Matt Moneymaker confirms the "Sobe Bomb Bigfoot" is a real sasquatch [Video]

Sobe Bomb Bigfoot
Logan, Utah

In spring 2008, teenagers in a canyon one mile east of Logan, Utah inadvertently taped footage of a Bigfoot hiding behind the trees during the making of a sobe bomb. There was a breakdown of the video by FB/FB confirming the Bigfoot on multiple points including head on shoulders, slope to back, gray on face, and etc.

Last week, the Finding Bigfoot crew went to investigate and Moneymaker recently confirmed via Twitter this morning that it was definitely a Sasquatch.

While #FindingBigfoot in Cache County UT #BFRO got definite return howls in a canyon E of Logan on 11/29. Sobe Bomb is legit! It's a squatch

- Matt Moneymaker via Twitter

Just Skip to 1:46, thats when it happens
Bigfoot is at 1:03

What's a sobe bomb?
A sobe bottle that is filled with gasoline and the cap securely place on the top of the bottle. When placed in a fire pit, the pressure builds up in the bottles while the liquid turns to vapor. When the pressure reaches the point of shooting the cap off in the air the gas vapor lights on fire and explodes with a boom.

Here's the breakdown by FB/FB. They had the original location wrong, but later corrected this on a Facebook post.

"Campfire Bigfoot" Oklahoma, 2008. Posted by Teenagers who upload ATV videos with no other video of this genre. Sasquatch was not noticed until reviewing the explosion at home. Confirms on Consistent color, slope to back and Characteristic rise and fall to step. Pause is seen at 50% speed. Compared to Freeman footage. Bigfoot picks up speed as it heads through trees where white flash of foot is seen.Thanks to facebook/ for this video. One of my favorites.




  1. Looks like some guy in white t-shirt who just woke up from all the yelling and didn't want to get blownup by the gasoline bomb.

  2. LOL - boys camping or blowing stuff up? :) W/o comment on glasses this morning, and I actually don't care that much...but, I wquld not be surprised....why?
    My situation was in a defined campsite, although remote, and I had the distinct impression my BF friends had a long history of vising those grounds..
    enough that I began to refer to them as "Camp Bigfoots.' I think it s a more common phenomenon than even maybe BFers realize..

  3. I'm in agreement with poster #1. Looks to me like a person in a white t-shirt.

  4. Yup. Watch it a few times. The way he gets up and walks away--definitely a dude in a tee. Moneymaker? WTF? Seriously, I'm at the point now with that "tool," that whatever he says, I know it's the opposite. Kind of like Biscardi.

  5. @Kiltmaker LOL I went to your website - to ask you to write a guest post...something on current state of ancient human genomics..LOL...and saw you actually sell Kilts! Lo! :)..but didn't see a direct email to ask that question!

  6. Amazing how when u want to see a bigfoot, it actually looks like one. Then someone sugests its a dude in a t shirt, and now im seeing a dude in a t shirt. 100% not bigfoot.

  7. Has FB/FB ever seen anything that is NOT bigfoot?

  8. The day this is a bigfoot, is the day that Bin Laden will be president in America... This means never

  9. @Alberta lol funny..
    I had a video once of an Elk passing about 80 yards away thru heavy brush.. it was from a particularly exciting trip with lots of Sas activity... my first few views? I saw a Dark and Gray (2) bigfoots! Had the nice dip to gait, etc... LOL Of course, on the fourth or fifth viewing (well maybe 20th)

    I was finally able to see it for what it Elk, whose front was dark and the back-end light and with a gait that just worked...

    LOl so, reviewing the data critically is required!

    Maybe this is a guy in a tee-shirt who was passed out behind the log! still no glasses....:)

    YouTube upload is still limited to 720p isn't it? So, we often don't see what the poster does on computer video files.

  10. I should mention this was pre-dawn video and at distance and standard def...LOL go buy HD cams everyone! With a viewfinder too!

  11. "Matt Moneymaker confirms"? Ha ha ha! That's like one of my students confirming the dog ate their homework.

  12. @apehuman-Videos can be uploaded at 1080 HD on YouTube.I upload all of mine in HD.
    It takes much longer though.One of my videos took about six hours for a 17 minute video,but I prefer HD,and I think others do as well.
    Older used HD cameras are inexpensive as well.

    I don't know about this BF.My conclusion is that it's inconclusive.
    The subject is too far away to make a positive ID and the resolution makes it more difficult to determine who or what was sitting on the couch.

  13. @Sasquai
    followed your link, and wow yes HD 1080...but on my laptop I can't view efficiently as am on wireless server also (rural)...but will check out later in office. So to meet my buffer it runs in 480
    In summer 09 YouTube uploads were I think 380p or something and just beginning to accept .flv files, and a 5M limit.
    Incredible changes, and they have stabilization edit software also on your my video edit page as well now. I am holding out for Sony NEV20 (or is it NEX20) handycam with interchangeable lenses, it will be next spring hopefully, when someone lists used and I may still choke on price.

  14. @apehuman-Yeah, not only sell them, but make them too!! Hence my posting name. If you scroll to the bottom of my site's splash page, you'll see the contact info. Just click the email address, and it will open in your client.
    About this video.....I guess MAtt's passion is coupling with his recent experience there investigating. I sometimes wish he'd be more objective, but his show is on a role, so he needs to be as pro-BF as possible.

  15. @apehuman-Yes,it makes a world of difference in HD.I'm a bit rusty on the camcorder but it will come back to me.
    I'm looking at some dashcams so when I park,I can see if I get spyed on by any Bigfoot.They come in HD too.
    @Kilt Maker-I understand Matt needs to hype it up,but I find his enthusiasm clouds his judgement at times.I'd enjoy his comments more if they were thought out better.

  16. I see a guy in a white T-shirt, too. Part of that is probably power of suggestion because I read your posts. Part of it is the obvious fact this is not a sasquatch. Yet another Vaporsquatch(TM).

    @Kilt Maker

    1) What do Scots wear under their kilts?

    2) If bigfoot turns out to be real (doubtful), how would you get him to buy one of your kilts? Maybe you could sell it as protection for his junk. What must it be like to traipse through the forest unprotected???

  17. How could they not have seen it. It was right in front of them moving. I think it's a person for sure.

  18. @AIF
    1.)Scots wear their shoes and socks under their kilts ;-)

    2.)Well.....I certainly will be investigating kilted when the time comes. I'm kilted everyday...Par the norm for me. As for the big-guy.....It would probably attract him more than pants and be easier for him to do his business out in the bush. What tartan though? Maybe I need to design the Clan Bigfoot's tartan so when they do get ready to order kilts from me, I'll be ready!

  19. Seriously? How can that BFRO guy "confirm" anything with this? From what can be seen, it sure looks much more like a human than a sasquatch. If the BFRO guy can say that this "definitely" is a sasquatch, then he obviously lacks discerment, and it calls into question everything he tries to pass of as being bigfoot.

  20. I believe this was a video of a bigfoot wearing a white t-shirt.

    I also have concluded that the BF woke up from a drunken stuper only to realize that he had been partying with underage kids. BF quickly realized that he may be facing jail time for Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

    Therefore; Bigfoot gets up a quietly slips out of camp before he is arrested. The reason none of the young men act concerned when ol' BF stands up and walks away...they just assume he is going over to a log to take a whiz.

    This is my analysis of the video. It easily explains both theories. 1. Man in white t-shirt. 2. Bigfoot. IT IS BOTH!

  21. I see a guy wearing a white t-shirt and dark pants. When the arm swings back you can see that the figure is wearing a shortsleeve shirt. You can see the difference in color when the bare arm breaks the white of the shirt when the arm swings back. I'd run from a fire too is some young fool put a capped bottle full of gas on a fire. Or, it could be the shine of the flames off the hide of Bigfoot giving the difference in shading. I lean more toward guy in shirt rather than Bigfoot. This film is too grainy. I don't see the face. I don't see the white foot.

  22. Seriously Matt??? Your lack of objectivity really is quite stunning. It is quite obviously a person in a white t-shirt. Are you purposely trying to destroy your credibility??

    1. A person in a white t-shirt eh? You're in no place to talk about other peoples' credibility.

  23. What about the other kid filming, it looks like his camera could also be facing the moving figure?

    Jonah Rainshower.

  24. not a bigfoot
    moneymaker is a fool.

  25. LOL, Matt Moneymaker confirms that it's a legit bigfoot, huh? LOL, Just because he heard howls in the same state? That's freaking hilarious!
    Hey Matt, When you find something on your own on bigfoot, then we'll start taking your confirmations seriously. lol
    One of the kids decides that he's too close to the fire, so he changes position. Oh, he's the guy wearing a white T-shirt hiding behind the log. lol
    Jeez, I guess that this is sort of like the deer in the field, that him and Bozo were looking at in the field, and Bozo said, "Oh my gawd!" or something to that effect, then the video cuts. LOL

    Crazy stupid, Matt!
    You're right up there with Tom!


  26. I dunno...the movement seems kind of furtive. Seems to me that if it was a person his friends would have known he was there and would have teased him and that he would have said something, too.

  27. I confirm it as a Tranny with VD. Prove me wrong. You see how that works, Moneymaker? This is one is hovering around the same gayness level as the Marble Mountain footage.

  28. It was debunked as one of the kids taking a crap behind the pile of brush. The kid was also filmed as he walked around the trees to the left of the frame, and then walked towards the camera. This last section was not shown on Finding Bigfoot. This speaks loudly as to MM abilities.

  29. why they think they can simply annoince 'this is legit' is befond me. That could quite easily be a person,one of the group or cother spot etc etc et....there is nothing BF about it! are they this desperate to prove BF is real to themselves that they start talking themsleves into this being a BF. nonsense,nobody can say thats anything other than a guy standing up and walking away. all talk about rise fall,slopping head-simply dont see it. if you show me a film odf a 8ft 800pd apeman id say'yep they exist' until then this is dumb

    ps does anyone listen to fb/fb anymore anyway. these people get hoaxed by kids and think rickdyer[who treats footery as a personel joke and cash making scheme],they are just making their last money off the back of Bf by being associated with Dyer. Obviously he has no BF body or film of him shooting, why do Americans allow themselves to be taken in like this

  30. Words cannot express how thankful I am for your help.

  31. The detailed and easy-to-understand explanation in this article really helped me grasp the issue comprehensively. It's a great read


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