Bigfoot Fails DNA and Bigfoot, Himself, Remain Elusive

Contaminated DNA sample or DNA fakery?

Recently, news about the existence of Bigfoot, a half-ape, half-human mythical creature, resurfaced. This time, the people who testify the existence of the creature have Bigfoot DNA samples with them. According to them, the Bigfoot DNA samples were taken from the dead body of the creature found lying in the forests of northern Georgia.

They even presented three blurry pictures of the creature placed inside a container resembling a refrigerator. However, they did not disclose the exact location where they took the picture and where they stored the dead body of the alleged creature, saying that they were protecting it from possible harms. They have resolved that the elusive Bigfoot is no more elusive and that it really exists. And so, that was their story.

However, science tells us that they are wrong. The two Bigfoot DNA samples they secured were tested and analyzed by a scientist in California. And the result – one was a DNA sample from a human, and the other one was from a forest mammal (the size of a cat) called opossum. With that said, the alleged Bigfoot DNA samples are no less than an attempt to make a stir in the media.

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