FB/FB: White Bigfoot Filmed in Pennsylvania Break Down

Break Down of White bigfoot filmed in Pennsylvania

TeamYin breaks down a video posted last year by YouTube user Bobywade. It's an interesting breakdown, but they didn't include the recently enhanced version of the footage we discovered on June 26. In any case, watch them try to prove it's a "real" albino Bigfoot in the footage.
Uploaded by TeamYin on Jun 27, 2011
Man films White Bigfoot in Backyard Posted 2/3/10 by Anonymous poster Bobywade. We spent a great deal of time on this authentication. It shows a White Sasquatch twice, once for 1.4 seconds at maybe 50 feet and again at maybe 20 feet. The second clip is unobstructed by branch, so it is very clear. It appears that two people are walking toward it. One with a flashlight and one with a camera. The coned head, brow ridge, tree peeking, high shoulders, nose to nape, long upper lip, hooded nose confirm this very quick but very good video.
The Enhanced version that was posted on June 26 by user cxd4 (not shown in TeamYin's Break Down):


  1. It is either the worlds' cleverest fake or something else? The face convinces me however. The look of surprise is virtually never seen on other fake videos. The face looks a bit comical-almost cute. This too is virtually never seen on other videos portraying it as some pissed off homicidal gorilla like monster.

  2. THis is real folks. Not only is the movement of the face and its expressions impossible for a person to duplicate in a mask, but look how the things reacts and moves when the light hits it in the face. A man in a bulky costume in pitch black woods is not gonna move that swiftly and gracefully. This thing is quick, and despite its huge size it moves off with a sort of grace to it- not clumsy like a man in a suit would be. And this thing looks like a typical Squatch would look and moves like a real Squatch, not a man. I am convinced.

  3. No one mentions the eye shine that happens right before it is caught on in the light. That seems rather realistic to be a mask.

  4. you can see the eye shine well on the enhanced version when it is in slow motion.

  5. I`m goin squatchin this weekend, anyone else goin?


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