New Photo Bigfoot Carrying Deer Carcass

From comes an interesting photo from Idaho, showing a possible bigfoot dragging a deer carcass. 

I recently received a photograph from an eyewitness 'CC' in Idaho. CC stated in our telephone conversation that he and his business partner were hunting near Warm Lake in Valley County, Idaho. This was in mid-afternoon in late September 2019. The pair also own a land stake in the area. As they were taking a break, they heard a screaming sound coming from the ridge ahead of them. CC wasn't sure what the sound was, but his partner thought that it may have been a deer in distress or in its death throes. As they scanned the ridge and valley in front of them, they noticed movement along the edge. As they watched, CC thought that it may have been another hunter. But there was something unusual about the size and the way it was moving. He looked through his binoculars and was shocked by the size of the figure. He took out his cell camera (that had a cracked lense) and snapped off a photo before the creature moved out of sight.

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  1. many accounts of bigfoot carrying deer carcasses . Real deal folks !



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