Canada Grants Permission to Bigfoot Hoaxer to Hunt Sasquatch

"We want to thank Canada for their support." - Rick Dyer

Thanks to "Phantoms and Monsters" and Paul for the heads-up.

Georgia-Bigfoot-body-in-a-freezer hoaxer and the "best Bigfoot tracker in the world", Rick Dyer claims he received permission from the Canadian government to kill a Bigfoot and bring it back to America. Dyer says his team has permission to hunt for anything that has not been discovered yet in the Great White North. "In redneck terms, it's basically saying we have permission to bring firearms into Canada to hunt for Bigfoot," said Dyer.

In the YouTube comments section, one Canadian wrote this comment:

if we catch you in our bush..your gonna get a real canadian red neck ass kicking you wont soon forget...kill in your own fucking country...asshole
- hunkyguyjake
Rick Dyer's response to the commenter above:
RDYER678 (Rick Dyer)


  1. Oh, Dyer, this time do it right. Bring back an XXL suit.

  2. So who is this Canadian official that is authorizing your hunt for bigfoot here in Canada? Give some names so that your story can be verified!

  3. Why can't he just do it here in America. Besides if he is close enough to shoot one he is close enough to film one

  4. Way to call the BS on this one Kokanee! I like you!

  5. It's a real shame! If BF's are hominids, then it's nothing less than murder.
    The other part is, us Canadians have heard nothing but how bad Americans are at hunting. They shoot at anything that moves. Here's a good story for you, right from where I used to live in a little mountain called Grande Cache, Alberta.

    Here is just one of many bad american hunting stories we keep hearing about. Two american brothers came to Northern Alberta to go hunting. They hired two guides on ATVs. While hunting the two ATVs split up. A while later one brother saw something moving up on a hill and shot at it from the back of the moving ATV. When he got up to the kill... Hang on a sec here, drum role please...
    It was his brother.

    Oh yeah Horses get shot at often by americans because they are mistaken here for moose.

    I hope to god this guy does not come up here hunting because he will shoot at anything on two feet and kill another person. (That person might just turn out to be his brother, friend or a person that just happens to be a BF) That's right I think BFs are people too.

    Chad :(

  6. @ Autumnforest
    LOL, Nice

    Let him try to stumble around Canada with
    that permit he made on word pad,You have everything to do to get deer antlers
    across the border.

    before the end of the 1st day there, you would
    here on the news,

    News Alert !
    "A Bigfoot Tracker from the U.S.A., while looking for a bigfoot to harvest and take back to the states with him, was involved in a grave mishap today,He was shot 18 times with 4 different caliber weapons,Locals found that the
    gunshots were self inflicted, an no investigation is needed." as clapping and cheering is herd in the background.

  7. The evening shade has arrived at my upstate retreat. I began my night hoots just moments ago and I'm already getting responses in the form of wood knocks, hurled rocks and call backs in a strange Mongol-like language. These crafty beasts may have caught wind of my steaming hot cocoa and freshly opened sleeve of Fig Newtons.

    What's this? Something is forcing its weight against my door. Egad, the beast is upon me! Yeargh...

  8. Is this guy serious?The Canadian government does NOT work that way.You can't just wander across the border carrying a truck full of rifles and guns so you can kill Bigfoot.
    Which politician would give the okay to such an absurd thing?Give a name Rick.
    Each Province has it's own law regarding wildlife unless it's a Federal Park,then the Canadian government has jurisdiction.
    Having said that,You are not allowed to hunt in any Park,regardless of where it is in Canada.
    Which Province is he going to?
    If I see his lame ass in Alberta,I will kick it all the way back to the border.
    The guy was a hoaxer,is a hoaxer and will always be a hoaxer.
    He can keep his redneck ass in his own country.

    If someone screams in the forest and nobody is there to hear it,does it make a sound?
    This guy pisses me off.

    1. Don't worry. Canada doesn't allow entry to people with criminal records; at least not without special circumstances.

      Nobody is less special than Rick Dyer.

  9. Hey Sasquai Nation. This guy will put out anything just to be heard. It his contrived way of feeling important. As a kid growing up in Midland, Michigan, we had a large neighborhood and there were two or three of these type of characters as kids. We use to have a lot of laughs around the dinner table at night when I would tell my parents of the new tall tale of the day told to me by so and so. It was funny then, but then I turned twelve.

    I am officially boycotting anything to do with Rick Dyer, because it is attention he craves, and he ain't going to get it here?

    Chuck in Ohio

  10. It is amazing, something so easily verified as NOT...

  11. if this is true why the fuck has canda agreed ???????

    1. What the hell....You believe anything that comes out of the liars mouth. Every word is a lie. But he keeps on getting attention. Just what he wants. Its cause his mom breast fed him till he was 9yrs old, dont cha know.

  12. I agree with you Chuck.I had to get it out of my system because it's been building up.
    I will NOT read another article,post or watch a video that has anything to do with this guy.
    Back to my beer.

  13. I will not recommmend this blog to anyone. Shawn has created nothing more than a tabloid magazine which does a huge disservice to the bigfoot community.

    1. QUOTE: Shawn has created nothing more than a tabloid magazine which does a huge disservice to the bigfoot community. UNQUOTE

      Yeah, but look at the traffic the little nerd is generating!

  14. To anonymous above me...
    You can do anything you like recommend or not, it's still a free country, as far as I know.My suggestion, if you don't like it don't read here...It's really very simple.
    I like it because I find things here that are not other places.
    To each his/her own.

  15. I wish someone could get a good clear screenshot of that paper he's holding up?

    I spent a year working in Ottawa in the 80's and I don't think that is an official document???Wouldn't the letterhead be broader. Getting my work visa required a lot of paperwork and I don't remember seeing just the symbol.

  16. like the judge on peoples court said
    " I wouldn't believe you if your tongue came

  17. The music in his video reminds me of that Mickey song (Toni Basil). "Mickey you're so fine, hey Mickey" Hey Rickey, proud of being a dumbass? Ken - Tumwater, WA

  18. How does this joker have a website? He was part of a hoax. Why would anyone believe a word he has to say? What a fool. Get your stupid videos off the web!!!

  19. mabee dyer and todd standing can go out together and hoax a big rescue or better yet mabee the big man will catch them and make back door buddys out of them ha!

  20. I hope that POS comes up here so we can do repeated tree knocks with his head!

  21. What an idiot, a hick in the true sense, I hope he runs into a Sasquatch that'll tear his stupid head off. They'll know he's there anyway, that's why TV shows never get anything either, the minute they sense the intentions they'll flee or attack. These beings aren't animals, why won't we realize that and shake the myth, if it was it'd been found and known by science. They're too humanlike, so killing one's not only insane it's also totally unnecessary with the Ketchum report coming. You can't just hunt these beings for trophies, get real, this Dyer dude thinks he's doing the world a favor. He's not, we already know they exist now, he'd only be doing science a favor if he fell over a cliff or tripped and shot himself. He's clearly doing it for himself to get a kick, but we already have enough gun toting emptyheads in Smeja. I'm beginning to think keeping the existence a secret, though getting more difficult to uphold, is best for the species. Not that I think we can anymore now it's basically confirmed, and Bigfoots won't care either way. They're still there, and proof will come one day regardless.

  22. I know I said I was done with this clown,but I just wanted to leave a message.
    First,I believe Rick is lying.In order for me to prove that,I wrote a message to Environment Canada to get an Official reply regarding this wild claim by Rick Dyer.
    A quote as well as the video link was also sent.
    So Rick,Show us a close up of your document,which by the way wasn't even folded correctly like Official documents are.Yours is folded in half twice like you stuffed in your back pocket.
    Put up or shut up.
    Once I receive a reply,and I will,it will be forwarded directly to Shawn.
    Replies usually take 30 days.I know this because I have often sent questions to my Government and I ALWAYS get a reply.
    Perhaps Rick doesn't come here,so he won't be able to read this.Too bad for him.

  23. To SasquaNation my brother to the North. I appreciate what you are doing, however I would not get my dander ruffled about this character. Instead it is better to focus on the true task we have at hand. I respect you and wish you well

    Chuck in Ohio

  24. Hi Chuck,
    I'm not ruffled anymore.Rick's story is easy to have verified through the Canadian Government so it's not like I went to huge amount of trouble,just a simple letter.
    I'm doing this because hoaxers dupe innocent people who are new to the community and it's not right.
    I can't wait to see the response I get.
    I agree that energy is better spent on the true task,but this needs to be done.
    Take care.

  25. Well done Sasquai nation! Thanks for putting the effort in. It would be great to get some written documentation on this total BS story, put it out there for everyone to see so everyone can make an informed judgment on the guy.

  26. kill something that doesnt exist? Start with your intelligence...or your integrity. I see you in my province ill make a few calls and you will just be remembered as another guy lost in the bush... or maybe one of the feet that wash up on our shores.... stay home ....

  27. @Beer-Man:
    Thanks,it was no trouble.When I do get something,it will go straight to Shawn.I had an after thought.When I do get a reply,I'm going to request that the government response is also sent in a letter on government letterhead.

  28. Rick Dyer coming up here to Canada?

    At last! A good reason to buy a gun.

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