Spokane River Bigfoot, Samantha13950 not interested in getting involved

Hiker swatting "ginormous mosquitoes"

Inlander.com gives us a quote from Samantha13950 saying she's not interested in a news story about the Bigfoot that was caught using her iPhone and uploaded on May 24th.
"I will let you know that we were in downriver park where the big hill starts to flatten out down by the river. The video is from my iphone. I was filming my friends slapping at ginormous mosquitoes and trying to get through some thick weeds." - Samantha13950
Some who have viewed the footage noticed her friend slapping something in the air and pointed out it could have been a signal for someone to walk into view, if it was a hoax. This doesn't seem to be the case at all. Samantha13950 mentioned the "ginormous mosquitoes" swarming the area and naturally her friend was swatting the mosquitoes away from his face.

Click here to read when we broke the news on the Spokane River Bigfoot video on May 24th.


Original Version

Stabilized Version

If Bigfoot exists, is it actually a form of primitive early human still surviving on Earth?


  1. Interesting vid. And I don't believe it's an intentional fake, since it is very rare for someone to present such a video and NOT want any media attention.

    The History Channel vid, on the other hand, is just retarded!

  2. Seen in Youtube comments:


    We concur on both points.


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