ABC News Fixation starting lineup, The Spokane Bigfoot first at-bat

ABC News Fixation is a show about anything that captured their attention over the week.

For this weekend, the "GMA" gang revealed a few stories that really grabbed their attention. Dan, the newest member on the team kicked-off with the Spokane River Bigfoot video. "I've always hope to find that day, that there will be firm evidence that Bigfoot exist," said Dan. Of course, they're just having a little fun with all this. Watch the clip.

And if Bigfoot isn't your thing, you can watch the Lindsay Lohan segment. Lindsay has officially begun serving time for stealing a necklace. She's been sitting on the roof top of her townhouse in Venice, CA enjoying the warm California sun. If I knew that would be my punishment I would commit a crime... I'm just sayin.



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