Bigfoot Hunters: Discovery Channel getting their own rugged phone called the Discovery Expedition

Huawei-Discovery Expedition phone

The mobile phone company Huaweii recently announced a partnership with Discovery Channel to build a phone they're calling the Huawei-Discovery Expedition.

The phone takes cues from Discovery’s heritage and is designed to  be both water proof and dust proof, and shock resistant. This is a phone that Huawei says is targeted at the outdoor enthusiast, which means it’s designed for both adventures and clumsy types. It also comes with built-in GPS for helping wandering adventurers find their way, and a built-in torch.

Where's the camera on this phone? Sorry to tell you, but you won't be able to take photos of Bigfoot sleeping under the tree with this bad boy. There is no camera on this phone and you'll have to bring something else if you plan to record videos or take photos.

The Huawei Discovery Expedition mobile phone is set to go on sale in quarter four 2011.


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