The original uncut Paul Freeman Bigfoot footage from 1994 [Video]

Paul Freeman, 1994
Blue Mountains Washington

The video below from Facebook Find Bigfoot is the original uncut version of the Paul Freeman 1994 Bigfoot footage filmed in the Blue Mountains of Washington. It's considered to be authentic by many Bigfoot investigators and can be viewed in the documentary Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science.

According to experts, the Paul Freeman Bigfoot video is one of the most compelling films in the search for the elusive creature of the forests. Called by some a hoax, and others bona fide proof of the existence of the biped of mythology, it is extremely interesting, to say the least. Some of the reasons for debunking the Freeman film are found in Freeman's own admission that he faked other proof of the reclusive creature. However, this fact alone does not prove that his 1994 Oregon video is not the real thing.

Freeman had previously had a Bigfoot sighting near Walla Walla, Washington on June 10, 1982, and was an ardent hunter for Bigfoot, determined to silence his skeptics. In the 1982 sighting, he described an animal of close to 8 feet tall, with reddish brown hair.

Freeman recorded his famous 1994 footage on Super-8 video, and the less than cutting edge quality has turned some researchers away from the film. But, for that time period, it is as good as most, considering the conditions it was taken in. This film also contains an extremely rare, if not exclusive scene of two Bigfoot together at one time.

Posted originally by BF expert & researcher/author Thom Powell. Freeman is casting four 9" x 4" tracks in Washington state. While the plaster dries he looks for more tracks by a water source, when the large male (4:08) takes three steps across path, crouches and hides for four seconds, peeks then leaves at (4:24). Later it can be seen picking up a young one for two seconds at (5:10) , then is gone. Love how he says. "I always see them when I'm by myself, never see them when anyone else with me... that was pretty good, my heart beatin 40 miles an hour" He does not even think about the importance of this video as he is taking it. 100% genuine. — at Blue Mountains Washington.

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  1. The track in the screen grab suggests hoaxing:


  3. I am no expert, but this is one that feels genuine.

  4. I have seen juvenile Bigfoot tracks and they were similar...wide and flat and grew from 11" to 15" in three years (they appeared same individual through that time) even compared to adults which showed more hourglass shape on one and more human looking on other.I don't think this guy was hoaxing. Notice crow in background marking him? My guess while he was casting they were watching.

  5. When you have lines in the article like,
    "...Freeman's own admission that he faked other proof of the reclusive creature," it certanly calls into question the validity of the footage.

  6. I agree with the above post. I believe that bigfoot exists. It amazes me that known hoaxers like Biscardi and Standing and others can continue to get an audience again and again and again and again and again when it comes to bigfoot. To skeptics/science, it makes us bigfoot believers look like a bunch of gullible, naive fools.

    Personally, I have a one strike and you're out policy when it comes to hoaxers. If you hoax bigfoot evidence, anything you provide in the way of "evidence" afterwards immediately lacks credibility.

    The Freeman footage will only convince those who already believe in the existence of bigfoot. It is useless in supporting the existence of bigfoot to anyone else, especially when it comes from an admitted hoaxer like Freeman.

  7. Hoaxed film by a known hoaxer. Has anyone noticed that the person in the cosume looks down at the ground before taking a step? Typical of someone wearing a monster mask. Sorry but Paul dosent sound that excited to me!

  8. Absolutely a hoax. I needed to see this film. I had seen the typically passed around edited part where you have no point of reference. But, those perfectly clean and neat tracks in a messy area were just too perfect--no sense of this thing pushing off its weight on the tracks. The tracks are directly in front of each other. I have to say, that is a model's walk. Anything upright would not walk with one foot in front of the other directly or it would topple over--unless you are on the runway at Fashion Week. I'm disappointed. The BF film portion looked totally prepared. He was aimed the right way, holding still just for the bit that the BF is shown and then starts shaking again. I'm completely certain that every spidey sense tells me this was a hoax. He seemed like such a nice man too, but even nice people who have witnessed things feel the need to prove it to others and sometimes because you don't run into an event again, you have to make them believe what you already know.


  10. Is bigfoot slow and clumsy and there to be seen by a noisy and huffing and puffing old man just like that? I don't think so. What about all the supposed eyewitness reports that describe a sasquatch turning its entire upper body when it turns to look, while this one turns its head back and forth just like a man. And this from an admitted hoaxer... but no, he wouldn't do it this time? Right...

  11. This isn't significant data, not good enough resolution. What if he collected DNA, say a hair from a tree in the video at that time, and it tested mostly human? Then, do we forgive clumsy jokes, hoaxes, or mis-identifications never redacted of the past, and use the data? It would be utopia, that one-strike rule, but leave little for Shawn to post, or viewers to watch on TV, or several contributors to the upcoming Ketchum DNA study.

  12. I like the footage whether or not its fake or real. It sure beats all the "gillie" suit costume videos that are out there now. Tired of seeing those!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. First let me clear up a few things about this clip. it is being passed around as a "raw" uncut clip and that is not true. This is 2 different clips... I know for sure.. I know and talked to the person who has it and uploaded it. There was a birthday party on the tape after the tracks clip and before the sighting was edited out by the uploader. Another thing is that Freeman did not admit to hoaxing his comments was used out of context to discredit him. I know the full story. The thing is once someone says "he's a hoaxer" it spreads and most do not look into the story at all to see if it is true.

  14. His voice doesn't sound staged. I read somewhere he was alarmed on seeing the second one and left the area because it's face was deformed.

  15. Anonymous said...


    You might want to rethink that.

  16. I always leaned towards it being authentic.Maybe it's because of his surprised reaction.
    It doesn't feel staged.
    I'll likely watch it over and over.I can't help it.

  17. I believe I have busted the PG film.I have 1140 stills I'd be happy to share.
    I have many plausible theories about the video.
    It's heavily spliced as well.
    I think Bob Gimlin owes everyone an explanation.
    I've posted 3 breakdowns.The two part breakdown has the proof....and I never use that word unless there is proof.
    Just remember,you heard it here first.

    AIF-you asked me what I thought of the film.I think you have your answer.

  18. Good costume, but I prefer my fake Bigfeets to walk from left to tight.

  19. This un-cut version adds some legitacy to this film to me.
    I also noticed the crow in the background which may have routed out the BF just ahead.
    Also, Autumn I believe that the BF trackway prints being in direct alignment is a known documented charecteristic for these creatures which futher adds to the legitmacy of the film.

  20. It was spliced because it has been used for news programs and many other programs. You should watch bill munns report on the patterson film.
    I watched your video's trees and leaves in the background not 2 horses...c'mon. It's just a case of Pareidolia.
    Pareidolia - is a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds, the man in the moon or the Moon rabbit, and hearing hidden messages on records played in reverse.

  21. Aonymous-I can't believe you're serious.The horse stands out like a sore thumb and the people are real.
    I have so many stills that I can easily do another break down and include every suspect frame.The individuals are people and not a figment of my imagination.
    If you add in the conflicting stories from Roger and Bob Gimlin,the entire story becomes clear.
    It's a HOAX.
    I thought the film was authentic,now I do not.

  22. "SaquaiNation" - I can't believe YOU ARE serious. I always thought you were pretty level headed but now you seemed to have joined the ranks of those hell bent of proving the PG is a fake (even though you didn't "mean to" - LOL). I watched your "educational" breakdown and laughed at the end when you wrote the video has now been debunked. I saw ALL sorts of things in those stills you posted including an orangutan, a clown, a gigantic 3 legged dog AND Jesus. LOLOLOL No one owes you anything. You need a new "hobby". I agree with Anon above - Pareidolia all the way. Breakdown the Freeman film too in the same way! I need some more LAUGHS!!!

  23. Sorry guys, but this video is a fake you can clearly see the color of the soils are different and fresh. The guy raked the soils so that he could make the fake foot prints. I can tell right away because, I am a professional tracker for the US military.

  24. @Autumnforest You are so uninformed yet so vocal. FYI: Bigfoot tracks do differ from ours in that their prints do almost line up in a straight line. And sometimes tracks do appear to be perfect. It happens. Take off your shoes and walk in wet sand. See for yourself. Try a little research before you declare something a hoax. Like for example, I know nothing about your citing but I think you hoaxed it. There - isn't that fun :)

  25. After recent data surfaced of large humans found in the mounds people sites of north America and the data on gigantopithecus and meganthropus and other large hominids being unearthed one would tend to say the bible was right their were giants in the land. I for one think if there are several sitings in one area these researchers should all band together and stay in those areas until they get proof. Not travel all over listening to reports or howls and etc. If they exsist they are smart and use to avoiding man like all wild things do. Tracking devices put up above the 7 ft level with a sticky backing might help if they get it stuck intheir fur who knows


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