David Claerr Prepares For Ketchum Bigfoot DNA Study By Laying Groundwork For Analysis Of The Structural Anatomy Of Bigfoot

By now, it's clear to most Bigfooters that there is a significant scientific effort taking place that will finally help prove the existence of Bigfoot.

Last July, David Claerr, who writes for Yahoo! Contributor Network wrote an article titled "Bigfoot DNA Report Analysis 2011: Preliminary Results in Mitochondrial DNA Indicate an Astonishing Relationship Between Sasquatch and Humans." It's an interesting article that talked about the recent mtDNA findings and how it should be examined in the standard process of peer review.

In his latest article published on Yahoo! titled, "Bigfoot Bones: Sasquatch Skeleton Analyzed and Compared to Human," David positions himself accordingly in regards to the DNA study by constructing a visual 3D model of Sasquatch based on "current evidence both from still and video imagery as well as what may be the actual physical, skeletal remains that have been exhumed in a few rare instances." According to David, he had the privilege to view an actual "physical hominin skeletal remains of indeterminate origin that are in excess of 8 feet tall.":

As this article is being written, there are some significant scientific efforts that are expected to be published in the near future, particularly in the field of DNA sequencing, that will provide exceptional evidence to help verify the existence of Sasquatch, or Bigfoot as a living species of hominid. Preliminary reports suggest that they may be more closely related to humans than any of the other "great apes" or higher primates, such as chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas or orangutans, perhaps even related to or within the direct lineage that resulted in modern humans.

The purpose of this essay is to lay a groundwork for analysis of the structural anatomy, based on current evidence both from still and video imagery as well as what may be the actual physical, skeletal remains that have been exhumed in a few rare instances. (The important images accompanying this article can be enlarged by selecting them by the numbers and then clicking directly on the image.) In the course of both my independent and collaborative research of the Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, I have had the very good fortune to have access to collected evidence that is not available to the general public, and that in some cases, is either copyright protected or, by request, kept confidential pending further verification. I have been able to perform analysis and biometric measurements of cast prints of hands and feet as well as photometric measurements of skeletal remains of images from still and video footage. In addition, in my travels, I have been able to view physical hominin skeletal remains of indeterminate origin that are in excess of 8 feet tall.

Here's an image of the 3D skeletal model of Bigfoot compared to a human by Dave:

As a visual presentation to aggregate the findings of this research, I have constructed 3d models based on the measurements of skeletal proportions, individual bone lengths, and the angles and incidences of bone joints and linkage. (Note that the images are copyright protected and may not be reproduced online or in print without express permission.) The comparisons in the four images above are of a 5'7" human to an 8" Sasquatch

From a strictly scientific viewpoint, these 3D reconstructions are hypothetical until an actual type specimen is ether verified from existing remains or from a newly discovered specimen. However, I do believe they are generally accurate, and future research will likely either confirm, supplant, or refine in the structural details. Since this article is intended for the general public, the following observations are a general summation of my research.

A Sasquatch or Bigfoot apparently has a similar bone structure to humans. The main differences are in the proportions. The Sasquatch is much larger and more robust than the average human. The skeletal frame is also both wider and deeper than the human, by proportion. Individual bones have proportionately wider ends at the joints, and a larger diameter per length. The bone wall thickness is also likely greater in proportion to that of humans. Some other notable differences, reported by innumerable eyewitnesses, are the apparent length of the arms, the high set of the shoulders, short neck and the coned cranium or skull.

You can read the full article by clicking here.


  1. For those of you that can't see the image it's here.. http://voices.yahoo.com/bigfoot-bones-sasquatch-skeleton-analyzed-compared-10977262.html

  2. "...I have been able to view physical hominin skeletal remains of indeterminate origin that are in excess of 8 feet tall..."

    Where? This needs more follow up.
    A real skeleton is still needed for actual comparison.

    new anonymous

  3. LOL dreamers.

    Bigfoot is a fantasy. Enjoy paying to see this documentary.

    1. Go away. Read a dungeons and dragons site. Let us fantasize w/o interruption.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meganthropus

    "...Extreme claims

    Meganthropus has been the target of numerous extreme claims, none of which are supported by peer-reviewed authors. Perhaps the most common claim is that Meganthropus was a giant, one unsourced claim put them at 9 feet (2.75 m) tall and 750 to 1000 pounds (340 to 450 kilograms). No exact height has been published in a peer reviewed journal recently, and none give an indication of Meganthropus being substantially larger than H. erectus.

    There have been some rumors of post-cranial material, but those have either yet to be published or belong to H. erectus. Reports, most if not all apparently from Australian researcher Rex Gilroy, place Meganthropus in Australia, and attach it to giant tools and even modern day reports. However, almost all paleoanthropologists maintain that Meganthropus is only known from central Java. In a similar way, some Bigfoot researchers claim that Bigfoot is a modern Meganthropus."

    This may be what is referred to in the article.

    new anony

  5. Let's clarify something about peer-reviewed papers: peer review is not approval of the findings. If you look at the Schon Scandal, Jan Hendrik Schon, the young darling of physics in late 90's, wrote a prodigous number of peer reviewed papers on condensed matter physics. His results were startling, but they could not be repeated by other researchers. Eventually, it was found that he was creating data to match his hypotheses, and the same data had been recycled and repackaged in a number of his papers justifying other theories. Does this mean the DNA evidence currently under peer review has been fudged. Doubtful. It also doesn't mean that a peer review is a stamp of approval of the data. The real test will come when the article is published and read by the scientific community. There will scrutiny from people within the field, and additional DNA testing of the samples. Once the paper and the DNA has survived a broader review, then you can take it to the bank, so to speak.

  6. Agree, "peer review" has shown to be lacking time after time in many disciplines.

    new anony

    1. Wrong. peer review has rarely shown to be in your words "lacking" time after time. Where did you get this info. Usually peer review turns away much more research then it accepts.

  7. I don't care how big Bigfoot's bones are. It doesn't matter. I will ruin a Bigfoot if I ever lay eyes on one. I'll slaughter it for fame, power... and for food. I'll eat the f*ck out of Bigfoot. I'm serious.

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    7. Survival of the fittest includes 'timid' creatures. If BF is clever enough to stay hidden all this time it is fit. Also, this chain is insulting to this site. If we can't even discuss skeletons without fighting and name-calling, maybe there is a reason that nobody can find bigfoot.
      PS. I am writing this from the standpoint you are being serious. If this is meant to be funny I am sorry.

    8. Im half native american, i assure all u skeptics sasquatch does exist, finding bigfoot show bunch of idiots!!! sasquatch
      is laughing at the show, bobo is the biggest jerk...... they have no clue! hes been seen by my ancestors in the 1800s
      Leave him b, he is a protector of the earth and forest.

  8. Laughing so much that was brilliant thank you

  9. That coned head is filled with a jelly that helps Bigfoot navigate through dense forests. The jelly cone also warns of danger when there are humans and/or cameras around.

    It's an evolutionary adaptation to keep this enormous creature safe and free from being photographed (which, BTW, would lead to people finding it.)

    Humans lost their jelly cones eons ago but Bigfoots retain theirs because they need them to steer clear of man and pictures.

  10. they also use sonic pulse rays as a last defence if humans get too close, another evolutionary adaptation

    1. That's also true. All this will become clear in Dr. Ketchum's report, the Erickson Project and the Bigfoot mural I'm drawing on the walls of my padded cell with a crayon between my toes.

  11. This is one of my favorite BFers..in fact I shouldn't even use that term, it's too disrespectful by associaition! And I can't comment on the contents yet..but amazing Shawn how you relieve any need to Google around. I am down to this and a few old favorites....

    1. David Claerr is one of the best of the best of the BF'ers. Not only is he a great mind, but he's also a decent person - not an arrogant jerk like most all big BF'ers. Claerr is actually a nice guy, which is weird in Bigfootery. He's basically in the wrong field.

  12. Lindsay if this is your real picture? I mean for real the one on your profile? You look like a ferret dude....tell us the truth were you bullied in high-school? especially in the bathroom after school...did you get manhandled? Is that what all this lashing out is about? This whole sasquatch thing? Is bigfoot like a way to quell the pain..to escape for you? Escape the trauma...of..well being the hopeless dumbass that you truly are in real life. Is this what you do on your days off when you are not at your job washing dishes at Taco Bell? Tell us the truth!!

    1. hi anonymous,
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  13. David Claerr's skeletal rendition is quite impressive and begs to be studied. However if their are indeed bones and skeletal remains he has seen, why have these not surfaced. For gosh sake, we would be so much further along in Bigfootology if this was the case, I would think.


    1. Imagine a perfect world where everyone shared what they saw...

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    3. Roy, this is also no place for that kind of language. Here is a good guide. If you think you have to put an asterisk in a word to get it past the scanners, maybe it isn't appropriate. If you are trying to trick the scanners you know you are saying things you shouldn't. Also, please do not insult me for saying what you know is true. If you didn't think it is true you would leave the words whole.

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  16. For everyones information there is NO "significant scientific effort" to prove "bigfoot".

    Bunch of dreamers.

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  18. The Sasquatch torso looks too small here and the legs appear too long, their upper body is much longer than our own species'. They may be a human of some kind but they're shaped more like a great ape, so I'd say these images are not quite correct.

  19. I remember a famous witness account from a group of workers observing a huge Sasquatch from afar, looking at them. When they later went over there to check, it appeared to have been 15 feet tall! Don't know what to make of that story, frankly.

    1. Have you ever seen 7th Voyage of Sinbad? The MFing cyclops in that movie is 15 feet tall.

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    1. Yes, Bigfoot is a type of tall gorilla.

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  22. Something has gone terribly wrong in the comments section. Great article, Shawn! Hope to her more about those remains someday...
    David from the PAC/NW

  23. Reading the comments from the naysayers made me chuckle. Ignorant dumbasses spouting off, not knowing jack-shit about this subject. There are no non-believers in bigfoot. Just uneducated skeptics. Or uneducated, gun-toting morons. Non-believers, to be properly put in your place, email me at billlee26@yahoo.com and I'll silence your stupid ass once and for all.

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