Squatch-D TV visits "Adirondack" Jack

Watch Steve Kulls and Vermont Bigfoot researcher Frank Siecienski interview with "Adirondack" Jack Leach. Jack takes the investigators to the lower central Adirondack State Park where he had his encounter with Bigfoot.

As shown on Squatch-D TV on 9/25/11.


  1. Why does this Jack guy always talk to the ground? And his description of the bigfoot doesn't jive with the norm. A foot and a half wide neck? Bigfoots don't have necks. There is just something "off" about this Jack guy...it almost sounds like he is reading his account sometimes. I don't "believe" in sasquatch, I know because I've seen it, so I have no doubt they are in upstate NY. I just don't know if I believe that this guy has ever seen anything besides maybe prints.

  2. And then when he said it had a head like an ape, Steve asked "so it was pointed"?...Jack says "No, it was rounded, like an ape". Uuummmmm, Apes have a sagittal crest and therefore have "pointed" heads, Jack.

  3. No lie, this year (2012) on the backdoor of the sign-in station at Nick's Lake Campground in Old Forge, NY there was a BFRO flyer w contact info for anyone wishing to report a bigfoot sighting. I didn't know whether to laugh or not but the assistant there tells me matter-of-factually, "...sure, people are seeing them up here". I was floored! I've met several people in the upstate that say they've seen them but I figured it was a case of mis-identification, now I'm not so sure.

  4. "Adirondack" Jack Leach posted a sketch of a 15" BF print he says he saw in the vicinity of the upper Black a few years ago at our local Gander Mountain store. Didn't last long before someone stole it off the cork board. Figures, it's Utica!

  5. We live in Ohio, NY no more than two miles from the opening scene of West Canada Creek and the bridge... We've never seen a thing so I'd like to know where he's seeing tracks on a weekly basis.


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