Promo Pitch for "Search for the Sierra Sasquatch"

Matt Morgan:
This is a 2 minute pitch for the promotion of the documentary "Search for the Sierra Sasquatch" to be filmed in June 2011. We are seeking donations to fund the Expedition to the Sierra Nevada's to search for evidence of this elusive creature.

Check out Matt Morgan's pitch. If you like what you hear, then you can head over to and back them up by pledging some $dough$. Their goal is $5000, and they currently have 2 backers donating about $11. You have 29 days to do it. Support your fellow Bigfoot researchers! You can pledge a minimum of $1, so it's not going hurt you that much.

If you pledge $5 or more:
SNEEK PEEK: Being on this email list, you will get Video updates. I will be putting out some periodic blogcasts on my website and will be giving progress on how the project is going. You'll have exclusive info and insights on how the project is going that no one else will be seeing.

About the project:
On June 17th, I'm going on an expedition in the Sierra Nevadas (near Reno) to film an extraordinary event. My buddy, Jaime Avalos, and I along with a third person to handle the equipment will explore an area known to be traveled by Sasquatch. Jaime asked me to film this as I am an Independent Filmmaker and want to do a Documentary. We plan on 5 days of living out in some of the most beautiful and remote land in the Western US. There is a cave that is located about 11,000 feet above Sea Level that may have never been explored by Man. We hope to find some evidence of the Sasquatch there but also along a "Corridor of Movement" that Jaime has theorized. He has been on History Channel's Monsterquest, you can find his videos on YouTube as well.

SEARCH FOR THE SIERRA SASQUATCH will take 5 days to shoot. Nearly all of the principal photography will take place in one location: an area in the Sierra Nevada region near the California/Nevada border. The Expedition to this beautiful and remote area is very compelling as it is isolated and very few humans have been in this area. There has been a huge influx of Paranormal Reality TV Shows i.e. History Channel’s “Monster Hunters” “UFO Hunters” Animal Planet’s “River Monsters” SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters,” A&E’s “Paranormal State” and a plethora of other shows.

The film has two major themes:

1) Can there be such a thing as a North American Primate? We've seen the discovery of species that were either thought to be extinct or never existed. The Komodo dragon wasn’t known to exist until 1912. The Coelacanth was only known from 65 million-year-old fossils until 1938 when a specimen was caught alive off the coast of Madagascar.

2) The search for the creature takes you on a journey through some of Continental Untied State’s more beautiful and untouched wilderness lands. The expedition to the Sierra Nevada’s with the crew is a story within a story as we see the documentary unfold. Footage of the Expedition, the exploration of a Cave that may have never been seen by Man, investigation of the habitat of the creature and delve into the theory put forth by one of the Investigators.
Our mission is to enhance the credibility of bigfoot/sasquatch research and facilitate a greater degree of acceptance by the scientific community and other segments of society for the likelihood of a biological basis behind the Sasquatch phenomenon. We are dedicated to proving the existence of the animal through the use of six basic scientific methods:

A: Asking Questions
B. Doing Background Research
C. Construct a Hypothesis
D. Test Hypothesis
E. Analyze Data and Draw Conclusion
F. Communicate Results

Where is the money going? Excellent question! Some of the money will be for Travel Costs as we go to the Sierra Nevadas, Camera Equipment (Telephoto Lenses, HD Video Tapes, Solar Charger for the Batteries) Climbing Gear (Rope, Carabiners, Harnesses, Helmets, Shoes) Food for the Expedition, Insurance, Editor Fees, PR and Marketing for the Film, compensation for the interview of Anthropology Expert Dr.Meldrum and author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science

Project location: Reno, NV



  1. Thanks Shawn. You Rock!

    We appreciate all your support and getting the word out as we get closer to the Expedition. As there is increased activity all over, we're opptimistic that we shall catch some evidence on film.


    Matt Morgan, Director
    "Search for the Sierra Sasquatch"

  2. No problem Matt. We hope you get the support you need to make this happen. Timing couldn't be any better, especially with all the recent activities in the past few months. Good luck!


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