Skeptics are listening to claims that Bigfoot is real and that proof is on the horizon

"The stage is set for Big Bigfoot news. Now produce it."
- Sharon Hill

With the recent rumors regarding Dr. Melba Ketchum and her Bigfoot DNA study currently under peer review, skeptics are keeping a watchful eye on the type of evidence some Bigfoot groups claimed to have. Sharon Hill of DoubtfulNews has written an article raising questions about some of these claims:

The stage is set for Big Bigfoot news. Now produce it.

Bigfoot proponents have said in the past that if only organized efforts to find evidence were undertaken, proof of the creatures’ existence could be secured. Apparently, several of these projects became a reality and sources have claimed big Bigfoot news is on the way. Yet, one project has mysteriously disappeared recently. Other video evidence has been “removed”. What’s the deal with these promises of evidence that fail to deliver?

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  1. Parnassus butts in BFF to ask questions and then goes back to his bros at JFRE and takes a dump

  2. I know people who never believed in BF--categorized it with Nessie and Chupie, but with all the talk recently, they've started reading BF sites and following Cryptomundo and wonder if there might be something to those "fairy tales." It's weird to have them talk about "what if?" when they used to say, "no way." I'm not sure what turned for them except perhaps popular belief. BF, as you might have noticed, is everywhere now with more "evidence" tapes and reports coming out right and left in all the states. He's becoming the new "in" guy. I hope he can handle the fame. Look what it did to our other reality stars....

  3. If you want to be taken seriously, STOP making outrageous claims as to DNA evidence, photographic and video evidence, first person 'evidence' and wandering in the woods "hooting" evidence...

    PRESENT your proof to an accredited, bona fide institution. STOP dealing with the Doctor no one has ever heard of, institutes peopled with 'true believers', TV shows where 4 idiots bumble around the forest at night, and most of all, STOP with the Bigfoot "experts". There are NONE.

    Take your DNA evidence to the National Human Genome Research Institute or a nationally known University, take your video evidence to a nationally known center or institute that understands and deals with video and keep your blurry bear pictures in your camera.

    Most of all, STOP drinking the Bigfoot Kool-Aid until someone actually presents evidence that can't be disputed because its been subjected to unbiased, scientific study.

  4. What skeptics? This skeptic. Over the course of my life, I've given even rather ridiculous claims a fair shake. Skeptics can be open-minded, but the difference between us and those who will believe all kinds of silly things is our ability to think critically, even when it comes to something we WANT to believe.

    Who wouldn't want bigfoot to be an actual creature?

    Now that the huge bigfoot project seems to be falling apart, I've lost a lot of the interest I once had. The various projects coalescing into a "coming soon!" release date of "BIGFOOT IS REAL!" are a combination of hoaxers, true believers and bumbling crazies. At least, that's what it looks like right now.

    I would love to be proven wrong.

  5. I pray that Willian Jevnings isn't right about the Government Coverup of Bigfoot news because he said in a recent interview on Bigfoot Tonight Radio that this information would never come out and it looks like he may just be right ! What if Erickson financial problems are do to his promotion of his Documentary on Bigfootbeing real. Well his Bigfoot Quest site, promoting Bigfoot as real is gone, let's see if Erickson's money problems all of sudden get better.....

  6. As I read it, William Jevnings has been at this bigfoot stuff for 38 years without providing any proof of the existence of bigfoot. It seems convenient that government (governments?) are now responcible for this. You have only to look to the right of where these posts are to see what bigfoot evidence is. If you are convinced that this is proof then so be it but to cover your tracks for lack of real, testable evidence by claiming a coverup is nonsense. Is there a chip in all bigfoots that sends a signal to some government official when they die that tells them to come and dispose of the body before the rest of us find out about it?

  7. It's funny how these skeptics are on this forum. If you don't believe go somewhere else. Plain and simple. As for those of us who have seen them we don't need a DNA study or official university to tell us otherwise. I don't give a damn about proving it to you or anybody else. I do this for me because I enjoy it and I love to be in the woods. This is a good forum and Shawn just puts out the info good or bad and that's why I follow it. I agree it sucks about all these "projects" going belly up and just a little longer but what can you do. All I'm saying is if you don't believe why are you on here? I don't believe in ghosts or UFO's because I haven't seen any. Not saying they aren't true. But I have to see something to believe it. But I don't go on those forums and discredited and belittle those people for their beliefs so why do you.

  8. I like seeing critical thinkers post on these types of sites. The "I saw what I saw and you can't tell me differently" people are a real detriment and a bore to listen to. In fact, it would be best if these types refrain from writing anything. It just undermines the credibility of anyone involved in the discussion. There's a huge difference between "believing" and giving the BF phenomenon a fair shake based on available evidence. If you have seen or think you have seen a bigfoot, great, good for you, but it doesn't give you the authority to moderate who can and should participate in the BF community.

    There are people who could be considered "Experts" in bigfoot research. These are people who spend a lot more time in the field than the average person. You don't need a degree or official recognition to be considered an "expert" by your peers. Is there a "Expert Hunter's Doctoral Program" one must take and complete before being considered a master hunter or a hunting expert? Of course not!

  9. No I understand skeptic it was just to much to drink and rambling. Sorry

  10. There can be different kinds of sceptics there is those who base there scepticism on evidence which indicates it is appropriate in a particular circumstance. Too many who base their evidence on scepticism, they come to the bigfoot phenomen with the view there is no such thing. Thus in normal circumstance they cannot accept any evidence that is not overwhelming such as a bigfoot body signed sealed and delivered by an unimpeachable official of the current orthodoxy. Meanwhile labelling themselves sceptics and proudly admit to having a monopoly on critical thinking and objectivity

    Many of us come to a belief in bigfoot by critical thinking and objectivity. Scepticism as a method of getting to the probable truth is self defeating and prefers any explanation which means they do not have to take bigfoot seriously.

    If james above has properly seen bigoot it is quite reasonable for him to accept its reality and any witness statement he and others care to make is valid evidence. Absolute proof is obviously more elusive and its absence in the case of bigfoot doesnt mean it should not be considered as real or highly probable.

    It now seems by means of DNA testing that hugh progress will be made to the accumulated evidence for collection of evidence for bigfoot when this is delivered. Whatever that is, even if not the ultimate result looked for it is almost certain to add to current knowlege. My hunch is this might include human like but COLD ADAPTED mtdna

  11. So you guys want to take evidence to our beloved scientists. The same kooks that believe in circular reasoning when it comes to dating fossils ect..? The same kooks who just classified a pizza as a vegetable. Take their grant moneys away and then see what they say...

  12. I'm seeking genetic evidence to prove that Melba Ketchum exists. Until then, rumors of her existence will have to remain just that -- rumors.

    1. But the difference is that you can easily get genetic evidence and subsequently prove that Ketchum does exist. Just saying.

  13. To me, skepticism is an outcome of atheism and is one of the worst illnesses on the earth.

  14. They aren't so much "listening" as they are trying to set up a potential transition for themselves while still remaining skeptical. That way, if the sasquatch is proven real, they can gracefully move into that mindset without looking like jerks, while if no proof is forthcoming, they can say "I told you so." It's completely self-serving, I assure you. They just don't want to look like idiots regardless of what the outcome is, so they are setting that up now.


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