The Erickson Project or Sasquatch the Quest Documentary

The long awaited documentary about the Erickson Project is nearly done. The documentary is also known as the "Sasquatch, the Quest". Will the release of the documentary coincide with the release of the DNA findings? The documentary speculates that Sasquatch has its own lanugage. They also estimated that a minimum of 4000, possibly many more Bigfoots could be living in the wooded areas of the U.S. and Canada.

Privately funded since 2005, The Erickson Project is actively researching sasquatch at various study sites in North America. The goal of Adrian Erickson and his team is to have the collected evidence validated by science and the sasquatch officially recognized as a species or sub-species.

The documentary “Sasquatch: the Quest” is part of the Erickson Project and will unveil, for the first time, a host of never before seen sasquatch footage and other evidence chronicling the journey of the Erickson Project. The release of the documentary will coincide with the release of the DNA findings collaboratively with Dr. Melba Ketchum.


Update: Read - The Erickson Project - Canadians solve Sasquatch mystery

"The Erickson Project" team member Randy Brisson discusses the circumstances of how he obtained some of his materials for the upcoming, 2011 landmark documentary on Sasquatch

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  1. they do have their own language, and it is not a juvenile "eating the pancakes"...a frail, skinny female...and yes I would estimate at least 100-200 in Kentucky alone. the general public, and most researchers do not really-fully appreciate their my opinion-their smarter than humans(us)...the bigger the mammal-the bigger the brain; scientifically speaking.

  2. Even birds, whales and dolphins have language. Other primates have complex languages too.


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