Researcher's Analysis of Footprint Casts Suggest Bigfoot Inbreeding

Jaime has been tracking a couple Bigfoot individuals in the Sierras for about 3 years now. He has made some interesting discoveries about the footprints he found. In this video he examines 10 and 8 inch tracks he picked up over the years. The pairs are at least a year apart. Jaime noticed "how long the heel looks and size difference between the pairs" and sees possible inbreeding.

This is an examination of the 10 and 8 inch tracks I have been picking up. The pairs are at least a year apart. Notice how long the heel looks and the size differences between the pairs. The 8 inch casts were taken at least 100 miles apart. Check out my site as I go into the probabilities of why this could be as I do an analysis of this. If this is inbreeding then the byproducts of inbreeding can be small adults and slow growth, something that must be considered. Do they look like a match to you?


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