The Florida Skunk Ape

Monsters of Folklore presents, the legend of the Florida Skunk Ape. Does a bigfoot creature really exist in the swamps of Florida?


  1. And now Fasano won't be able to look for the skunk ape...Waaaaaahhhhh...

    1. In retrospect he probably should have spent more time looking for health clubs.

    2. Dude, it’s one thing trolling to be annoying (which you are) but we are talking about a human life... have some fckn respect for the dead.
      This was someone’s son, someone’s husband, someone’s brother, and someone’s father. No wonder we can’t get anywhere as a species. Such disregard for human life.
      You truly are an assshole.

    3. It was a government conspiracy to silence Fasano. He was getting too close to proving the existence of skunk apes.

    4. Tell me one thing about the statement above that doesn't ring true Mr. dipshit Anon 3:42. Fasono spent much of his time looking for an imaginary creature and where did it get him? He might be alive today had he spent a little more time exercising. That's just a fact. You just want to turn him into a saint because he believed in Bigfoot.

    5. His bigfoot field work may have prevented him from dying earlier. At least he was out in the swamps getting some exercise while looking for the skunk ape instead of being an armchair bigfoot researcher from his recliner.


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