these forms and read the stories and then claim how they are not true. It never ceases to amaze me that people can come to a conclusion when they've never seen or interacted with a Sasquatch. Who are they to judge what a Sasquatch would do. The reactions seen here are precisely the reason why people don't come forth with their stores.

  16. Is this an actual photo of her an the Juvenal Sasquatch ?

  17. In looking for logging camps, lost mines and caves in the North Cascade mountains I have had several encounters with "something" or "someone" in only two locations. They appear to be human and one 6 ft and one 7 ft tall. I am 6 ft 2" and weigh 245 lbs, former special forces and state trooper. What I heard sounded like them speaking in Callam or Salish native American. I have been as close as 20 ft from them however a year ago there were three others with me and we all observed a 7 ft and a 6ft about 100 ft from us. I called them with Callam native American language and the 6 ft female came closer to me until the others I was with did not want them closer so I stopped. I have had this female follow me previously and I have left food for them. I have never been threatened by them and my rule is "If they don't bother me, I don't bother them". They seem very curious of me for some unknown reason. I am always armed with a handgun (leg drop holster) but they don't seem to mind that for some reason. This has been going on since 2009?? I have located several interesting lost mines in the area and old cabin ruins and will continue my pursuits. I never believed these "people" existed. My native American friends tell me they are a lost tribe called "stick Indians" some of their anchestors traded with sometimes??

    1. Amazing I believe you 👍🏻 Take photos please

  18. Big foot not possible cause i dont see a place whre human existence is not possible anywhere in earth. We are everywhere and no evidence of 1 single big foot still alive...

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