It Threw A Boulder!

It's no surprise with their huge size that bigfoot have enormous strength. Sometimes humans get to witness that strength first hand.


  1. wow this website has changed... it REALLY sucks now.

  2. Don't get me wrong folks, Bigfoot is a wonderful hobby, I like it too. But sooner or later you have to take a step back and separate yourself from your obsession. European men throughout history have been explorers and still have it in their nature to keep searching for new adventures. I think even the most ardent "Footer" would agree with me that if native Americans had contact with them for thousands of years they would have handed down lots of physical evidence for the world to see. That's a given. Even the last hundred years of the "Wildman" being in the spotlight of modern America would have produced plenty of concrete evidence, even by accident. That's also a given. In other words people, it doesn't take thousands of years to produce a specimen of a supposedly still living species in an advanced country of 350 million people. Deep down you all know that's true.

    All is not lost for the explorer in you. Even though there is no Bigfoot to be found there is still the oceans. The late Arthur C. Clarke said that next great new finds will be in the oceans. You can agree with him on this I'm sure. I sincerely hope this helps with some of those doubts you've been having in the back of your mind. If this little note helps one person then it will be worth it to me. Now get out there and keep researching and exploring the mysteries of this big wonderful world.

    1. Agreed there are no more large land mammals to be discovered.

    2. I now check in about once a week to see if there is anything of interest here and now it's just come down to lktomi's sock puppet "Joe" trying to provoke a response. Anon 9:51 is absolutely correct. It IS fun to argue the pros and cons but let's face it - the stories you see on this site now are absolutely ridiculous and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows this. One can present all the "evidence" in the world but it still comes down to a body to prove your argument and in the case of Bigfoot there has been more than a reasonable amount of time to do so. With our technology improving daily and the number of so called "sightings" there is just no justification for not being able to prove it exists.

      Anon 11:23 may also be correct (I hope not) but it does seem to be highly unlikely there are any large mammals in North America to be discovered. However if Bigfoot enthusiasts would put the same amount of time and energy in their hunt to concentrate on small invertebrates they might well have the satisfaction of discovering something new. Of course those that are making money off this venue will never relent as it's in their best interest to keep the Bigfoot myth alive.

      In the end it's everyone's choice to continue to look for it or not but it has to be pretty discouraging for those still clinging to their belief.

    3. You see PS, you have such a child like naive understanding of how Native American culture works. The remains of any individual from any tribe are scared.

      “The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) -The Act requires federal agencies and institutions that receive federal funding[1] to return Native American "cultural items" to lineal descendants and culturally affiliated Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations. Cultural items include human remains, funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony. A program of federal grants assists in the repatriation process and the Secretary of the Interior may assess civil penalties on museums that fail to comply.“

      There are laws such as the one above that are in place to ensure the same respect that native Americans have for their ancestors remains are maintained by those from European descent in the US. And whilst you can cry like a big baby about these facts, they’re still facts. And facts are that carvings of ape faces & giant feet, wall paintings, baskets with giant people on them, masks and outfits are all the ways in which oral history is maintained and past down through the ages. This is anthropological data that is ESSENTIAL and needs to be there if a hominin has resided side by side to native Americans all this time. And the reason you won’t find physical evidence - and I’m assuming you mean body parts - is because “Bigfoot“ is another that needs to be treated sacredly.

      And nope! A hunter in a far smaller population that had trampled on far less of the American wilderness in the 1800’s is going to have even bigger problems coming into contact with a Bigfoot, not to mention dragging out a dead “Bigfoot” when moma and popa come around to see what the Big Bang was. You don’t find the remains of an intelligent hominin by accident... because even the most primitive of hominids found elaborate ways of burying in the deepest darkest cave systems. And for an advanced country of 350 million, there is 80 years of physical evidence that is utterly consistent with hominin trackways, hair samples tested for DNA, footage, thermal, published audio... all the things that SHOULD be there just like that anthropological data that SHOULD be there for an actual living, breathing mammal.

      So whilst you’re failing at crypto blogs and following all the people on YouTube that you’d like to have emulated but failed... you know F all and nobody cares. And that’s why you flunked. You have nothing interesting or worthwhile to contribute and never will. Weirdo.

    4. Oh and PS? Resorting the current state of evidence for the existence of “Bigfoot” to what is published on this blog is both disingenuous and slimy. Leave a bit of troll bait & sockpuppeting out again tomorrow and I’ll be happy to remind you of the good stuff that’s made you look silly time and time before.

      ; p

      Laters chump.


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