Tennessee Dogman Encounter

From Dogman Encounters Radio

Tonight’s guest, Trinity, is a 26-year-old contractor who lives in Southern Tennessee, on a 55-acre property he describes as being “a Slice of Heaven.” Unfortunately, last November, the allure of his property started to wane, because of an uninvited visitor. The property he used to wander around on, feeling like he was the top dog, suddenly took on a different feeling, he says. Suddenly, he felt vulnerable. At first, he thought a Sasquatch had taken up residence in the woods surrounding his property. It wouldn’t be long, however, before he realized it was something else. It was a Dogman.


  1. Always look forward to hearing these episodes !
    great stuff !!


  2. Yup only thing sillier than a werewolf is a bigfoot.

  3. If you want to send your encounter information straight to the Government Milab experiment on the location and more importantly your reaction and the reaction /behaviour of this enigma sending your report to Mr. Cundiff will ensure it.

  4. Mr. Slick Con if is a government asset whether he knows it or not but his lack of presence on the internet is highly suspicious. If he wants to help people, feed them help the homeless but don't as a hero andpretend your some kind of hero when you are fulfilling your own ( or others) curiosity. Charity is anonymous or else as Christ says "you have received your reward).


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