Ohio Bigfoot Hunter makes plaster cast of footprint with kabob sticks

Casting A Massive Footprint

If you have ever watched the shows Finding Bigfoot or Destination Truth (all produced by the same people), they never show you the full process of casting a footprint. Due to the limited amount of time each show has, they're forced to show you the end result, which is the cast itself. Sometimes, what's missing in between are the steps and techniques for making a good cast.

In this video Tim's friend, Lowrider Bob, shows you how real pros do it.

After pouring the substance into the footprint impression, Bob places kabob sticks inside the fresh plaster and lines them up vertically along the length of the foot. By vertically aligning the kabob sticks next to each other, it gives the cast a durable structure as it hardens. This makes it less likely to break when the cast is removed.


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