Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Tim Stover finds a footprint, has never been so excited

The Finding Of A Footprint

After many moons and many nights, the Ohio Bigfoot Hunter finally feels like he's on the right track. The exact location is unknown, but he's been to this side of Salt Fork State Park many times. This time, things are a little different. Tim says this location is way off the hiking trail and it's unlikely these fresh footprints he found could have been made by a hiker.

Knowing how special of a find this is, Tim's going to wait for someone to come down and cast the footprints for him and do it right.

"I am waiting on a guy now that wants to cast it for me. If he doesn't show than I will do it," said Tim.

This is a pretty good find. Tim measured one of the footprints and it's dimensions were 15x7.

It will be interesting to see the toe prints when the cast is done. It's a little hard to tell for certain, but one person said "you can definitely see toes" imprints.

We have one more thing to tell Tim: Great find my man! Keep up the good work.

Also, thanks for the mention guys :)


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