Sasquatch flick SAVAGE hits DVD today

When a blazing forest fire rips through Bear Valley National Park it forces out all of the wildlife including a creature that was better left undiscovered.

Today is the release of the official Savage DVD.

Are you down for a Bigfoot flick tonight? This new release is something we've been waiting to see for quite a while. We've all seen the trailers and it looks like a pretty decent flick. We're just going to put the word out there for this film since Halloween is approaching and we all need a good scare.

Directed by Jordan Blum, making his feature debut after several well-received shorts, the movie stars Lisa Wilcox from NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4 and 5, indie horror regular Martin Kove, Tony Becker , Shane Callahan and Anna Enger, with Jack Harrison as the titular beast.

Scripted by Blum, Nancy Gideon and IN THE WOODS’ Lynn Drzick, SAVAGE is set in Bear Mountain National Park, where firefighters battling a forest blaze have been killed by a mysterious attacker. Scientist Dale Davis (Callahan) believes a Bigfoot is responsible, and employs local monster hunter Jack Lund (Kove) to help him find the creature.

Also caught up in its rampage are park ranger Owen Fremont (Becker), his pregnant wife Ellen (Wilcox) and a couple of criminals on the run.

“SAVAGE isn’t your sweet, friendly, cuddly Bigfoot film,” producer Christopher Cook tells Fango. “It’s about Bigfoot getting pissed off and dishing out a heaping helping of ass-kickery. What horror fan wouldn’t love that?”



  1. Premieres on Chiller TV Friday Sept. 30 at 8pm EST. Also available on Netflix, Blockbuster, Time Warner Cable On Demand and video stores across the country.


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