Two Bigfoot Encounters

From Buckeye Bigfoot comes a couple of Ohio based bigfoot encounters, including one where a bigfoot talks to a native Cherokee.


  1. Expedition Bigfoot, premiering Sunday, December 8 at 10 p.m. ET

    1. Also known as Finding Bigfoot 2.

      Different characters but the results the same.

  2. There's no way it can be as goofy as that p.o.s. was .I hope.

  3. There is a bit if a twist with this new show. Two of the cast members (one being the woman) are expert big game hunters. They will be carrying high powered rifles on the show and tracking sasquatches in the episodes, with a shoot to kill directive from the show's producers. I read about it in the latest edition of Atlantic magazine.
    They are not going to be doing bigfoot calls or having town hall meetings. They are going to be tracking to kill. I hope they succeed.


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