Why No Bigfoot Bones and Bodies?

This is the classic argument for the nonexistence of Bigfoots, Yetis, Almas, Mawas, Yerens, Yowies, Orang Pendeks and other relict hominids.

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Robert list evidence of Bigfoot Burials dating back 1949: Pacific Northwest. Evidence of Dead Bigfoots dating back as far as 1856. Also, he list evidence of Bigfoot Bones which the British Colombia Museum is said to be in possession of a huge jawbone, possibly of a Bigfoot, but they can’t locate it, as it’s crated somewhere in storage.

Why No Bigfoot Bones and Bodies?
by Robert Lindsay

This is the classic argument for the nonexistence of Bigfoots, Yetis, Almas, Mawas, Yerens, Yowies, Orang Pendeks and other relict hominids.

It’s a good argument as far as it goes. But what are the chances of finding a whole dead body of anything in the woods? Very slim. My friends found a dead bobcat once, but they had to scale a waterfall from a deep pool to do it. I’ve found any dead anything. In regions where there is a huge deer population, you can find a few deer bones here and there. You will certainly never find a whole skeleton or a whole dead deer unless it’s road-killed.

Most animals are not discovered by finding a dead body or bones. They are found by shooting a specimen, which is then called a type specimen, and is thereby known to science.

Bigfoots appear to carry off their dead. They are sometimes hit by cars, but in those cases, the Bigfoots usually just ran off after being hit by the cars. In one case, a woman hit a Bigfoot and was killed in the accident. The Bigfoot was also killed. Authorities sealed off the area, and when researchers went back the next day, the body was gone. In the past 35 years or so, there are reports of a government coverup regarding dead and injured Bigfoots. Prior to 35 years ago, we received no such reports outside the military.

Bigfoots live in family groups. Where you see one, there are others about. Bigfoots seem to carry off their dead. In the Siege of Honobia in Oklahoma, a Bigfoot was shot and possibly killed, but was apparently carried off by the others. A roadkilled Bigfoot would probably be carried off by the others.
There is also evidence that Bigfoots bury their dead.

Bigfoot Burials and Graveyards

Date unknown, modern era: Northern California. A witness saw four Bigfoots carrying bones. The longest bone was up to four feet long. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Pacific Northwest. A man witnessed three Bigfoots digging a hole with their hands to bury a fourth Bigfoot. Afterward, they rolled rocks on the grave. Reported by Roger Patterson.

Date unknown, modern era: Starkey, Oregon. In the Blue Mountains, Sue Sebring found unusual cobble piles in the forest. Possible Bigfoot graveyard. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Alder Creek, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, Peter Byrne noted an unusual mound of earth was noted along the creek. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1949: Pacific Northwest. A man reported seeing three Bigfoots, two older males and a female, laying a dead young female Bigfoot out on top of a rock on a mountain peak. This is probably the simplest Bigfoot burial, similar to the sky burials of ancient humans. John Green did not believe the story, but looking at other reports, it seems reasonable. Reported by John Green.

1962-1967: Northern Washington state. A man witnessed three Bigfoots burying a fourth one. Reported by Peter Byrne.

After 1972: Klamath Agency, Oregon. A bulldozer driver was building a road in the forest. He ran the road through an area of large stones in a circle 20 feet in diameter, with smaller stones in the middle. The next day, he would come back and all of the stones were replaced in their original positions after he had bulldozed them away. This went on for some time, and eventually, he built the road around the area. Possible Bigfoot burial site. Reported by Vic McDaniel.

Before 1975: Location unknown, probably Pacific Northwest. Three Bigfoots were witnessed digging a hole with their hands to bury a fourth Bigfoot. When the hole was filled in, huge boulders were rolled over the site. Reported by Glen Thomas.

1985: Calapooia River, Oregon. In the Oregon Coast Range, Gold miners find a 50 foot wide area where the tops of all trees have been broken off around the perimeter. In the clearing, there was a deer carcass and two piles of smooth, five inch cobblestones, about 2.5 feet high, separated by 20 feet. The previous night, the miners had been frightened by strange screams and the sounds of breaking trees. They never went back to excavate the area. Possible Bigfoot burial site. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1989: McMinnville, Starkey, Oregon. Scott White found strange piles of rocks in a clearing with smashed trees.  Possible Bigfoot burial site. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1990: Estacada, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter found a dead baby Bigfoot ten feet up in a tree. He reported that it was just a small, furry little thing. He was interested in the tree in the first place due to large scat piles all around it. The dead Bigfoot was buried in the boughs of an evergreen and was covered with covered with other boughs.

The hunter that the scat piles were from the mother Bigfoot who had been sitting under the tree mourning the death of her baby. After all, chimps and gorillas mourn their dead. Mother chimps carry their dead babies around with them for up to a month after they died. This could be called an “Indian style burial,” as Indians in the Pacific Northwest used to bury their dead up in trees, albeit in caskets.

The hunter called Portland State University and told them he had found a dead baby Bigfoot. They laughed at him and told him that they were not interested in looking at it. After all, Bigfoot doesn’t exist. The man stuck the baby Bigfoot in his deep freeze and that’s the last we’ve heard of it. Reported by Ray Nab.

Summer 1992: Estacada, Oregon, near Bagby Hot Springs. A philosophy teacher saw two Bigfoots, either a male and female or two females. There were two young, auburn colored Bigfoots with them. They were in a riverbed, burying another Bigfoot under a pile of stones. They had not dug a hole; they were just burying it with rocks. He stated that the Bigfoots were acting “sad.” The site was rechecked by an investigator one year later and flooding had washed the stones away and the site could not be rediscovered. Reported by Ray Crowe.

We see over and over here reports of 3-4 Bigfoots participating in the burial of another, as if it is some kind of a ceremony.

After 1995: Whidbey Island, Washington. Rhett Mullis found large mounds on this island in Puget Sound where there is no history of Indian residence. A large pit had been dug out but had not yet been used. There was a “hallway” along a well-used trail and scat was scattered around. The mounds were covered with large hand-sized rocks. Plants had been pulled up and placed on top of the mounds in order to hide them. Possible Bigfoot graveyard. Reported by Rhett Mullis.

October 21, 2002: Estacada, Oregon. Possible Bigfoot burial grounds consisting of pits and stacks of heavy rocks found at a high elevation in the Clackamas River Gorge. They could not be Indian burial grounds. Reported by BFRO.


From 1949-present, a 62 year period, 14 Bigfoot burials or possible Bigfoot graveyards have been seen. Therefore, Bigfoot burials or graveyards are seen every 4.4 years, about once every 4 1/2 years.

Dead or Captured Bigfoots

Unknown date: Klakas Inlet, Southern Alaska. In far southern Alaska on Prince of Wales Island, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and buried at the mouth of a stream on the north side of the inlet. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Date unknown, modern era: Location unknown. A wealthy hunter reportedly shot and killed a Bigfoot, then paid a taxidermist to stuff it, and it’s presently on display in some ritzy country club on the East Coast. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Near Roseburg, Oregon. A hunter found a dead Bigfoot by a stream. He poked it and got no response. He tried to carry it out with the help of his hunting companions, but it was too heavy at 700-900 pounds. They went back to town to get a truck to cart it out with, but when they came back, it was gone. They found the footprints of another Bigfoot, which had apparently carried it away. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Near Great Falls, Montana. A man’s dog brought in a huge leg bone, from the pelvis to a foot. The man suspected it was a Bigfoot, so he gave it to a local university, but could not identify it, and they never gave it back. The dog brought in another possible Bigfoot body part, but it smelled so bad that he buried it. Coyotes then dug it up and ate it. Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, Montana, “The Beast’s Foot.” Date unknown. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Electric Peak, Gardiner, Montana. Two boys crosscountry skiing on this mountain just north of Yellowstone National Park found the decomposed body of a Bigfoot. It was partly covered by a rock avalanche. The pelvis was crushed and the skull was missing and had apparently been taken by headhunters. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Copper Mountain near Brewster, Washington. Two men hiking in the Okanagon Mountains witnessed a bizarre battle between two Bigfoots. The larger one was said to be 12 feet tall. It was fighting a smaller brownish one. They were rolling in the dirt, punching, scratching and throwing dirt and logs.

The smaller one tripped, and the big one smashed his head with a big rock, killing it. It then leaped on the dead Bigfoot, tore at its stomach, tearing out some of its guts, which it ate. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Pybus Bay, Admiralty Island, Alaska. A man found two bodies of possible baby Bigfoots, 2.5 feet tall. There was still some hair and skin attached to them. They had huge jaws and teeth. The bodies had been under the snow. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Route 95, Maryland. A woman saw a hairy humanoid figure lying in the road dead as she drove around emergency vehicles. Reported by Ray Crowe. Government coverup.

Unknown date, modern era: Yankton, Oregon. Near the Colombia River north of Portland, a hunter shot a Bigfoot four times between the eyes and killed it. It rolled off the road. The man came back 24 hours later and the body was gone. There was a set of three tracks, possibly a family group – a male, a female and a juvenile. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, Amboy, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a hunter reported that he shot and killed a male Bigfoot on an old logging road. Upon hearing that there was a $10,000 fine for killing a Bigfoot, the hunter hung up the phone on the researcher. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era, The Dalles, Oregon. Near the Colombia River, the US Forest Service was doing some clearing of BLM land and they found a live juvenile Bigfoot sleeping in a BLM shelter. They roped it and took it in a vehicle to The Dalles. No further data. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Ohio. An Ohio sheriff’s deputy reported that he found a Bigfoot killed by a car by the side of the road. He called for backup, but soon the Ohio State Patrol came and blocked off the road. Then a dark van came and three men in military uniforms loaded the Bigfoot into the van and took it away. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date, modern era: Alabama.  The same man involved in the Carson, Wyoming case above shot another Bigfoot later on. This time the government found out about it and was angry that he killed the Bigfoot. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date: Sonora, Mexico. Rich Grumley reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried it.

Unknown date: Coshocton County, Oklahoma. Possible Bigfoot arm found in the woods. All that remained was skin, bones and hair. A specialist ran tests on it and said it did not come from any known animal in the area, nor from a human or an ape. He felt it was the best evidence yet for Bigfoot. Present status of the remains is unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

1820′s: Near Pomona, La Verne and Claremont, California. A “Devil Indian” or Bigfoot female, was captured by early White settlers, but was soon released. The local Gabrielino Indians reported that the Devil Indians of this area were tall, hairy, smelled bad and roamed around at night. They had large hands and feet and were very fast. Reported by J.P. Harrington.

June 20, 1829: Okefenokee Swamp, Georgia. A team of hunters set out in an attempt to track down and kill a Bigfoot in the swamp. After tracking for two weeks, they were set upon by the Bigfoot one night. The men opened up with all their guns, but it seemed useless. Five of the men were killed by the Bigfoot, who then tore all of the men’s heads off. The surviving men opened up on the Bigfoot, finally killing it. Reported by Augusta Chronicle, March 12, 2000 – “Hunters Told of Swamp Creature’s Attack.”

January 1839: St Peters River, Wisconsin. A team of explorers captured a male Bigfoot and two juveniles. The description describes a Bigfoot very well. It is not known what happened afterward. Reported by the Bigfoot Encounters website.

1855: SE Oklahoma, Choctaw Territory. Bigfoots had been raiding Choctaw settlements for some time, mostly stealing crops. But then they started stealing human children, apparently to kill and eat them, and the Choctaw had had enough. A party, organized by Joshua LeFlore, set out to get the Bigfoots. They tracked them to a mound where the dead children were that the Bigfoots had been killing and eating. The Bigfoots were covered in hair and smelled bad.

The search party’s horses all reared when they saw the Bigfoots. LeFlore emptied his pistol at a Bigfoot, but it was useless, and the Bigfoot ripped his head off. The rest of the team opened up on the Bigfoots with elephant guns, aiming at the head. Two Bigfoots dropped. The final Bigfoot was finished off with a hunting knife. The party makes a fire and burns the Bigfoots on the fire. 3 Bigfoots were killed in all.

January 21, 1855: Waldoboro, Maine. J.W. McHenry was chopping wood at his home when he looked up and saw an 18 inch tall juvenile Bigfoot. He captured it and made a pet out of it. Reported by Bigfoot Encounters website.

1856: Ohio or West Virginia. Possible Bigfoot skeleton found with bullet holes in its skull. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

After 1865: Saline, Arkansas. 7 foot Bigfoot captured. Reported by Otto Ernest Rayburn, Ozark Country (Duell, Sloan & Pearce, 1941) pp.313-14, quot. INFO Journal:1 pp.48-9.

1878: Tennessee. 6’5 Bigfoot captured and displayed in Louisville, Kentucky. Reported by Louisville Courier-Journal Oct 24, 1878

1880′s: Montana, near the Canadian border. A Bigfoot was killed by a train and its body was stuck under the train. Reported by Rita Swift.

July 4, 1884: East of Yale, British Colombia. In the Fraser River Region, railroad-men from the British Colombia Express Company’s train’s stopped their train when it seemed that someone was asleep near the tracks. They stopped the train, and a juvenile male Bigfoot woke up, barked, and started to climb up a steep bluff. The workers decided to chase him. One got up above him on the slope and dropped a rock on the Bigfoot. It disoriented him enough that they were able to get a rope around him, capture him and put him on the train.

They named the Bigfoot “Jacko.” Jacko had bruises on his head and upper body and they assumed that he had gotten too near the edge of the bluff and had fallen over and landed, stunned, near the tracks. Jacko had been seen in the area where he was captured recently, but residents thought he was either a bear or a stray Indian dog.

Jacko was 4’7 and weighed 127 pounds and was covered with shiny black hair. He was extremely strong. Jacko did not communicate other than making half-bark, half-growl sounds. He was fed berries and milk. There are conflicting reports on what happened to Jacko. Some reports said he was taken into Yale where a man made a pet of him. Other reports said that Jacko escaped from the train before it got to Yale.

There are other reports that say this whole matter was a hoax, but I believe it was true. For one thing, John Green received a letter from Adele Bastin, whose mother remembered that people continued to talk of Jacko long afterward. Reported by The Colonist of Victoria, British Colombia, July 4, 1884. The best analysis was by Myra Shackley.

There are reports that soon after, a Bigfoot matching Jacko’s description was shot and killed in the same general area by a group of men.

September 5, 1886: Washington County, Kansas. Four Bigfoots, a male, a female, a young female and a juvenile, were captured. They were covered in black hair and could not communicate. The female only made grunting sounds. Reported by the New York Times, September 5, 1886.

1900: Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. An Eskimo shot and buried a Bigfoot. The Eskimo came out of the forest onto the beach and was met face to face with a Bigfoot. He opened fire and killed the Bigfoot. He and two other Eskimos then buried the Bigfoot on the beach. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1905: Gardner Canal, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Bigfoot was reportedly shot and killed here, but there are no further details. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

February 15, 1908: McHenry, North Dakota. An apparent Bigfoot was captured near town. He was covered with hair and eye teeth like fangs. He refused to eat, and could not communicate. He only drank water, half a bucket at a time. Reported by the Stevens Point Journal, Stevens, Wisconsin, February 15, 1908.

1921: Terrebone, Louisiana. Hunters killed a Bigfoot and dumped the body in an old well. Later a skeleton was found and taken to Tulane University, where it disappeared. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.
1924: Ape Canyon, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, miners shoot and kill a Bigfoot, which falls off a cliff into a river below. Other Bigfoots retaliate and bombard their cabin with rocks. Reported by Fred Beck.

1928: South Bentnick Arm, near Bella Coola, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, George Talleo shot and killed a Bigfoot. He left the scene and did not come back. Reported by the Sasquatch-BC website.

After 1937: Green River, Washington. In the Cascades east of Tacoma, a hunter saw a bear grubbing in a log and shot and killed it. Turned out he had killed a Bigfoot. Feeling that he had shot a “hairy man” (a human being), he buried it under a pile of rocks and never told anyone until he confessed on his deathbed. Reported by Datus Perry.

1940: Southeastern Missouri. Jared Sparks killed an apparent Bigfoot (he described it only as “like a gorilla”) that had been killing horses and cattle by tearing them apart. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by John Keel in Strange Creatures.

1940: Near Kaluka, Alaska. A female Bigfoot was captured and fed fish in captivity. For some reason, all of her hair fell out and she died. John Green, The Sasquatch File.

Fall 1941: Near Basket Lake, Manitoba. A 17 year old boy hunting out of season shot and killed a Bigfoot that he thought was a moose. He left it in the forest because he thought it was human and because he was hunting out of season. He went back sometime later and the body was gone. Reported on BFRO site.

1943: Georgia, near the South Carolina border. A Bigfoot was shot and killed by a shotguns, hit with 60 bullets after it was tracked by a group of men, because it was killing sheep and calves by tearing off their legs. The reddish-brown Bigfoot was buried on the outskirts of town. Reported by Rich Grumley. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1953: Alder Creek Canyon, Sandy, Oregon. East of Portland, a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then buried the body. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1958-1960: Overton County, Tennessee. Bigfoot stealing chickens was shot dead by the owner of the chickens. They drove it around the area to see if anyone could identify it. Disposition of body unknown. Reported by Mary Green.

After 1960: Pendicton, British Colombia. In south-central British Colombia, two fishermen found a dead Bigfoot along the trail. They first smelled the corpse, then found the body. Upon investigating, they heard sounds in the brush. Fearing it was another Bigfoot, they quickly left the scene. They went back with wildlife officials 10 days later and there was only a dark spot on the trail. Had a bear eaten it? Had other Bigfoots hauled it off? Reported by Peter Byrne.

1960′s: Douglas, Oregon: In the Cascades west of the Umpqua National Forest, a farmer shot a Bigfoot and then somehow managed to take it back to his house, where he left it outside. Other Bigfoots then came that night and retrieved the body. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

November 9, 1962, 8:30 AM: O’Brien, Southwest Oregon, Oregon/California border. A elderly female Bigfoot, suffering from Lyme Disease, estimated age 40, about 8’2 and weighing 770 pounds, was killed on October 10 when a wild storm knocked a large Douglas fir down, crushing it. A road-clearing crew found it, and they did not have the foggiest idea what it was. Even the USFS did not know what it was. The Bigfoot was badly decomposed; nevertheless, from the description, it was obviously a Bigfoot.

At noon, a truck came and took the creature away. The district manager then ordered all workers to relocate 5 miles away for the rest of the week. He acted nervous and snappy around the workers.

A US Forest Service photographer, men from a university, along with a logging crew and some locals, took many photos. The district manager of the USFS ordered that all photos be turned into him because it had not yet been proven that the death was natural – that is, possibly it was a crime. Not all were turned in, and some photos in private hands still exist. For many years, one of the photos was on display in a local restaurant.

Three days later, the local ranger, Guy Adams from Cave Junction, began spreading a lie that the Bigfoot was a pet ape that had escaped from a local residence.

The story was not written up in the local press until 1963.

The Bigfoot was sent to California then Golden, Colorado for further examination. From there, in November, the body was sent to the DOI in San Diego for study. A file on the Bigfoot, USFS/33058-45333-294734-19B, along with bones and photos, was sent to the Smithsonian Museum, then the file case was closed to the public and the photos and file were marked classified. The DOI ordered the Smithsonian to send the bones to the DOI on May 24 1963.

The information on the file, which is file The classified file, exhibit 4377, in part reads:
Species: unknown biped: date recorded: 3 /14 /63 Area:O’Brien-Dew Ridge. The bone structure specimen is unknown to DGDS analyses: Tissue samples indicate non human.
Regarding unknown biped. The subject discussed in the original file is complete with the finding of Dr. D. S. Gould. This is a medical conundrum as to the true species of said subject. Subject appears to be some species not known to date. Some indications are most related to human. Yet many indicate of a gorilla type.
It is noted the length of the subject is clearly not gorilla nor human because subject measurements indicate 98 inches in height. Estimation weight at time of death 770 lbs. This clearly concludes this subject is not consistent with known species of human or gorilla.
Conclusion: Sample is not consistent with any known species of animal/primate known. Seal per request noted.
The USFS could not figure out what the animal was. The feeling that it was some sort of an ape, granted it was bigger than apes typically are. The report did not indicate that the animal was a Bigfoot, since the USFS didn’t know what that was at the time. In 1964, the DOI classified the Bigfoot as very similar to an Eastern China Mountain Gorilla. They thought it was an escaped pet. Much of the remains through testing and over time, so there may be few if any left. Reported on the Bigfoot Ballyhoo blog.

January, 1965: Chemult, Oregon. On the Umpqua National Forest northwest of Crater Lake National Park, a Southern Pacific train traveling between between Bend and Klamath Falls towns hit a Bigfoot and killed it. They never reported it to their company or authorities because they thought they would be accused of drinking on the job. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Kitimat, British Colombia. On the coast of central British Colombia, a Kitimat man shot and killed a Bigfoot near town. He was trying to drag the body away when other Bigfoots came out and tried to attack him. He barely escaped to his canoe. Reported on the British Colombia Scientific Cryptozoology Club website.

December 1967: Teton National Forest near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Two college students from Marshalltown, Iowa, Lyle Bingaman and Mike Burton, shot and killed a Bigfoot, thinking it was a bear. They were terrified that they had killed a human being and that they would be prosecuted for murder. Reported by Peter Byrne.

1968: North of Carson, Wyoming. Three men were hired by a rancher to kill a Bigfoot that was killing his cows and sheep by tearing off their legs. Afterward, the body was picked up by a government helicopter and taken to a research facility in Almogordo, New Mexico to be autopsied and studied. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

1969: Whiteface Reservoir, Minnesota. A hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot, then put the body on ice and displayed it for awhile before replacing it with a plastic replica. The famous Minnesota Iceman story.
After 1969: Clark, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a man shot and killed a Bigfoot, then tried to sell it, but stopped when he thought it might have been illegal to kill the Bigfoot. No further details. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1970: Spokane, Washington. Grover Krantz reported that a hunter shot and killed a Bigfoot.
June 1971: Happy Camp, California. In the Siskiyou Mountains, two girls found a badly decomposed Bigfoot on a forest road. It was thought to be a Bigfoot due to the fingernails. No action was taken; apparently they just left it there. This was reported in the Salem, Oregon Capital Journal. Reported by John Green.

June 1976: Baltimore, Maryland. As unlikely as it sounds, a Bigfoot was reported here in May 1976. Police were called, and K-9′s initially refused to track it. Finally, the dogs tracked it to an interstate tunnel. A police officer then saw it run under the interstate. The next month, US army personnel were called out to deal with the Bigfoot. Reports indicate that soldiers captured or killed the Bigfoot. No further information. Government coverup. Reported by Rick Berry, Bigfoot on the East Coast.

January 1976: Elm Creek, Texas Panhandle. Three men shot and killed two Bigfoots. The first one charged them, so they shot it. Then another one charged them, so they shot it too. They dropped both of them, a male and a female. They buried the bodies down by a nearby creek. They were afraid they would be prosecuted for homicide. Recently told their story anonymously on a radio show.

Unknown date, probably after 1980: Cowlitz or Yale, Washington. Near Mt. St. Helens, a Bigfoot was killed by a vehicle on a highway. A US Forest Service helicopter came and took the body away. Nothing further was heard. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Oregon: After 1980. A man and his son found a dead Bigfoot lying in a stream. They heard what sounded like another Bigfoot nearby watching over the dead one and they quickly left the area. Reported by Cynthia Stayte.

July 1980: Mt. St. Helens, Washington. Up to 20 dead Bigfoots were dredged out of a river after the volcano eruption. They were taken by helicopter to a place where all the dead animals from the eruption were being buried in a landfill. The Bigfoots were guarded by National Guard troops. Asked what was to be done with them, the troops said that they were probably going to study them. A truck came to take the Bigfoot bodies away.

Five different witnesses, one named Fred Bradshaw, reported that Bigfoots were discovered by searchers and hauled away by arms of the government, including the Army Corps of Engineers and the National Guard. Witnesses were warned to keep quiet. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.
1980: Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington. Several Yakima Indians noted that a Bigfoot had been badly burned in the Mt. St. Helens eruption but had managed to survive. It was hanging out on the eastern end of their reservation afterward. They reported that a government helicopter came, bundled up the wounded Bigfoot and took it away. Government coverup. Reported on the Phantoms and Monsters website.

1982: Klamath, Oregon. On the Winema National Forest southeast of Crater Lake National Park, a Bigfoot was killed by a car. US Forest Service and local police sealed off the area, and the Bigfoot was hauled off in a truck. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1984-1985: Marion, Indiana. Dogs cornered a female Bigfoot as she was giving birth. She ran away, abandoning her fetus. The dead fetus was taken to the game warden, but all evidence disappeared after that. Government coverup. Reported by the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization website.

1991: Chelan, Washington. On the east slope of the Cascades, US Forest Service officials photographed a dead Bigfoot that was found by a prospector. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.
August 1998: Battle Mountain, Nevada. Firefighters fighting a fire encounter a badly burned Bigfoot. A physician and a veterinarian are called in to treat it. It is whisked away in an unmarked van and all of the BLM firefighters are forced to sign statements saying that they would say nothing of the incident, on penalty of losing their G-X status, jobs and pensions.

The Bigfoot was taken to a university in the Bay Area, where it was treated for a few days, then returned to an area about 150 miles from where it was captured. Government coverup. Reported by Thom Powell, The Locals.

Fall 1999: Connell Creek, Revillagigedo Island, Alaska. Near Ketchikan, Alaska, two men found an 8-inch hairy foot in sand by a creek. They threw it back in the creek. They said it belonged to neither a man nor a bear. Possible Bigfoot foot. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

January 2000: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Siege of Honobia.  Bigfoot apparently shot and killed as part of a group that was raiding and harassing a rural residence. Other Bigfoots apparently carried off the dead Bigfoot. Reported by the BFRO.

July 2000: 13 miles east of Hood River, Oregon. Along the Colombia River, a dead Bigfoot was spotted on the highway on Interstate 84 off the highway in the westbound lane, apparently killed by a vehicle. The Bigfoot was grey and was stretched out in a fetal position with an arm outstretched. There were several witnesses. No further data on the case. There were no newspaper reports. Government coverup. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

2001: Hood River area, Oregon. Another Bigfoot was reportedly killed on Interstate 84. When investigators went to investigate, they found only tracks and no body. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

2003: Duvall, Washington. Northeast of Seattle, a man’s dogs led him to a dead Bigfoot on his property. It had no apparent injuries. He thought maybe the dogs had scared the Bigfoot to death. The Bigfoot was 7-8 feet tall and weighed 350-400 pounds. He called Duvall police, but they never showed up. Instead, in about an hour, a black helicopter landed and men dressed in all black came out. Ordering the man to stay in his house, they put the Bigfoot on a tarp and put it on the helicopter. Reported on the Oregon Bigfoot website. Government coverup.

November 12, 2003: Lafollette, Tennessee. A creature had been killing peoples’ animals. A goat and cat at the very least had been killed. She called the sheriff’s and they came out with a team of deputies and told everyone to get their pets indoors as they were going to eliminate these animals. They tracked the Bigfoot and shot it dead over the next hill.

There were sirens wailing and the Bigfoot screamed as it was shot. The woman left the scene. People saw a black body lying in a field the next morning. Ten minutes later, it had vanished. Planes flew around the area night and day for two weeks. Locals reported that there had been a hostile Bigfoot in the area and they were trying to appease it by leaving food out for it so it would not kill their animals. The next day she went back to the area and someone had taken the body away. Reported by Mary Green. Government coverup.

August 2006: Slim Buttes, Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. A Bigfoot that had been named Chiye-tanka was shot and killed on the reservation. It was later given to the School of Mines to study. They sent it back and it was given a ceremonial burial by Lakota elders. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

2008: Texas. As part of the Erickson Project that is trying to prove Bigfoots exist by sequencing their DNA, purported Bigfoot tissue was used by Melba Ketchum in her DNA project. It is not not known if the tissue tested positive for Bigfoot DNA or not.


From 1825-present, a 186 year period, 95 Bigfoots have either been killed by humans, had their dead bodies or parts found by humans, or got taken into human custody. Therefore, humans kill or take into custody Bigfoots or their bodies once every 2.1 years or about once every 2 years.

Bigfoot Bones

1856: East Wheeling, West Virginia. A decayed 9’6 skeleton was found with three bullets in its head. No one knew what to make of it. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Unknown date: Glacier, Montana. Just east of Glacier National Park, a Bigfoot skeleton was said to be kept in a sacred Native American burial area, possibly buried along with the Indians. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

Date unknown, modern era: The British Colombia Museum is said to be in possession of a huge jawbone, possibly of a Bigfoot, but they can’t locate it, as it’s crated somewhere in storage. Reported by John Green.

Date unknown, modern era: Northwest California. Three scientific aides and a wildlife biologist from California Department of Fish and Game, District 1, Eureka, California, found the bones of two adults and one juvenile Bigfoot. The FBI was notified and came to take the bones. A judge then issued a gag order on the case and nothing more was heard. Government coverup. Reported by Ray Crowe.

Date unknown, modern era: Toba River, British Colombia. In far southwest coastal British Colombia, a couple working a trap line in the found a Bigfoot skeleton washing out of a riverbank. The bones were too heavy to carry, but the wife packed out the huge jawbone against the advice of her husband. The University of British Colombia and the British Colombia Museum were called, and the couple reported that they had a Bigfoot jaw from a Bigfoot skeleton.

The university and museum both said that there is no Bigfoot, so they didn’t want to investigate. They kept the jawbone in their cabin, and 10 years later it burned down, taking the jaw in the process. Reported by John Green.

Date unknown, modern era: Morgan Lake, Santiam Highway, Oregon. Southwest of Portland, three gigantic skeletons were seen in the lake under four to six feet of water. Mysterious holes had appeared on the ice covered lake that winter. It was thought that the Bigfoots had used the holes to bury their dead in the ice-covered lake. Reported by Ray Crowe.

January 1858: Adair, Kentucky. Huge skeletons were found in an Indian burial mound. Disposition unknown. Reported by the Kentucky Bigfoot website.

July 1885: New York. A large number of huge skeletons were found in a cave. They were up to 8 feet tall. Disposition unknown. Reported by the Daily Victoria Standard, Victoria, British Colombia, July 7, 1885.

April 1886: Etowah, Alabama. Giant skeletons were found after a flood, washing out of riverbanks. Disposition unknown. Reported by the Jacksonville Republican, Jacksonville, Alabama, April 21, 1886.

1923: Santa Barbara. J.P. Harrington found and examined “Indian skulls” with very peculiar qualities. He felt that they resembled Neandertal Man. He concluded that they were modern Indians from the Santa Barbara region. Reported by Anonymous, Nature, 112:699, 1923.

1948: Bartholomew Creek, Smeaton Bay, East Behm Canal, Alaska. In Misty Fiords National Park, two men reported finding a jawbone larger than a man’s. Possible Bigfoot jawbone. Reported in the Bigfoot Track Record.

1965: Wolfe, Kentucky. Kennith White found a nine foot skeleton with long arms and a huge head while digging along a creek bank. It was later reburied. Reported by the Kentucky Bigfoot website.

1965: Minarets Region of the Sierra Nevada. A partial Bigfoot (calvarium) skull was found by a physician. A pathologist said it was not human. It was sent to UCLA, where they said it was an old Indian skull, since the only ancient hominids residing in the Sierras were Indians, so it must be an Indian. They did say that it had odd features, such as a nuchal crest. It’s presently lost in storage. Reported by the BFRO.

Before 1972: Shuswap Lake, British Colombia. In the Colombian Range of the Rocky Mountains, a Bigfoot skeleton was found washing out of a riverbed. The teeth and jaw were huge and the skeleton was 8 feet long. It was sent to Wrexham Museum in Wales. It seems to have vanished into thin air and have never been found. Reported by Ivan Sanderson.

After 1972: Antelope Flat, Oregon. On the Ochoco National Forest west of Bend, a Bigfoot skull was found. It was taken to the Portland College. They returned after a bit with a long report, but only after it had been taken apart into its constituent pieces. They would not commit on what it was. Reported by Vic McDaniel.

Before 1979: Brazil. A Canadian college professor took photos of a beetle-browed skull, thought to be Homo Erectus, at a Brazilian institution. Upon returning later for followup, the skull was gone. Reported by Dr. Alan J. Bryan, University of Alberta. Story reported in Smithsonian Magazine.

1987: Estacada, Oregon. A man, Grover Kiggens, found his dog playing with a strange object. Upon examination, it was a human-like skull with strange features. It still had some skin and hair on it. The man felt that the creature had been 4-5 years old when it died. It seems to have been the skull of a young Bigfoot. There had been a lot of strange screeching in the forest for several nights previous to the discovery of the skull.

The man thought it was human, so he sent it to the crime lab. The crime lab sent it back, saying it was not human! Then he sent it to the Regional Primate Center, but refused to comment, simply returning the skull with a note. Next it went to the University of British Colombia, but they kept it for two years and would not decide what it was. Next it went to the University of California, Berkeley. After some time, the finder received a note from a Dr. Turner of Berkeley:
“…please tell him he can be proud…is ultimately Responsible for discovery new species and legal protection. Slow going partly because legal protection requires species known to science, hence named and described based upon physical material. several others and I cautious about going out on limb…process of elimination was very tedious, but skull is ‘new.’”
Berkeley is still on possession of the skull, but it seems to be lost. Reported by Cliff Olsen.

2002: Scotts Valley, California. In the Santa Cruz Mountains, a man digging in a sandhill for shark’s teeth found a huge apparently Bigfoot tooth. He showed it to a several dentists, who all said it was human, but that it was too big to be human. It is presently part of the Bigfoot DNA project. Reported by Mike Rugg.

2008 Texas. As part of the Erickson Project to prove the existence of Bigfoot by sequencing their DNA, a purported Bigfoot bone, a femur, was used. It is not known if the bone tested positive for Bigfoot DNA.


Between 1858-present, over a 153 year period, 30 possible Bigfoot bones, skulls, skeletons or teeth have been found. So Bigfoot bones are found about once every 5.1 years in the modern era, about once every 5 years.

Government Coverup

For the past 43 years, there appears to be a government coverup about Bigfoots. Over a 43 year period, there were 16 cases of government coverup of Bigfoot evidence. That is one coverup case every 2.7 years, about one incident every 3 years. Before 1968, there were no government coverup cases.
The evidence suggests therefore that there may be a government coverup dating from 1968. In particular, government officials have been taking Bigfoot bodies away, never to be seen again. The government appears to be involved at various levels, including the National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, state police, the FBI and the US military.

Grand Conclusion

From 1825-present, a 186 year period, 130 possible Bigfoot bones, bodies, body parts, burials, graveyards and live Bigfoots have been seen or captured. Such hard evidence for Bigfoot occurs once every 1.4 years, or once every 1 1/2 years. Obviously, in the future, we will continue to see dead Bigfoots, Bigfoot bones/remains and Bigfoot burials/graveyards. We will continue to capture and kill Bigfoots.
With the increasing media publicity about Bigfoots, the possibility that these remains end up in the proper hands and are not sent to the university lost and found bin increases or confiscated by the state as part of a coverup increases.

Recommendations For Those Encountering Hard Bigfoot Evidence

As noted above, there seems to be a government conspiracy to coverup Bigfoot’s existence dating back 31 years. Therefore, the state is not to be trusted one bit with Bigfoot evidence. Universities have a nasty habit of losing Bigfoot hard evidence, so we should not automatically turn evidence over to them.

Next time someone comes across a dead Bigfoot, they ought to call someone other than the authorities. I would recommend calling Bigfoot researchers or possibly the media. With the media on the scene taking pictures of the body, it will be hard for the state to seal the area off and steal the body again. At the very least, take pictures or movies of the body before the state can whisk it away.

If a Bigfoot burial is witnessed, notify Bigfoot researchers so they can excavate the gravesite. Try to take photos or movies of the burial. Possible Bigfoot graveyards should be excavated. Bodies, parts, bones, etc. should be turned over to Bigfoot researchers and not the state. Let the state conduct an armed raid to get them back.


  1. Which "British Columbia" museum do you claim, is claiming to have a Sasquatch jaw? You should then ask whether a systematic search was done. If not, then there is no bone (nobody would claim to have such a bone and not organize a search); if there was a search, nothing was found and the claim is worthless.

  2. It seems hard to believe that after so many purported incidences that not one of them has resulted in positive proof of the existence of bigfoot. How convenient that the evidence repeatedly just disappears or is part of a "government coverup."

  3. Was reading through this. This must be some of the stupidest stuff I've read in my life. People seeing big foot burials, but don't excavate after the big foots leave. WTF??

  4. I'm not a big believer in big foots but I do spend most of my time looking for dragons.

  5. I CAN NOT believe anyone shot a BF and had it stuffed, and it's on display in a club on the East Coast? If this was true im sure by now one of the members of the club would of reported it by now,or even the taxidermist that supposedly stuffed it...These burial stories are to hard to believe. If true a researcher would of dug them up to see what was in them.

  6. I find this all interesting but is it possible that bigfoots eat there dead and thats why finding a body in the woods is impossible?

  7. I agree with the other poster's comment that it is odd that the great number of incidences here have not produced any concrete indisputable evidence.

    That being said: I think we need to consider that maybe up to half of these are tall-tales or hoaxes even going back to the 1800s. Also, It seems that the government is certainly concealing the phenomenon and I'm sure that the universities are handing the evidence over to them as well. Add in the people who just got scared and ran away after their encounter. So perhaps it is not suprising that we still don't have evidence.

    Keep looking and don't call the authorities!

  8. It sounds to me that if you want to find bigfoot you should follow the black helicopters.

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  10. You should try bigfoot meat. It's very lean. You just have to remove all the hair. Fire usually does the trick. The bones are used to make tools and stews. Dogs love chew toys. The meat is slow cooked or even smoked. The skulls are smashed and fed to the vultures.

  11. Just as in politics and religion, you can't "unconvince" a true believer, no matter how sound your argumnent. So just let them have their fun. Maybe it's also good for the economy in that it's a source of income for some people who realize that there's a sucker born every minute; thus helping the economy...I guess.

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