Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society releases recordings of unknown sounds made during Bigfoot investigation

Update from
"For your review, opinion and enjoyment, I have attached several audio files that were recorded on an Olympus digital hand held recorder while on a Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society sponsored two day outing September 9 and 10th in the Forbes State Forest in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Here is some background information as to why our team was there.

A deputy State Constable and Security force supervisor claimed he had a sighting on this property at 3:30 am from a distance of approximately 50 yards away on September 8, 2011. The sighting took place after three weeks of almost unusual nightly sounds heard by several members of the security force that was guarding this construction site. The night shift of the security staff claimed they heard wood knocking, whooping calls, screams, growls and hoots almost on a nightly basis after dark. We interviewed them independently and their stories corroborated what the other officers stated. - Eric Altman, Director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society"

These recordings were captured by PBS on September 10, 2011 between the hours of 1:30 am and 4:00 am. They are not claiming these were sounds made by Bigfoot. However, it does peek your curiosity a bit when you listen to the groups reactions.

"Although we find these recordings intriguing and interesting, we can not conclude they are from a Bigfoot creature(s). These sounds are what we term unusual.  If you are able to identify these sounds or would like to comment on these recordings, please contact us at our email which is  It is suggested  you wear headphones to reduce ambient background noise."

Listen below from

Chris at 9 seconds   Dan at 21 seconds Dan at 34 seconds 1:20 unknown team member male voice yell 1:40 unknown call 1:47 Eric Call 1:55 unknown call 2:05 unknown call 2:18 unknown call  2:53 scream 1 3:10 scream 2 and then dog or coyote yipping or barking 3:15 scream 3 followed by a possible coyotte.

0159 1 near call, 1 distant reply, Eric Call, 5 distant replies
This is the same recording as above, however captured on an Olympus digital recorder by Connie and Chris Brinker at a different location. 3 seconds human call; 25 seconds distant reply; 42 seconds Eric Call; 46 seconds distant reply; 58 seconds distant reply; 1:32 distant reply 1:44 distant reply.

0204 3 high pitch screams – recorded by Connie and Chris Brinker on an Olympus digital recorder.
Scream 1 – 5 seconds to 9 seconds; Scream 2 – 24 seconds to 27 seconds;
Scream 3 – 32 to 34 seconds

0145 Electronic call blast followed by multiple knocks south on road/hillside
Wood knocks begin at 27 seconds and go through 45 seconds. Captured by Connie and Chris Brinker on a Olympus digital recorder at 1:45 am.

0122 whoop south on road
3 seconds 1 whoop captured by Connie and Chris Brinker on a Olympus digital recorder at 01:22 am.


  1. It's always so tricky when you don't know where exactly these people are and if they're whooping, we have no way of knowing if it's them doing the whooping. I'd really enjoy being able to see people videotape near the speaker and show them playing it and then turn it off and show us they aren't running it and just listen and see if they hear it. Without context, these things mean nothing and are not helpful.

  2. These recordings are certainly confusing and we have to rely on the recorder's word that what we're hearing is or isn't call-blasting and responding, but I also have to say that there doesn't appear to be any mention of where in PA these recordings were made, even on the PBS website. That just piles confusion on top of confusion...unless I'm just confused now.

    1. The windmill station has activity everynight its south on laurel caverns road just off route 40 at top of summit heading toward farmington pa. From uniontown thats where the bigfoot sighting was at on sept. 9,10th 2011 when they was puttin windmills in u can see them when u come out laurel caverns road to the end at quebec runs where they hide rate by the windmills.

  3. Sorry guys. I just updated this article with a post from Eric Atman of Natural Planes Blog. The sounds recorded are from the Forbes State Forest in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

  4. Eric Altman I mean. He is the director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.

  5. The 'whoop' audio (second from last) is not legit - it's taken from recordings that were captured in Washington a few years back.

    1. I tell u what buddy u go up to the windmills on laurel caverns road betwesn uniontown and farmington pa.u will c the windmills at the end of laurel caverns road . Go hang out their sum night c wbat happens bud then u will believe n them cuzz thats where these for bes forest sightings took place and still do today guarantee u wont go bak ounce ol boy lets out a screm 1 time near you lol

  6. i can tell the difference, u just know when its human or non human, u can just hear it in the vocal chords our lungs r not big compared this creatures, so whhen they let out a whoop, ur like ohhh mannn, thats not human, its something bigger.

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  8. Their back the screams,the tree knocks exc.April 2nd 2014 i took a bike ride to the windmills to see if any if this is true a pipeline runs across mudpike road and we stopped to look at the windmill you can get close to and we heard a knock after a few minutes their and it sounded like a hollow tree being hit as we turnt to go back toward my bike at the top of the pipeline we saw a black creature like 8ft tall standing beside a tree as we ran and got on the bike it came toward us and let out a scream that no person could ever make im a grown man and i was ready to cry i didnt think we was getting away n time cuz it moved toward us very fast as if we was in its space and wanted us gone but my wife looked bak as we was leaving and it cross the road but stopped and looked a split second at us before going on across so whomever said this happen to you i believe you 110% my friend these things are getting brave and are going to hurt someone if people dont take care of these problems i no i am if it happens while im hunting their.

  9. People like u need leave them alone want kill something that never hurt u.they just like a in my gf love to go up there in just listen to them beautiful creatures.


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