Encounter With "Brown Boy" Continues

From the Bigfoot Case Files channel on youtube comes part 3 in the terrifying encounter case of "Brown Boy".


  1. Oooh how super `n` so outrageously fab...I so love hearing about "brown encounters" and it gives me new ideas and thoughts to wank off to...I can`t wait to get down to the mall men`s cubicles for a wild "brown encounter" later.

    gug gug

  2. I left a beautiful "brown boy" in the toilet this morning. It was a solid one piercer that breeched at both ends.

  3. I have a "brown boy" that's in my freezer. It s a beautiful 3 coiler. I rescued it from my bathroom.

  4. One time I left a "green boy" in the crapper. Another time I shat out a leaf of lettuce that you could have rinsed and served in a salad.


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