Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World: The Missing Apeman (1980)

The Missing Apeman

This video is part of a series that investigates unusual phenomena in the world. This episode looks at the stories of two human-like creatures that have long captivated the public's attention: the Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot. Fact or fiction? The evidence is presented for the viewer's judgment.

Episode Summary

Do scientifically unknown species of ape-like men (or perhaps human-like apes) live today? This episode discusses the evidence and offers witness testimony on Bigfoot and Yeti.

This installment, one of the series' most popular, opens in Nepal. We are introduced to the Sherpas, the people most familiar with the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas. Further, the entire Nepalese nation embraces the tales of the enigmatic, if not nonexistent creature. Then Western mountaineers and adventurers retell their experiences, including stories of expeditions, offering a wide array of assessments as to the nature of the encounters and evidence.

Next the focus of the episode swings to Northwestern U.S.A. and the most American of unexplained beasts, Bigfoot (also referred to as Sasquatch). Witnesses, from hunters to policemen to a Native American grandmother, deliver their tales. Here the viewer is treated to the famous Bigfoot video footage from Bluff Creek, California.

As in all cases, Clarke reveals his personal views on the matter -- with this time a jovial wager as to which creature is more believable.


  1. shame its been removed. im a Brit so grew up watching arthur c clarks programmes. we al did. it was where britains first saw the PGf and bigfoot in general.

    you should check out his stuff on youtube. Americans wont know him but he is a legend for us in UK


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