Erickson-Lindsay Project: Listen to special MN.B.R.T. Radio interview with Robert Lindsay about dead Bigfoot bodies

Robert Lindsay

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Amazing show! Richard Stubstad and Derek Randle both called in to set the record straight. Was there an actual body? Where did the body go? Who should we believe? All these questions can be heard on show. Your ears will be glued to the speaker.

In regards to the Erickson project, Derek Randle tells everyone to "Just be patient!"

If the player refuses to play, you can download the audio by clicking here.

Show Notes:
As some of you may know there is new's floating around about 2 Bigfoot Bodies that were shot and are being tested for DNA, I have Robert Lindsay as my guest tonight for a VERY special edition of MN.B.R.T. RADIO

MrMayDX08's review of the show:



  1. Being pro-kill is ridiculous in this time and age, must it really be the bullet proving this instead of footage? Of course not. We don't kill new species anymore, that's old world, especially another primate. This one even bipedal and more humanlike. Insane! Besides, the sasquatch is most likely not an ape/animal but an unknown human species of some sort. No kill, these are basically forest people.

  2. Hate to be the one to break this to everyone out there. But in this day and age, talk is cheap. Scams are everywhere. Videos and photos can easily be hoaxed. Enough talk, enough rumors of a small piece of DNA found....the people will not believe in it….. UNTIL....A BODY IS RECOVERED. If these animals are real. Then in the name of science, I would have to be Pro-kill or pro-capture. Not to really harm it, but to study them, know their intentions, and their characteristics, and MOST important of make sure that human population do not grow in their habitat areas, if they are indeed hostile. Further conflicts will arise with these animals if science and the human race doesn’t acknowledge these animals. Even if Bigfoots/Sasquatches/Yetis/Beast Men…. currently do not pose a threat.....human population increase in their habitat areas.....then what? More rumors, eyewitness reports.....NAH! If it is real.....Only a body will prove it. And then it needs to be added to the biological pages of science, and put into a zoo or a preserved specimen in a museum....that is what it will take for anyone to believe that such creatures even exist.

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