Screaming Bigfoot In Tennessee

From the Phantoms and Monsters blog: An encounter with a screaming bigfoot in Tennessee.

I just wanted to start by saying I love the website and all of the stories. I first heard of the site while listening to Expanded Perspectives and have been hooked on your reading stories ever since. I thought you would like the story I have to tell and I haven’t shared it with anyone else mostly out of fear of being called crazy.

This happened about 10 years ago on my grandparent's farm, which they still live on and I still visit almost weekly. It is located outside of Kenton, Tennessee in Gibson County. I was probably 12 at the time and it was the summer so my grandparents would allow my sister (10 at the time) and I to have sleepovers at their house. There were probably 7 of us staying over that night and we had been outside all day and were all from the area.

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