Recent Sighting Report: Cab driver's near collision with Bigfoot in Pender County, North Carolina

Hwy 53
"The highway was dotted with houses and farms along this route between Burgaw and Jacksonville. This particular section of road was void of and houses and businesses and was a perfect place for wildlife to cross." - BFRO

This sighting happened on August 15, 2011 in Pender County, North Carolina. The witness was driving South of Harris Road on Highway 53 when a bipedal creature bolted in front of his cab. The creature was less than 50 feet away he said. The investigator said the witness was "very shaken by the experience."

According to the BFRO investigator, stories of Bigfoot crossing this highway goes back years. The stories date back to the Fifties with the Creature known as “Ole Stinky” who frequented the swamps of Brunswick County just an hour southeast of this roadside crossing.

In the report, the witness noted several other occurrences around his home during the same time frame. The witness' home is about 5 miles from his sighting.

Report # 30438 (Class A)
Submitted by witness on Friday, August 19, 2011.
Near collision during an early morning sighting on Hwy. 53 outside Jacksonville

YEAR: 2011
SEASON: Summer
MONTH: August
DATE: 15th
STATE: North Carolina
COUNTY: Pender County
NEAREST TOWN: Jacksonville

Monday (Aug. 15, 2011) morning approximately 5:10am, I was traveling North towards Jacksonville, NC at 50 miles per hour. The road was straight for 3 miles, it has forest on one side and swamp land on the other side. Approximately 5/10ths of a mile South of Harris Road on Highway 53 a bipedal creature bolted in front of my cab less than 50 feet ahead of the cab's headlights. The creature was at a dead run and didn't look towards the cab. The creature was a crimson rusty brown in color with matted hair, very muscular, 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall and approximately 400lbs. The arm facing the cab headlights hung knee length or longer, had human hands and black fingernails. The creature took about 4 strides to cross the highway. It seemed to have no neck just a head; sort of like a caveman. Another vehicle was behind me and traveling very fast, but slowed way down when the creature appeared on the road. That car was approximately 1/10th of a mile behind my cab.

Around the same time frame I've had several occurances at my residence. There were 2 large Forest fires in the area. The first incident was in my garden. I have 2 massive garden areas, a mulch pile and compost piles. My mulch piles were ripped apart. The fish carcasses were gone and the melons had been bitten in half. All his vegetables in the garden were stomped down. I found 2 sets of foot prints; one was very large and its stride was approximately the size of a large man in full splits. The second set was smaller the size of a girls foot print. One week ago my dog; a rat terrier, started growling and its hair was bristled and would not come out of the closet. This happened once before. My dog has chased bears, but whatever was outside scared my dog. Last Wednesday (Aug. 10, 2011) my dog woke me up again growling and in the closet and at that point something bumped against the trailer and shook it. Also the next morning (Aug. 11, 2011) I noticed my 5gal. barrel had been moved from the front of the trailer to the backyard. It had water and shrimp hulls in it. It had been dumped out and the shrimp hulls were gone. Not just turned over, but like some one picked it up and turned it over. This Wednesday (Aug. 71, 2011) at approximately 2:30am I had gotten home from work and stepped out on his porch to smoke a cigarette and heard something howling for about 10 seconds; then stop and start up again. It went from low to high pitch howl. The sound came from the NW direction the same direction I saw the creature on Monday. One more thing; I have several deer, an opossum and raccoons that would visit my yard, but in the last 2 to 3 weeks all the animals have disappeared; especially the deer. No one around his area have seen any deer lately. No road kills; nothing.

OTHER WITNESSES: Don't know who they were, but a vehicle was traveling behind my cab at that time and they slowed down so they most likely saw this creature also.
OTHER STORIES: Yes, and there has been a report submitted. It was within a couple of days of this one in Burgaw, NC in Pender Co. approximately 12 miles southwest from my residence and sighting.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Early morning. Hot and humid. Just about dawn. Still somewhat dark.
ENVIRONMENT: Forest and swamp land

Click here to read the full report on the BFRO's website.


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