Encounters With A White Bigfoot

While encounters with a bigfoot are extremely rare, encounters with a white bigfoot are even more so. Check out this article.

Its eyes were dark and spaced far apart. Its [white] hair covered the lower half of its face. There was pinkish skin around the eyes and forehead. It looked like its hair was a little longer on its head and hanging over its forehead like bangs.

Whatever it was stayed dormant for a while until 1973, when two young girls spotted an 8-foot tall beast with shaggy white fur and glowing red eyes in Beaver County. This report is particularly odd and surreal, as the creature was described as holding some sort of glowing orb in its massive hand. When the frightened girls told their father about it, he allegedly went out looking for it, but could find no trace. Even more bizarrely, a pari of white Bigfoot-like creatures would be seen later that same year near Uniontown, this time in conjunction with a UFO hovering over the pasture they were in. A local woman claimed to have shot at the creatures with a shotgun, but that it had had no effect.

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  1. LOL - a white Bigfoot story, just in time for Christmas.

    Well whom will I be tonight? Stuey? Rum? Ed Nolan? Actually none of these since I've always posted under anonymous but it's fun to see who Joetomi will come up with. Anyone he does suits me just fine.

    A quick look at some Bigfoot highlights and results:

    PG Film - Oct. 20th, 1967. Failed to prove Bigfoot exists.

    Finding Bigfoot TV series - May 29th, 2011 - May 27th, 2018. 100 episodes that failed to prove Bigfoot exists.

    Melba Ketchum's DNA study announced Nov. 24, 2012. Failure to prove Bigfoot exists.

    Brian Syke's DNA study - 2014. Failure to prove Bigfoot exists.

    Not a good track record. So why do stories of Bigfoot persist? Simply put entertainment and money. It's fun to share an encounter of a Bigfoot with people because it provides instant camaraderie with fellow believers and gets the "witness" attention which they might not get in regular life. For others it's important to keep the myth alive for financial gain. True, few get rich off it but all who produce a TV series or a film, make a documentary, write a book, speak at a conference, open a Bigfoot attraction, have a Bigfoot videos on YouTube or sell Bigfoot paraphernalia gain from it. It's in all of their interest to keep perpetuating it's existence no matter how much they make. So enjoy the hobby and keep believing it exists - it's basically harmless outside of wasting time trying to prove to the world that it's real.

    Expedition Bigfoot will soon be added to the list as well however I don't want to spoil the ending - LOL.

    1. LOL. No you've done it Rum. The cut and paste wrath of Iktomi will soon come down upon you.

    2. Waiting for Dr. Mireya Mayor to put you in our place finally in the new year !
      How will it feel rum, to be proved wrong by a lady you made fun of her face comparing it to a caveman mask. oh the delicious irony and the very thought of her delivering the final blow is like sugar plums dancing in my head !
      It's joyous init ?


    3. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      You’ll see Rum/Ed/Stuey on the late night shopping channels trying to flog his Blevins onesies soon! Ha ha ha!!

    4. Mayor is coming and going with no bigfoot proof.

      Got bigfoot? Didn't think so.


    5. Your “world renown Bigfoot” has already reported on what she believes to be something significant, Rum. Another one joins the club.

      Plenty of Bigfoot boyo, going strong since 1967.

    6. Can't wait to see old Rummer selling that Blevins oniesie . I hope he will also offer the topstone caveman mask . Can't be complete without that for all the aspiring future Patterson's out there. But f course they will have to alter the mask and have amazing sfx skills otherwise it will look like the dog's bollocks


    7. Indeed! Perhaps she can explain how a Bigfoot can cloak itself by turning it's hair clear.

    8. Perhaps she can explain why you clear the local park of people, running around in a long cloak flashing?

    9. Wow! That comeback gets an F.

      Did you come up with that all by yourself, or did you have to go up the basement stairs to get that comeback from your mom?

    10. LOL - you have to give old Joetomi a little slack Anon: 3:21. He's just lashing out because he's embarrassed about his stupid comment about Bigfoot being paranormal and cloaking. And he brags about the scientific method - sheesh.

    11. Everyone who is anyone in the bigfoot world knows that sasquatches have some, shall we say, unique abilities.

      Chameleons can blend in with their surroundings. How do you know that squatches can't do the same? Huh Einstein? Have you studied a sasquatch specimen? What's that? No you haven't? Then shad ap!!!


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